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In JSOM Research Ventures, faculty members provide an inside look into their scholarly efforts to advance the state of the art in management through research. The stories presented here focus on the faculty members, their research interests and the practical significance and potential use of their results in daily business.

CEOs and boards of directors interested in preventing a repeat of past mistakes might take a lesson from the recent research findings of Dr. Michael Rebello, an Ashbel Smith professor of finance and managerial economics and author of numerous academic papers on a wide range of subjects, including corporate governance. In “Optimal Corporate Governance and Compensation Policy in a Dynamic World,” a study he co-authored with Thomas H. Noe of Saïd Business School and Balliol College, Oxford University, Rebello dissects the sometimes prickly relationship between chief executives and their boards, and argues in favor of curtailing the often meddlesome ways of boards.

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