Master of Science in International Management Studies

Master in International Management Studies

The Master of Science in International Management Studies (MS IMS) is a 36 semester credit hours degree program (18-24 months) that provides students with knowledge and training in international management, trade across national boundaries and management on a global basis. Upon program completion, students have gained direct knowledge of:

  • Functional areas of management
  • International business management
  • Cultural, sociopolitical and geographical constraints affecting business decisions

MS in International Management Studies at UT Dallas To apply for this degree program, an undergrad business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

Students can also choose a concentration as part of their degree program:

  • Finance
  • HR/Organizational Behavior
  • Information Management Technology
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management

International Exposure and Careers

Students gain knowledge of business in international environments through international study program. In terms of career, a masters in international management is an excellent choice for students looking for a career in management, government institutions, and international agencies. Typically, global business graduates begin their careers in the domestic operations within an organization and later with an overseas assignments.

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The Master of International Management degree program is designed to help students realize their potentials as global leaders through exposure to international academic disciplines, internships, research, languages, international study trips and cultural engagement. The program prepares future graduates to manage business entities that have international business operations.

Please contact me for more information about the degree program, admission requirements, procedures or discussing your overall academic plans.

Habte Woldu, PhD

Director, International Management Studies

Susan Philips, Program Coordinator

MS International Management Studies

& BS Global Business

The Master of Science degree in International Management Studies (MS IMS) program gives students knowledge and training in international business management, which includes trade across national boundaries and management on a global basis. Students have the opportunity to learn, in depth, the fundamentals of:

  • Functional areas of management
  • International management
  • Cultural, sociopolitical and geographical constraints affecting business decisions

Students can gain direct knowledge of business in international environments through internationalstudy abroad trips.

International business graduates often start their careers in the domestic operations of an organization. Overseas assignments may come after a few years with the organization, although such opportunities may arise earlier if the student possesses special skills, such as knowledge of a foreign language, needed by the organization in its foreign operations.

Degree Plan

Basic Business Core (8 semester credit hours)

All students enrolling in MS IMS must complete the following Basic Business Core Courses:

IMS Foundation Courses (11 semester credit hours)

  • IMS 6204 Global Business (2)
  • IMS 6310 International Marketing Management (3)
  • IMS 6360 International Strategic Management (3)
  • IMS 6365 Cross-Cultural Communication and Management (3)

IMS Electives (6 semester credit hours)

Select a minimum of 6 hours from the following:

  • IMS 6302 Legal Aspect of International Business Transactions (3)
  • IMS 6320 International Corporate Finance (3) or FIN 6366 International Financial Management (3)
  • BPS 6332 Strategic Leadership (3)
  • IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing (3)
  • IMS 6205 Export Market Planning (2)

Free Elective Courses (11 semester credit hours)

Four hours of area study is strongly recommended. Any course from the set of IMS electives may be used as a free elective. Also, any advanced courses from other departments within the Jindal School of Management may be used as a free elective. The following are some of the other IMS related courses offered at the Jindal School of Management:

  • MKT 6332 Advertising and Promotion (3)
  • IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing (3)
  • IMS 6340 Managing Strategy and People in International Techno-Creative Industry
  • IMS 6341 International Human Resource Management
  • IMS 6343 Sustainability in a Global Business Environment
  • IMS 6vxx Area Studies: Faculty Led Study Trip (2) See for specific number of an area study**
  • OB 6301 Organizational Behavior (3)
  • OB 6303 Managing Organizations (3)
  • OB 6307 Strategic Human Resource Management (3)
  • OB 6331 Power & Politics (3)
  • OB 6332 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution (3)
  • OB 6333 Organizational Decision Making (3)

The MS IMS degree program can be taken by itself or with a concentration in one of the six provided degree program areas. Once students take the 25 semester credit hours (8 semester credit hours of basic business core courses, 11 hours of IMS foundation course and 6 hours of IMS elective courses), they can take 11 semester credit hours of free elective courses from the optional electives or the areas of concentration. However, if students decide to take the MS-IMS with a specific choice of concentration, the students should take 12 semester credit hours entirely from that specific area of concentration.

Areas of Concentration

Supply Chain Management (12 semester credit hours)
  • OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics
  • OPRE 6366 Global Supply Chain Management
  • OPRE 6362 Project Management in Engineering & Operations
  • OPRE 6370 Logistics, Distribution and Warehousing
  • OPRE 6371 Purchasing, Sourcing and Contract Management
  • OPRE 6389 Managing Energy, Risks, Investment & Technology
Human Resources/Organizational Behavior (12 semester credit hours)
  • IMS 6341 International HR Management
  • OB 6301 Organizational Behavior
  • OB 6303 Managing Organizations
  • OB 6307 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • OB 6331 Power & Politics in Organizations
  • OB 6332 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
Marketing (12 semester credit hours) Finance (12 semester credit hours) Innovation and Entrepreneurship (12 semester credit hours) Information Management Technology (12 semester credit hours) International Study Trips **

The Jindal School of Management encourages all students studying for the MS degree to master one foreign language. However, equally important is direct experience of business practices in a foreign country. In the past, UT Dallas has organized study-abroad opportunities in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and India. These courses usually offered between semesters, vary in length from two to three weeks and are generally taken as part of an Area Studies course. The Area Studies course is preceded by two weeks of seminar and followed by two weeks of post-trip seminar.

  • IMS 6V91 Regional Area Studies: Latin America.
  • IMS 6V92 Regional Area Studies: Western Europe.
  • IMS 6V93 Regional Area Studies: Asia.
  • IMS 6V94 Regional Area Studies: Africa.
  • IMS 6V95 Regional Area Studies: North America.
  • IMS 6V96 Regional Area Studies: Eastern Europe.
Vanika Narula

Vanika Narula

With a degree in business and past experience in the HR services industry, I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience globally, and the International Management Studies program served as a right starting point. This explained not only how business is done across the globe, but also how it is received from people’s perspective in different cultures. I was fortunate to complete a research study in cross cultural communication under the guidance of Professor Woldu. While working on the project, I learnt about different industries, cultures and how strategies in business change with different markets. I am currently working as a Human Capital Consultant, and my job requires interacting with people all over the world on a regular basis, I strongly believe that the program has helped me elevate my knowledge and perform better.

Alison Goodwin

Alison Goodwin

I initially looked into an MS in International Management Studies because I have a passionate love for travel and seeing the world and figured that this would be the easiest way to get to travel for the rest of my life. When I sat down for my first class in Global Business with Professor Woldu, I realized that there was more to International Business and Management than travel, and fell even more in love with the program. It’s helped me hone my negotiation and communication skills- my increased adeptness in communicating and working with people from other cultures has helped me in my current field in the medical industry to work and empathize with people from other areas of the world. As part of the ten year plan for APEX (the company I work for), we want to expand internationally and hopefully establish offices overseas- I have serious plans to head up that expansion, fully utilizing my degree and exploring my passions for management and international business.

An IMS degree doesn’t automatically dictate that you’ll land a job overseas. It does not automatically dictate that you’ll be immersed in foreign cultures 24/7 for the rest of your personal life. It does mean, however, that you will work closely to solve problems with persons from around the world who have experienced a different life from you as you work to find innovate solutions. It does mean that you will be armed with a degree that has prepared you for this ever evolving, ever growing, ever moving global market. Thanks to advances in travel and technology, the world is only going to grow smaller, and an IMS degree from UTD equips student to face the challenges and reap the rewards of a global community.

Sophia Tilahun

Sophia Tilahun

Class of 2015

Being in the MS IMS program has allowed me to gain knowledge about global business combined with cross cultural communication as well as providing hands-on business strategy skills which became self-evident towards my future career advancement. Surrounded with leaders and students from different backgrounds in the program on a global basis field, I was able to obtain in-depth knowledge of that area within international management. As a result, I will begin my career with an international company, Zurich American Insurance Company, to embark on invaluable lessons that I’ve acquired. Without my MS IMS degree, I would not be where I am today, professionally and personally.

Xue Bai

Xue Bai

Class of 2013

Currently I am accepting a job offer from Wal-Mart International Academy leadership program. I will start my merchandising trainee program in Canada in July for one year. Soon after that, I will join Wal-Mart China. In my two-year comprehensive and systematic study in International Management Studies program at the University of Texas at Dallas, I experienced and learned lots of practical theories and analytical skills, which gave the confidence to manage businesses in a global environment. I strongly believe that having a graduate program in International Management Studies gave me an edge and made me stand out among my peers.

Lee Dufour

Lee Dufour

Class of 2011

I am working as a Director of Marketing & Communications at Yves Delorme, a European luxury home linens company. I pilot the marketing strategy for the US division of the global brand. I approached the International Management Studies program at The University of Texas at Dallas with a goal of formalizing my experience and having the knowledge and credentials necessary to take my career to the next level in management. I firmly believe that in many circumstances, my MS IMS degree has provided me with an edge and a right compliment to my experience.

Alfonso Gonzalez

Alfonso Gonzalez Montesinos

Team Talent and Organizational Development Executive
Business HR Strategy Advisor, Consultant and Coach.

Alfonso Gonzalez Montesinos is Managing Director of the BPI-Group office in Texas. He is a corporate executive, consultant, coach, and entrepreneur with global leadership and organizational development experience; bilingual (English/Spanish) with both work and living experience in US, Europe and Latin America.

Alfonso’s extensive experience combine the strategic width of a Global organizational development, leadership development executive with the clinical depth of a psychoanalyst, and the flexibility and drive of a business entrepreneur; founder and architect of organizations and projects, both nationally and internationally.

Experience and Expertise

As a business entrepreneur Alfonso was founder and Managing Director of Saratoga Institute Mexico, where he worked with Dr. Jac Fitz-enz to create the first Human Value Metrics System and network in Mexico with more than 100 affiliated companies, which later expanded to Latin America. Alfonso designed a leading edge Postgraduate Degree in Advanced HR Change Management with Cornell University for Mexican HR top executives. This program later expanded to other countries in Latin America. Recently he founded his own consulting firm geared towards helping leaders align their organizations to improve business results and to build a comprehensive talent strategy to support business innovation, growth and sustainability.

As a Corporate Executive Alfonso has extensive experience working with global organizations such as Ford Motor Company, The Jefferson Smurfit Group, Kellogg’s Co., Western Union, W. R. Grace and others, supporting HR Leaders and CEO´s and their teams to improve business results through organizational alignment, employee engagement as well as leadership and organizational development strategies, processes and practices, enabling organizations to reach the next level of performance. During these engagements he has played the role of line executive, internal consultant, coach, as well as culture change agent and engagement and Inclusion leader.

As a Coach Alfonso has more than 20 years of experience in industrial and clinical coaching practice helping individuals grow and expand their potential through, coaching, counseling and professional services provided to both individuals and groups, in Mexico, US and Europe.


  • B.S. Business Administration, La Salle University
  • MS in Clinical Psychology, Universidad Nacionl Autónoma de México
  • Degree in Psychoanalysis, Sociedad Psicoanalitica de Mexico and the NY Center for Psychoanalytic Training
  • Post graduate Program in Advanced HR Change Management, Cornell University.


Lee’s professional experience is the dynamic fusion of marketing creativity and business management with a focus in luxury markets encompassing fashion, health & beauty, home decor & textiles. With an earliest experience in the Press & PR department at Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture in Paris (when Mr. Saint Laurent still graced the halls) and then at Sonia Rykiel, Lee’s career was firmly established in the luxury industry. Other creative endeavors in Paris include founding an avant-garde concept store/digital art gallery in the early 90s and serving as the Trend Scout for the city of Paris for Levis Strauss, Europe. Passing through positions of creative direction, brand consulting and CEO of a small company; today Lee has the honor of serving as Marketing Director for Yves Delorme, Inc. where she puts to good use her bi-cultural profile in the domain of luxury home linens.

Lee co-founded Agence5970, an independent laboratory dedicated to conceptual art, using predominately sound, as well as image, exploring concepts emerging at the conjunction of perception and representation and of Time as a structural support of expression.

S. Kerry Tassopoulos

S. Kerry Tassopoulos

S. Kerry Tassopoulos is Vice-President, Public Affairs, Compliance and Risk Management at Mary Kay Inc., a Dallas, Texas based manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and personal care products. He is involved in every aspect of the Company’s government relations efforts at the state, federal and international levels. He has led the Company’s public affairs efforts in the European Union, and is currently focused on federal legislative and regulatory matters. Kerry also is responsible for overseeing the Company’s Risk Management and Knowledge Resources Departments. During his 20 year career at Mary Kay, Kerry has provided legal advice to his Mary Kay colleagues on a wide range of issues, including international, federal and state regulatory matters and the manufacture, distribution and marketing of Mary Kay products. He has additional public affairs and government relations experience, gained while Director, Government Affairs at Excel Communications, a direct seller of long distance and telecommunications products, from 1996-2001.

Kerry currently is Vice Chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF), a member of the Government Relations Committees of both the US Direct Selling Association and the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), and serves on the Regulatory Affairs Committee of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of the Public Affairs Council, the Executive Committee of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations, the Board of the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau and a member of the Preeclampsia Foundation Board of Directors. He received his B.A. from Emory University in 1979 and his J.D. from the University Of Georgia School Of Law in 1985. Kerry and his wife Katina live in Dallas, Texas and have three adult children – Harrison, Cynthia and Alexander.

Laura Gatins

Laura Gatins, CRP, GMS-T

Senior Vice President, Operations

Laura leads our strategic and client initiatives for global operations and supports Altair’s domestic operations staff, with all domestic and global Operations Managers at Altair’s Global Headquarters and Central Region Service Center reporting to her.

Laura is also responsible for:

  • Supporting the Operations Managers with continuing communications and account maintenance, quarterly progress meetings, and analysis of various reports.
  • Providing team support as an expert advisor on mobility issues.
  • Performing ongoing policy benchmarking and analysis, program evaluation, and providing enhancement suggestions.

Laura joined Altair’s Global Headquarters and Central Service Center in Plano, Texas, in August 2010. Laura began her relocation career in 1998, working for a relocation company where she held management roles providing support for both domestic and global services.

Laura is a member of the Worldwide ERC® and holds their Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) and Global Mobility Specialist, Strategic Talent Mobility (GMS-T) designations. Laura earned her Bachelor of Psychology Degree from Central Connecticut State University and a Master of Industrial Organizational Psychology Degree from Fairfield University. Prior to relocation, Laura worked with patients with traumatic brain injuries and individuals with developmental disabilities

Nikunj Nirmal

Nikunj Nirmal

Director (IT) & Shadow Board Member, Tech Mahindra

Nikunj is working as a Director (IT) on AT&T account leading the Digital Experience Business. He has progressively responsible experience in global business, corporate strategy, client relationship management, IT delivery management, innovation, and pre-sales. Nikunj is also a member of the Shadow Board, a small elite group of selected leaders who work with C-Level executives to drive strategic initiatives in the company.


  • MBA, Strategy and Finance, University of Texas at Dallas
  • MS, International Management, University of Texas at Dallas
  • BE (Mechanical), M S University of Baroda
  • Global Business Leadership, GlobalNXT University


  • Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute
  • Embedded Systems, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay
Rebecca Massiatte

Rebecca Massiatte

Rebecca provides personal and dedicated immigration services to a variety of corporations and individuals as well as to non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Rebecca advises corporate clients on a wide variety of immigrant and non-immigrant matters, and provides support with developing strategies for workforce compliance, assisting with due diligence and other immigration issues arising from mergers and acquisitions and addressing and developing I-9 program practices.

Before starting her immigration practice, Rebecca served as a judicial law clerk for the San Antonio and Harlingen Immigration Courts (EOIR) through the U.S. Department of Justice, Attorney General’s Honors Program. Prior to founding JMO, she practiced at prominent national and regional law firms.


Michael S. Williams

Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Blue Coat Systems

Michael leads the global marketing organization for Blue Coat Systems, a leader in digital enterprise security based in Sunnyvale, CA. In this role, Michael is responsible for strategy and execution across all key functions of marketing including public relations, branding, demand generation and go-to-market strategy.

Michael has spent the majority of his career helping fast growth enterprise software firms achieve the next phase of their development. Prior to Blue Coat, he led Global Field Marketing for McAfee (now Intel Security). Over 8 years, Michael transformed McAfee’s demand generation methodology from a passive model to an aggressive customer-engagement strategy, implementing advanced marketing automation and digital marketing. He has also served as a key executive for marketing and alliances at companies such as Click Commerce and i2 Technologies. He was named by Oracle as a North America Marketing Executive of the year for 2013.

Sanjay Ahuja

Sanjay Ahuja

Sanjay Ahuja is the Executive Vice President for North America at AAPNA Infotech (AAPNA). AAPNA is a recognized leader for providing Enterprise IT Solutions, specializing in web applications, e-commerce portal development, software product development, and online MarCom services. Mr. Ahuja is also a Co-Founder of Skillgap Solutions LLC., a company specializing in analytics in Human Capital Performance Management

Mr. Ahuja has a strong ability to identify and develop change strategies; establish cultural change; and monitor efficacy of changes, with training in organizational change management approaches. He has 22 years’ experience leading large global multi-cultural and multi-location teams, and is recognized consistently by marquee clients with high C-SAT scores and industry recognition. His current practice areas include E-Learning, Human Capital Performance Management, Business Process Improvement, and Technology. Mr. Ahuja is a Project Management Professional (PMP), certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

The World Affairs Council, UT Dallas Chapter, was established in January of 2016. The student organization was formed with the support and leadership from the parent organization, World Affairs Council, DFW. The mission of the UT Dallas chapter is to promote international awareness and cross-cultural understanding to the campus community by bringing speakers and lecturers that are experts on topics that are currently affecting the world. The organization will further engage the students by assembling a panel discussion a week or two after a lecture event to discuss and debate the topics that were introduced by the guest speaker the week before. Volunteer and networking opportunities will also be promoted though out the semester for students to participate in. The inaugural event was held on February 2nd and featured Jim Falk, president of the WAC DFW, as the guest speaker.

World Affairs Council

World Affairs Council, UT Dallas Chapter, Inaugural Event, February 2, 2016

A priority of the MS IMS program and the BS in Global Business program is to provide students with the opportunity to develop and build leadership skills in and out of the classroom. The Global Business Organization, better known as the GBO, carries out this vision by creating volunteer activities, conferences and speaking events where students get to interact and network with the professional world. Follow their Facebook page

The GBO volunteers at a local children’s shelter – Jonathan’s Place, Feb 2016

The GBO volunteers at Jonathan’s Place teach the kids about Chinese New Year traditions and customs – Feb 2016

Global Business and MS IMS students visit Paycom corporate office- Nov 20, 2015

The GBO at the Dallas Museum of Art – November 2015

The GBO Speaker Series featured guest speakers Laura Gatins and Kathryn Cassidy from Altair Global. October 23, 2015

The GBO celebrates the fall season with a pumpkin carving fund raising event – October 2015

The GBO Pumpkin Carving Workshop – October 2015

GBO Speaker Series presents : Marie Hightower, Chief Mobility Officer, Xerox Relocation – October 2015

The GBO launches their annual campaign for the Year of Ethiopia – October 2015

The Global Business Social Mixer

The Global Business Social Mixer welcomed the foreign exchange students to JSOM – August 2015

The GBO organized a group of volunteers to pick up the foreign exchange students from the airport – August 2015

The GBO organized a group of volunteers to pick up the foreign exchange students from the airport – August 2015