Blair Flicker, PhD Student

Management Science, Operations Management Concentration
(972) 883-6766
MBA, University of Texas at Dallas, 2012 
BS, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2006 
Research Interest
Behavioral Operations Management, Technology and Information Systems in Operations, Justice of Supply Chain, Valuation of Operational Innovation
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Suzuki, A., Goh, J., Hebrank, A., Sutton, B., Jenkins, L., Flicker, B., Park, D. (2010). Sustained happiness? Lack of repetition suppression in right-ventral visual cortex for happy faces. Social cognitive and affective neuroscience.
Suzuki, A., Goh, J., Sutton, B., Hebrank, A., Jenkins, L., Flicker, B., Park, D. (2010). Emotion suppresses repetition suppression of faces. Journal of vision.