Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree
MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MS IE) degree is a 36 semester credit hours degree program (18-24 months) at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that prepares students to create new ventures, or pursue successful careers as investment professionals or in innovation-related roles with established organizations.

MSIE students may choose between two focus areas: 1) The New Ventures Concentration (equivalent to an MS in Entrepreneurship), or 2) The Innovation Within the Corporation Concentration. The innovative Startup Launch Track within the New Ventures Concentration enables student to launch their own companies while receiving course instructions and support from external mentors. Students with scalable business concepts are eligible to apply for up to $25K in seed funding to support their development.The program emphasizes technology-based innovation, consistent with and complementing UT Dallas’ traditional strengths in science, engineering, computer science and management disciplines. Download Graduate Programs in Innovation and Entrepreneurship brochure. Download MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship brochure.

checkmark To apply for this degree program, an undergrad business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors welcome).

Key Features

  • Multiple Dual Degree Options
    • MSIE / MBA (minimum 63 credits hours instead of 89)
    • MSIE / MBA (minimum 54 credits hours instead of 72)
  • Connect with the Director
  • Degree Plan
  • Testimonials
  • Startup Launch
  • Student Profile & Engagement
  • Graduate Certificates

In addition to a robust curriculum and an exceptional classroom experience, there are multiple opportunities for students to meet, learn from, and network with leading industry professionals, including entrepreneurs, investment professionals, and executives from major technology companies. Students are encouraged to compete in the annual UT Dallas Business Idea Competition, participate in the Entrepreneurship Club’s (E-Club’s) networking events and Distinguished Speaker Series, work as an intern in support of a local startup or in the UT Dallas’ Venture Development Center (our incubator), and get involved in the community outreach and commercialization programs coordinated by our award-winning Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE).

Both in our courses and in our extra-curricular activities, UT Dallas emphasizes innovation, creativity, and the entrepreneurial process, as well as “hands on” experiences. With nine hours of free electives to choose from, students can tailor their degree to meet their needs. At UT Dallas you can literally “Create and Launch Your Future!”

Madison Pedigo, MBA, CPA

Director, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programs

The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a 36 semester credit hours degree program that provides a solid foundation in the management disciplines essential to innovation with specific focus on the tools, techniques and skills required to develop and lead product, service and business model innovation. Students select from one of two concentration areas:

  • New Venture Concentration: This concentration focuses on the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship in early stage ventures. The Startup Launch Courses or Startup Launch Track allows students to start their business while getting course credit.
  • Innovation within the Corporation Concentration: This concentration is designed for students interested in working in innovative positions within larger companies, such as new business development or strategic marketing).

Program Prerequisites

ENTP 6315 requires that students have completed a course in finance (equivalent to FIN 6301). FIN 6301 requires completion of a course in business statistics (equivalent to OPRE 6301). Candidates who have not taken equivalent statistics or business finance courses will need to take FIN 6301 and/or OPRE 6301 to meet the prerequisite requirements. If required, one of these prerequisite courses (but not both) may be included as an elective that will count as part of the 36 credit hours required for the MSIE degree.

Core Courses (12 semester credit hours)

Concentration Courses (12 semester credit hours)

1) New Ventures Concentration

2) Innovation Within the Corporation

Required Experiential Elective (3 semester credit hours)

Additional Electives (9 semester credit hours)

  • ENTP 6311 Valuation Models and Practices
  • ENTP 6316 Private Equity Finance
  • ENTP 6382 Professional Selling
  • ENTP 6392 Entrepreneurship in the Social Sector
  • ENTP 6V97 Internship
  • Any Experiential elective not previously taken
  • Any Concentration course not previously taken
  • One JSOM graduate course with prior permission
  • One JSOM graduate course selected from the list below of pre-approved electives without prior permission
    • BPS 6310 Strategic Management
    • FIN 6252 Creating Value through Mergers, Acquisitions and Private Equity
    • FIN 6300 Personal Finance
    • MIS 6373 Social Media and Business
    • MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing
    • MKT 6329 New Product Development
    • OB 6301 Organizational Behavior
    • OB 6321 Principles of Leadership
    • OB 6332 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Prateek Diwan

Prateek Diwan, MSIE/MBA- 2015

  • Co-founder of Universe Products and Services Pvt. Ltd. (UPSL), a startup based on drone technology with three verticals under it: Aero Journalism and live feed, Surveying, GIS and Mapping, Mining, Agriculture, Infrastructure Developments; Industrial Inspection Services, Environmental Monitoring and an academy to teach young enthusiasts courses on and around UAV.
  • Recipient of JSOM OWLIE Award: Jindal Student Entrepreneur
  • Intern at TechWildcatters Accelerator Program
  • 3rd Place- UT Dallas Business Idea Competition- 2014

“It’s been an amazing journey at UT Dallas! The entrepreneurship program and related IIE activities have been terrific, and the program has given me the necessary skills that helped me launch my own company — with guidance and mentorship, and working with startups from around the world in the Tech Wildcatters Accelerator program. I highly recommend the MSIE to any aspiring entrepreneur!”

Corey and Swapnil

Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora – Full time MBA students who took entrepreneurship courses

  • Won the UT Dallas BIC in 2010
  • Their company, iLumi, recently received funding on Shark Tank.
  • The iLumi product is now available through major retail outlets, such as Home Depot.

“I&E professors like Madison Pedigo, Jackie Kimzey and Dr. Joseph Picken continued to work with us after we launched, and they were instrumental in encouraging us to apply to Shark Tank.”

Learn more about their company,Ilumi.

Commercialization Award Grad

Matt Hinson and Alejandro Jacobo – Dual MSIE/MBA majors – 2014 and 2015

  • Won the UT Dallas BIC in 2013 and 2014
  • Their new company, Rollout, will bring full scale blueprints to portable devices.

“The entrepreneurship courses we took and advice we received from the innovation and entrepreneurship faculty at UT Dallas was very helpful to us in launching our business.”

Nicole Mossman

Nicole Mossman – MSIE – 2015

Nicole participated in the MSIE Startup Launch Track and took second place in the graduate division of the 2014 UT Dallas Business Idea Competition.
“I’m very pleased with the MSIE degree program. I’ve developed and launched an online business, and the MSIE program has helped me in a wide variety of ways.”

Learn more about Nicole’s company.

Startup Launch Track (SLT) within the MSIE degree

Eligibility: Students enrolled in the MSIE degree program that have scalable business concepts for launching a business.

The MSIE Startup Launch Track offers an exciting opportunity for a select group of entrepreneurs to launch their new business ventures within the framework of UT Dallas’ highly regarded Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MSIE) degree program. Students or student teams admitted to the Startup Launch Track will be provided with office and/or laboratory space in the Venture Development Center, up to $25,000 in seed funding, and ongoing support and mentoring by UT Dallas faculty and experienced entrepreneurs, while they earn the MSIE degree and receive course credit for progress toward the launch of their startup. Students will be expected to complete the program in 16-24 months (full-time or part-time) and to launch their businesses either while enrolled in the program or within six months after graduation.

Additional information on applying to the SLT as part of the MSIE degree is available below

Key differences between the SLT and the SLF-G funding discussed below:

  • The MS in Innovation and Entrepreneurship course work provides more in-depth background for the entrepreneur.
  • As a result, students in the SLT will typically use all of the $25K in funding and have their companies launched by the time they graduate from UT Dallas.

Startup Launch Funding for Graduate Students in Other JSOM Degree Programs (SLF-G)

  • Eligibility: Graduate Students in a JSOM degree or certificate program who have a scalable business concept AND who are enrolled in a graduate startup launch course (ENTP 6360 or ENTP 6361). Applications will only be accepted from JSOM Graduate Students enrolled in the ENTP 6360/6361 courses.
  • JSOM Graduate Students meeting the eligibility criterion above, can apply to receive up to $25K of seed funding to help offset the costs of concept validation and launch, including development of prototypes, beta testing, and explanatory videos. If funding is approved, funding will only be provided as actual costs are incurred during the startup launch courses.
  • Preference will be given to scalable business concepts and students without scalable concepts will not receive funding.
  • Applications for SLF-G funding will be submitted to the ENTP 6360/6361 course instructor for the section you are enrolled in. The course instructor will review the applications and make recommendations to the Startup Launch Review Committee for approval (comprised of several innovation and entrepreneurship faculty members).
  • Any funding approvals would be at the sole discretion of the Startup Launch Review Committee based on the availability of funding as approved by the Dean of the Naveen Jindal School of Management each year and the potential of the business concept.
  • Application process guidelines will be provided as part of the startup launch course, but will include: i) a description of the business concept, ii) a discussion of the projected scalability of the concept and projected revenue ramp, iii) a summary of any concept or customer validation that has already occurred, and iv) a discussion of the specific milestones that are expected to require funding.
  • Reference the ENTP 6360/6361 syllabuses for additional information.

Key differences between the SLF-G funding and the SLT funding discussed at the top of this page:

  • Students seeking SLF-G funding typically only take one or two startup launch courses.
  • Although up to $25K in funding is available to support a variety of situations, students receiving SLF-G funding will often only need a portion of this funding to conduct initial concept and customer validation.

The Master of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship program provides students with advanced knowledge necessary to launch new ventures or pursue successful careers as investment professionals or in innovation related roles with larger organizations. Our program also offers exceptional experiential activities for student engagement.

We are proud of our innovation and entrepreneurship students. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and represent a wide range of races, geography and cultures.

Student Profile

Domestic/International Mix 67% Domestic/43% International
International Locations Africa, China, India, Iran, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey
Gender 80% Male/20% Female
Average GMAT 600
Average Work Experience* 7 Years
Average Age 29
Average Graduate GPA 3.5
Undergraduate Degrees** Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Finance, International Management, Marketing, Technology
% Students Who Work 50%
% Students Launching Companies 50%
Job Placement After Graduation 83%
Average Salary (after graduation) $83K (Source: Spring 2015 Exit Survey)

* Work experience is not required for joining the MSIE program.

** An undergraduate business degrees is not required (all undergraduate majors are welcome to apply).

We offer a wide range of experiential learning opportunities for our students. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Events/Activities sponsored by the UTD Entrepreneurship Club (examples below are from Spring 2015)
    • Startup Viability Workshop
    • Legal Advising Seminar
    • Cofounder Speed Dating networking event
    • Dallas Startup Week
    • Redbull Mind Share networking event
    • Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Conference
    • Startup Internship Career Fair
    • Various speaker events
  • Activities sponsored by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE)
    • Annual Business Idea Competition- Fall 2015
  • Courses and other activities that provide real world experience
    • Startup Launch Courses– Taught in our incubator, students and/or student teams work on launching their own new venture
    • Entrepreneurial Experience course- Students work on projects supporting local high tech companies
    • Social Entrepreneurship course- Students work on projects in support of local non-profit organizations
    • Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship course- Students receive academic credit for completing an internship at a startup company, incubator, angel group, VC firm, or working for a larger company in new business development or in any other role involving innovation.
    • UT Dallas Launch Pad Initiative- A cooperative effort between the IIE and the Office of Technology Commercialization to offer peer-to-peer and external mentoring for student’s launching new companies

The Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) offers two graduate certificates to students wishing to complement their skills in a technical or functional discipline with the management skills necessary for leadership roles in product, service or business model innovation in a startup or an established organization. The two graduate certificates are:

  • Graduate Certificate in Corporate Innovation
  • Graduate Certificate in New Venture Entrepreneurship

Graduate Certificates in Corporate Innovation (15 semester credit hours minimum)

The graduate certificate in corporate innovation is focused on the management of innovation within the context of an established organization. The certificate is designed for students desiring to augment their skills in a technical or functional discipline with the management skills and perspectives necessary for the successful launch of new businesses or other innovations. The certificate may be obtained by completing 15 credit hours of study as detailed below:

  • ENTP 6388 (SYSM 6316) Managing Innovation within the Corporation
  • ENTP 6375 Technology and New Product Development
  • ENTP 6380 (MKT 6380) Market Entry Strategies
  • ENTP 6390 Business Model Innovation
  • ENTP 6398 (SYSM 6315) The Entrepreneurial Experience

Graduate Certificates in New Venture Entrepreneurship (15 semester credit hours minimum)

The graduate certificate in new venture entrepreneurship is focused on the management of innovation within the context of a new venture startup. The certificate may be obtained by completing 15 credit hours of study as detailed below:

  • ENTP 6370 Entrepreneurship
  • ENTP 6380 (MKT 6380) Market Entry Strategies
  • ENTP 6390 Business Model Innovation
  • ENTP 6378 Managing the Emerging Enterprise
  • ENTP 6360 Startup Launch I or ENTP 6365 Business Concept Validation

Degree-Seeking Students

Students who want to pursue both a graduate business degree in JSOM and either a graduate certificate in Corporate Innovation or a graduate certificate in New Venture Entrepreneurship. Students already enrolled in a graduate degree program at JSOM are automatically eligible for enrolling in one or both certificate programs and may begin taking required courses immediately via normal course registration procedures. Students should notify the program director regarding their desire to receive a certificate (see contact information below). As the student completes the final required course, a follow-up notification should be sent that includes the courses completed and the grades received in each course.

Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Students who are not seeking a graduate degree program but who want to pursue either a graduate certificate in Corporate Innovation or a graduate certificate in New Venture Entrepreneurship. Non-degree seeking students must contact the director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship programs in advance and provide a copy of their resume showing prior academic and professional employment and a narrative of why they are interested in pursuing a certificate. Once approved by the program director, non-degree-seeking applicants will need to complete an online application and be accepted as a non-degree-seeking student. Once admitted to UT Dallas, the student should notify the program director and may enroll in courses, provided they meet the course prerequisites, if any.

Download Graduate Certificates in Corporate Innovation
and New Venture Entrepreneurship Brochure