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Student Involvement

BS in Marketing

Academic Experience

BS in Marketing graduate Jessie Richardson says the Marketing program at UT Dallas was everything she could have asked for. Watch the video to hear her message.

Highlights – Academic and Campus Life

Industry Experience

Jawwad Baig shares why a UT Dallas marketing degree relates to every industry and provides a different perspective that includes understanding the advertising, analytics and sales that drive a business. Watch the video to hear what he has to say.

Highlights – Industry Experience

Research Experience


Student Research

Claudia Kwee

Claudia Kwee

Claudia Kwee, BS’19
The Impact of Mentors on Student Productivity,”

Thao Duang

Thao Duong

Thao Duong, BS’16
“Understanding and Improving the Eating Habits of Low-Income Households,” The Exley, Vol. 3, Spring 2014: 16-19.

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