Joint MS/MBA Program

Joint MS/MBA Program

The joint MS/MBA program allows our graduate students to earn a combination of a master’s level specialist degree and an MBA together. Both degrees separately would require 89 semester credit hours total (36 + 53), but in the joint program students can earn both degrees with as few as 63 semester credit hours total.

Joint Degree Requirements

Students complete either their MS degree or MBA degree first depending on which MBA Program they desire to be enrolled in. Cohort-format MBA Programs require the student to complete their MBA and then MS, whereas students in the Flex-format MBA Programs first complete their 36 semester credit hours master’s program. Then, students begin to accumulate the remaining required core hours for the MBA.

Students first take into account the courses already taken in their MS degree and then add in MBA core courses and electives (minimum of 63 semester credit hours and details with respect to program courses and combined program coursework can be obtained from the advising office). Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in the core courses and cumulative, for both degrees to qualify for one or the other or both degrees. Dual MS/MBA students must complete both degrees at the same time to be awarded both degrees.

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing the joint MS/MBA must meet the admission requirements for both programs, and submit all of the required documents. Please visit the UT Dallas’ general admission requirements for more information.

Candidates interested in combining the Full-Time or Professional Evening Cohort MBA Program with an MS Degree will not apply to the MS Program until they are already admitted to the MBA Program. These candidates are encouraged to contact the MBA Program Office for more information on the process as it differs from the general requirements for this combined degree program. Flex-format and MS candidates are encouraged to contact the advising office.