Habte G. Woldu, PhD

Clinical Professor
Director, BS Global Business and MS in IMS Programs
Organizations, Strategy and International Management (OSIM)
(972) 883-6357
PhD, Academy of Economics, Poznan, Poland, 1986
MS, Academy of Economics, Poznan, Poland, 1981
Pursued BA, Haile Selasie University, Ethiopia, 1971-1974
IMS 3310 International Business
IMS 6204 Global Business
IMS 6365 Cross-Culture Communication and Management
Current / Recent
Woldu, Habte with Agnieszka Skuza, Individual, Organizational and Managerial Predictors of Organizational Innovation – The Case of Poland, Journal of Transnational Management, Vol 12(1), 2012

Woldu, Habte with Pawan Budhwar, Cultural Value Orientations of the Former Communist Countries: A Gender Based Analysis, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol 22, pp 1365 – 1386, 2011

Woldu, Habte with Kwadwo Ofori-Brobbey, Lucy Ojode, Cutting the Umbilical Cord: The Changing Determinants and Patterns of Sub-Saharan African Trade, 2011, Volume 6( 1)

Woldu, Habte with Pawan S. Budhwar, Anastasia A. Katou and Abdul Basit Al-Hamadi, Influence of Ethical Beliefs, National Culture and Institutions on Preferences for HRM in Oman, Personnel Review, Vol.39 No. 6, 2010

Woldu, Habte with P. Budhwar and E. Ogbonna, A Comparative Analysis of Cultural Value Orientations of Indians and Migrant Indians in USA, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 2008, Vol 8(1): 79-105

Woldu, Habte with Pawan Budhwar and Carolyn Parkes, A Cross-National Comparison of Cultural Value Orientations of Indian, Polish, Russian and American Employees, Journal of International Human Resource Management, 2006, 17(9) pp 1058-1094

Woldu, Habte with Margaret K. Woldu, Cultural Similarities among Employees Working for Organizations of Similar Functions, Zarzadzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi, (2003), Vol. 6, 55-70

Woldu, Habte with Magdalena Biederman, Cultural Dynamics in Private, Government and Semi-government Owned Business Organizations, Journal of East European Management Studies, 4 (1999) 306-321 

Woldu, Habte with Scot Fitzpatrick, Polish Management Style in Eleven Cultural Perspectives: Poland between East and West, Zeszyt Naukowy 3 (1999) 73-81

Woldu, Habte with Ingrid Guo. Understanding Cultural Differences between Russia and North America, ed. by M. Frazer and M. Chatterji in: Management Education in Countries in Transition, London, MACMILLAN PRESS LTD, (1999) 31-46
Awards and
Special Invitation by the Pro-Rector of UPE to talk on a conference on “ Man and His Work in Social Policies” and to submit a manuscript to be included in a special refereed edition, University of Poznan Economics, Poland, April, 22-23, 2010<br><br>Awarded an Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, by Golden Key Intentional Honor Society, the University of Texas at Dallas, August, 2009<br><br>Best paper Award on “Is the Mexican Culture becoming similar to that of United States in post-NAFTA Era? Viewing both cultures through four cultural dimensions, Academy of International Business and Public Disciplines, AIBPD Annual Conference Proceeding, CD version, Dallas, Texas, April, 2009&nbsp;<br><br>Most-read papers recognition, by the International Journal of Cross Cultural Management Studies. In August, 2008, the paper was ranked 9th among the top 50 published papers in IJCCM between 2003 and 2008 . Budhwar, P., Woldu, H., and Ogbonna, E., A Comparative Analysis of Cultural Value Orientations of Indians and Migrant Indians in USA, P., International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 2008, Vol 8(1): 79-105<br><br>High Merit Paper, by the American Academy of Management. Woldu, H.G., Budhwar, P.S. and Parkes, C. (2006) A cross-national comparison of cultural value orientations of Indian, Polish, Russian and American employees. International Journal of HRM, 17 (6): 1076-1094.<br><br>Outstanding Online Teaching Award, School of Management, UTD, 2001-2002&nbsp;<br><br>Recognized and featured in the Online Magazine on “What Educators Say about Online Education”, 2003<br><br>Guest of Honor, Seventy Fifth Anniversary of University of Economics, Poznan, Poland (May 14, 2001)