Full-Time MBA FAQ

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General Program Overview
  • How long is your program?
  • 16 months with an optional extension of one semester to finish completing your elective courses.

  • What is the Full-Time MBA program’s ranking?
  • What are the concentration areas for me to choose from?
  • There are several concentrations to choose.

  • Where can I find a list of electives for the MBA program?
  • Please review the catalog for list of electives.

  • What is the degree plan?
  • Please review the degree plan here.

  • What joint degree options do you have for the Full-Time (Cohort) MBA Program?
  • We have a joint MS/MBA program which allows students to earn a combination of a master's level specialist degree and an MBA together. Both degrees separately would require 36 + 53 semester credit hours, or 89 semester credit hours total, but in the joint program students can earn both degrees with a smaller total, a minimum of 63 semester credit hours.

    Additionally, we have a joint MSEE/MBA program which can be earned by completing a minimum of 68 graduate hours beyond prerequisite courses. This includes a minimum of 24 hours of approved electrical engineering courses combined with a minimum of 44 hours of approved management courses.
    Students enrolled in the program are permitted to:

    • Utilize a maximum of nine semester credit hours from the approved list of management courses together with 12 hours of approved elective electrical engineering (EE) courses to satisfy the required 21 hours of elective courses listed in the MSEE degree requirements
    • Utilize a maximum of nine semester credit hours from the approved list of EE courses together with 15 hours of approved elective MBA courses to satisfy the 24 hours of elective courses listed in the MBA degree requirements specified here

    Students are required to meet all other core and elective requirements for the MSEE and MBA degrees to obtain the combination MSEE MBA degree.

    We also have an MD/MBA option for current medical students. These students typically join us for their MBA between their 2nd and 3rd year of medical school opting for the following degree plan:

    Fall CoursesCredit Hours

    Financial Accounting (1st half)


    Business Economics


    Managerial Accounting


    Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business


    Introduction to Marketing Management


    Introduction to Organizational Behavior


    Financial Management (2nd half—credits counted in Spring semester)

    Global Business


    Total Semester Credits Hours (Fall)


    Spring Courses

    Credit Hours

    Financial Management (1st half)


    Information Technology and MIS Fundamentals


    Operations Management


    Contemporary Business Issues in Strategy and Policy


    Recommended Electives


    International Trip


    Total Semester Credits Hours (Spring)


    Summer Courses

    Credit Hours

    Strategic Management


    Recommended Electives


    Total Semester Credits hours (Summer)


    Total Semester Credits hours


  • What are the main differences between the Full-Time (Cohort MBA) and Part-Time (Professional MBA) MBA programs?
  • The Full-Time (Cohort) MBA and Part-Time (Professional) MBA programs share the same MBA curriculum both are 53 semester credit hours as well as the same faculty. Also, there is no differentiation on your diploma as to which MBA program you graduate from. The main tangible differences between the two programs involve three main criterion –program length, program cost and career support provided. An intangible difference would be the feel of the program. The Full-Time (Cohort) MBA is a more traditional graduate experience where students leave the workforce for a minimum of two semesters while obtaining their advanced degree.

    Program Length: The Full-Time (Cohort) MBA program is completed in 16 months where core classes are held Monday through Thursday during the day with electives taken in the evening. The class consists of 50-60 students and commences every August. Full-Time students are not encouraged to work during their first two semesters. Most students complete their internship during the third semester. Of those students with internships, some have received job offers immediately after their internship. These students have opted to remain with their internship employer while finishing their coursework and have the option to extend their degree by one semester to finish the program on a more part-time basis. Our December graduation allows students to re-enter the workforce a semester earlier than traditional May graduates.

    With the Professional (Evening) MBA program you are able to set your own pace each semester, based on your availability to attend classes and balance work. You decide how quickly to progress through the coursework. The average student spends 3 years completing this degree (this assumes 6 credit hours a semester). Students now have the option to enroll in our Professional MBA Evening Cohort where students take all their core classes together and complete their degree in 24 months.

    Program cost: The Full-Time (Cohort) MBA Program costs approximately $30,000 for residents and scholarship recipients and $54,000 for non-residents. The Part-Time (Professional) MBA program is roughly $42,000 for residents. However, the total cost for the Part-Time Professional MBA is dependent upon the number of credit hours you enroll in every semester (i.e. evening cohort students can expect to pay around $39,000). The cost of the Professional MBA Program would be the same as the Full-Time if a Professional MBA student completed their MBA in 16 months.

    Career support: All students in the MBA program have two career offices to help secure internships and full-time employment; the campus wide UT Dallas Career Center and the Naveen Jindal School of Management’s Career Management Center. These two offices work in tandem, and JSOM students are encouraged to use services at one or both centers. The Full-Time MBA students have several additional means of career guidance; a personal executive mentor, Executive Link sessions, and personalized career coaching sessions. Our program specific Executive Link sessions which give small groups of Full-Time MBA students the opportunity to meet with local executives in an intimate setting.

    As a Full-Time (Cohort) MBA student, support from the career center is built into the program. In fact, our students meet with the career center before attending orientation! This is not the case for the Professional MBA Program. Part-Time (Professional) MBA students are assumed to be employed with assistance from the career center available on an as needed basis.

Admission Requirements/Procedures
  • Where can I apply?
  • The application can be found online at: www.jindal.utdallas.edu/graduate/apply

  • How do I get a TOEFL waiver?
  • You are eligible for a TOEFL waiver if you are a citizen of a country where English is the native language or have completed your bachelor/master level degree in the United States.

  • Will you accept my GRE score in lieu of a GMAT score?
  • Yes. If you already have a valid GRE score, you are welcome to submit it in lieu of a GMAT score, but you will not be eligible for an in-state tuition waiver. You must submit a GMAT score to be eligible for an in-state tuition waiver.

  • Where can I mail my letters of recommendation?
  • Optional letters of recommendation are to be submitted through our online application. Please visit www.jindal.utdallas.edu/graduate/apply for more information.

  • Where do I need to get transcripts from?
  • Transcripts are required from your degree granting institution, as long as you completed your last 60 hours here. If not, please submit all prior transcripts.

  • What is your minimum GMAT score?
  • We don't have minimum. Average GMAT scores range 660-670, with 80% of our accepted candidates in the 600-700 range

  • Is work experience required to apply?
  • No. Each year, 10% of our incoming class has less than 2 years experience after college.

  • If I need to retake my GMAT, will you average my scores?
  • No, we take your highest score.

  • What is UTD school code for reporting my TOEFL score?
  • 6897

  • Do I need to submit an application for a Teaching Assistant position?
  • No. TA positions are awarded as part of our scholarship packages.

  • When are your deadlines?
  • Can I apply for Spring admissions?
  • No. At this time we only admit one class per year starting in the Fall.

  • What are your requirements for admission?
  • Please visit our Application, Tution and Fees page for more information.

Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • How do I apply for scholarship?
  • Candidates interested in scholarship are encouraged to apply by March 1.

  • What are the available financial aid options?
  • Please contact the office of financial aid for more information

  • I'm a veteran, what benefits could I be eligible for?
  • For details about Veteran benefits (GI Bill and/or Hazelwood tuition exemption), please visit the office of financial aid or email Buddy Sherbet.

Career, Internship and Job Placements
  • Are internship opportunities available to students?
  • Yes. We have an internship program that takes place during the student’s summer semester.

  • Who are some of the Companies that hire students from the program?
  • 7-Eleven, Alcatel Lucent, American Airlines, AT&T, Chase Bank, Concentra, Deloitte Consulting, Energy Future Holdings, Ericsson, JP Morgan, NORTEL, Sabre Holdings, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Verizon, to name a few.

  • What is your placement rate?
  • 90% within 3 months of graduation.

International Students
  • What are the living expenses for an international student?
  • Please contact the office of financial aid for more information.