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Incoming Freshman Application for Entering Freshmen Students

  • Prospective Students must submit an online application, one-page essay, one-page résumé, and recommendation contact.
  • Must be in the top 20 percent of their high school graduating class.
  • Minimum 1310 on SAT, or comparable ACT score for Combined Math and Critical Reading.
  • Phone interview (by invitation only).
  • Students also can apply to additional honors programs on campus if they qualify, such as Collegium V, Terry Scholars, National Merit Scholars Program and McDermott Scholars.
Incoming Freshman Application

Incoming Freshmen Admission Deadline

  • Final Deadline – July 15, 11:59 p.m.

Transfer and Current JSOM Student Application

Each year, a limited number of current UT Dallas freshmen or external transfer students will be accepted into the program to begin the following fall semester. All applications are evaluated based on the academic rigor of the original school (if not UT Dallas), courses taken and the earned GPA. Other admission requirements and considerations are:

  • Minimum 24 hours college credit (To be eligible, you must not have taken more than two of the courses that are part of the honors sequence, based on your incoming freshman class.)
  • Minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA (to be verified after the spring semester)
  • SAT and high school class rank
  • Résumé showing work experience and/or campus involvement
  • Essay
  • One letter of recommendation from a UT Dallas faculty member (or from your current university if not a current UT Dallas student)
  • Interview (phone or in person)
  • Copy of unofficial transcript (external applicants only)

Current and Transfer Admission Deadlines

  • Current UT Dallas Freshmen — Deadline to Apply: February 15
  • Incoming Transfers — Deadline to Apply: July 1
  • DMHP will hold information sessions for current JSOM freshmen and incoming transfer students on, Tuesday, Nov. 12 at 5 p.m. and on Wednesday, Nov. 13 at 12 p.m. in the DMHP Lounge (JSOM 12.508)
Application for External Candidates Only
Matt Polze teaching business law

Matt Polze teaching a section of Business Law

Degree Plan

Honors Program students benefit from a “cohort” system, taking smaller honors classes together that are taught by highly regarded Jindal School faculty members. Class sizes are limited, offering a unique experience to interact with and learn from classmates and professors.

Incoming Freshman Classes of 2024
Course Semester
BLAW 2301 Business and Public Law Freshman Year, Fall
ITSS 3300 Information Technology for Business Freshman Year, Spring
MKT 3300 Principles of Marketing Freshman Year, Spring
ACCT 2301 Financial Accounting Sophomore Year, Fall
ACCT 2302 Managerial Accounting Sophomore Year, Spring
FIN 3320 Business Finance Sophomore Year, Spring
OBHR 3310 Organizational Behavior Sophomore Year, Spring
IMS 3310 International Business Junior Year, Fall
BCOM 4300 Advanced Business Communication Junior Year, Spring
BLAW 4310 Current Issues in Business and Law Senior Year, Spring

Academic Requirements

DMHP students commit to the honors cohort class sequence upon acceptance into the program. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure he/she is taking the appropriate classes to complete prerequisite requirements in order to stay on track in the cohort sequence and to avoid taking the non-honors section of an honors cohort class (unless approved by DMHP staff).

To remain in good standing, DMHP students must meet the following minimum cumulative UT Dallas GPA requirements:

  • Freshmen

    Cumulative UT Dallas GPAs will be evaluated at the end of the spring semester of freshman year. If the UT Dallas GPA is below a 3.25, the student will be dismissed from DMHP. All students who do not meet the minimum requirement of 3.25 will have the opportunity to appeal. Appeals should be based on extenuating, nonacademic circumstances. All appeal decisions will be made by DMHP professional staff, and they will be final.
  • Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

    Students must maintain a cumulative UT Dallas GPA of 3.25 or higher each semester to remain in good standing with the program.

Additional Requirements

To remain in good standing, DMHP students must meet the following minimum cumulative UT Dallas GPA requirements:

  • attend a minimum of three DMHP professional development events for academic year
  • attend a minimum of two community service events totaling at least 6 hours – through the Office of Student Volunteerism (OSV) at UTD or DMHP-sponsored events – per academic year.


Any unprofessional conduct or unethical behavior is subject to review by DMHP professional staff. Unprofessional or unethical behavior may result in discipline up to and including dismissal from DMHP.

DMHP students must adhere to the UT Dallas Student Code of Conduct. DMHP reserves the right to review violations of the UT Dallas Student Code of Conduct in order to determine DMHP eligibility by working with UT Dallas Dean of Students office. Students who are found responsible for violating the UT Dallas Student Code of Conduct may be dismissed from the program.

For more information on DMHP policies and procedures, please see the DMHP Student Handbook.

Academic Enrichment

Student posing with the SHRM sign

Love of Lifelong Learning

The goal of the academic component of DMHP is to inspire a love of lifelong learning. The enriched academic environment offered through DMHP is designed to enhance critical thinking skills, improve intellectual maturity, sophistication and curiosity, and strengthen professional communication.

Accounting students at KESEM

In the Classroom and Beyond

DMHP provides academic challenge in the classroom and beyond. Students enroll in honors classes taught by highly regarded faculty, and they participate in special projects, research and case competitions. The academic experiences of DMHP students prepare them for the most competitive professional positions and graduate programs.

See All DMHP Faculty

Community Engagement

Student with shovels doing outdoor volunteer work

A More Selfless Mindset

The goal of the community engagement component of DMHP is to foster a more selfless mindset while building community within DMHP. The community engagement of DMHP students makes a positive impact upon the areas in which they live, work and learn. Members of DMHP volunteer their time and knowledge on and off campus. In addition to bettering the community, their engagement provides learning and leadership opportunities and builds a sense of community within DMHP.

Professional/Personal Development

GEICO representative leading a session with students

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills

The goal of the professional and personal development component of DMHP is to provide students with enhanced professional and personal decision-making skills. Guest speakers from a wide range of industries, professions and backgrounds present to DMHP students on a regular basis. Members of DMHP also experience a broad range of working environments by taking part in business visits. DMHP also believes in providing opportunities for the personal development of students. Areas of personal development include physical and mental health, personal financial planning, appreciation for diversity and inclusion, and other important factors that contribute to a well-balanced and meaningful life.

Student in a networking meeting

Develop Meaningful Relationships

The goal of the network component of DMHP is to develop meaningful relationships with classmates, staff, faculty and professionals. These relationships are fostered through cohort classes, service in the community, professional and personal development opportunities, travel and study abroad, and social events.

Study abroad student near a fountain in a garden

Independence and Cultural Awareness

The goal of the travel/study abroad component of DMHP is to develop independence and cultural awareness. DMHP offers heavily subsidized opportunities to travel to Washington, D.C.; New York City; and internationally with fellow members of DMHP. These trips provide an opportunity for historical, cultural and business learning while developing closer bonds with classmates and DMHP staff. Students in DMHP also have opportunities to receive funding from DMHP for semester-long study-abroad experiences and other school-sponsored travel. The opportunity to study or travel abroad or domestically can be professionally, academically and personally rewarding.

Global Scholarship Experience

Global Experience Scholarship

Studying and traveling abroad is an enriching opportunity for students to expand their UT Dallas experience and gain personal and professional skills that will increase their competitiveness in an increasingly global economy. The Global Experience Scholarship (GES) will help Davidson Management Honors Program (DMHP) students take advantage of these opportunities by funding a portion of the trip. Students who have received the GES have studied abroad during Spring, Fall, and Summer semesters.

Global Scholarship Experience Spring Break

Spring Break in D.C. & New York

Each year a select number of students in the Sophomore class travel to Washington, D.C. and New York City over their Spring Break. This trip provides students with an opportunity to visit two of the nation’s most popular cities! Students visit important historical sites like the White House, Capitol Building, Smithsonian Museums, Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty. Students are also taken on business visits at small and large corporations that are based in each city like Deloitte, the United Nations, and the New York Stock Exchange. This trip is focused on developing the student’s leadership attributes, while also providing fun and memorable opportunities.

Global Scholarship Experience Annual International Trip

Annual International Trip

Each year 20-25 students travel with DMHP staff to a country for cultural experiences and global business site visits. Students are able to meet other DMHP students who are members of different cohorts than them and go on exciting excursions with their classmates. Students also have the opportunity to meet with employers and companies in that country. Previously, DMHP has traveled to Australia, Prague, Croatia, China, and Peru.

Study Abroad Page
DMHP students posing together on a class trip

DMHP Culture

DMHP students are unique. Generally, though, they are leaders, high achievers and innovators. We seek a diverse cohort of students each year with differing interests, experiences and goals; so there is not one specific type of student with whom you will interact.

We require our students to be high achievers. But that does not mean that we only look at your test scores and GPA. We also require the submission of an essay and recommendation form as part of your application. Selected applicants are interviewed. The essay, recommendation form and interview allow us to learn more about you beyond your scores. We value a variety of students in our program — with different majors, interests and goals.

DMHP students have many opportunities to work with professors. We choose exceptional faculty to teach our classes, and these professors enjoy working with DMHP students. Many of our students build meaningful relationships with faculty that last beyond their time at UT Dallas.

Faculty Page

Yes, current UT Dallas students may apply during the spring semester of their freshman year. Students transferring to UT Dallas as sophomores may apply prior to July 1. In both cases, we require a minimum 3.5 GPA and 24 hours of college credit, campus involvement, submission of an essay and a recommendation letter from a professor. Selected applicants will be interviewed. Admission to DMHP as a sophomore is highly competitive.


DMHP Impact

In addition to being highly selective, we create unique cohorts of students with different majors and experiences. The cohorts are generally small — ranging from 50 to 65 students, allowing for discussion-based classes, more personal interaction and formation of lasting relationships. Creating a DMHP community through service, professional and personal development, travel and social events also sets DMHP apart.

UT Dallas offers several honors programs, and each program has its own application process. DMHP is unique because it is designed specifically for Jindal School of Management students. This focus allows us to provide you skills and opportunities you need while enrolled in JSOM and for future careers. We highly encourage students to apply to the honors programs and organizations for which they are eligible. The various programs and organizations across campus and within JSOM are designed to complement one another.

Honors College Page

DMHP provides many development opportunities. Challenging academics will ensure that you have the technical skills you need to thrive in your profession or succeed in graduate school. Business site visits, alumni panels, corporate speakers and professional development workshops will help you select a career and build a network. Study abroad, conference attendance, case competitions and research help students grow as individuals while differentiating them in competitive job or graduate school applicant pools. Students also have opportunities to develop leadership skills by serving as peer mentors or on the DMHP Student Advisory Board.

DMHP Academic Culture

The program is academically rigorous, and each DMHP class challenges you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success. Select faculty teach DMHP cohort classes that offer an enriched teaching and learning environment. Surrounding yourself with faculty and classmates who pursue excellence creates a rewarding academic experience. In most semesters, you will take at least one DMHP cohort class.

DMHP Class Sequence

There are DMHP students who double major or minor in fields inside and outside JSOM. If you wish to double major or minor, it is important to work with DMHP staff and your academic advisor to ensure the successful completion of all necessary requirements.

Study Abroad and Trips

We highly encourage our students to study abroad. Not only does studying abroad let you travel to a new area, it gives you a chance to experience business in a global setting. Students are encouraged to work with their academic advisor to find programs and schools that fit their degree plan. DMHP students can apply for a Global Experience Scholarship that provides funding for study abroad. In addition to semester-long study abroad, DMHP offers an international trip each May that includes business site visits and cultural excursions allowing students to build community and develop professionally.

Each year a group of sophomores travels to Washington, D.C., and New York City during spring break. Students create lasting memories with classmates while visiting historical and cultural landmarks. This is one of the highlights of the DMHP experience for many students, and DMHP covers the majority of travel expenses.

DMHP takes an annual international trip each May. Past destinations include Peru, Australia and Croatia. These trips offer professional development and cultural immersion, and DMHP covers a large portion of travel expenses.

Additional Requirements

DMHP students must maintain a cumulative 3.25 GPA to remain in good standing. Additionally, students must attend three DMHP professional development events per year, and two community engagement events per year. Please note that to graduate with Major Honors you must have a 3.5 GPA.

DMHP offers a variety of service events each year. Previous events include volunteering at the Dallas Arboretum, helping tutor students at a local elementary school, working with animals and packing food at the North Texas Food Bank.

DMHP offers professional development events covering a wide range of interests. Past events include alumni panels, business site visits, corporate meetings and skills workshops.

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