Information Systems Speaker Series

The Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas is privileged to host academic experts presenting their latest research on the most relevant topics facing our discipline today. Information Systems Seminars are held every Fall and Spring semester.

  • Spring 2018

    Speaker Topic
    Vibhanshu Abhishek
    Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
    Information Transparency in B2B Auction Markets: The Role of Winner Identity Disclosure
    Alok Gupta
    Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota
    Why Should I Donate? Examining the Effects of Reputation, Peer Influence, and Popularity on Charitable Giving over Social Media Platforms
    Marius Florin Niculescu
    Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech
    Strategic Intellectual Property Sharing: Competition on an Open Technology Platform Under Network Effects
    Bin Gu
    W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
    Home Bias in Online Employment: Evidence from an Online Labor Market
  • Fall 2017

    Speaker Topic
    Ramesh Shankar
    University of Connecticut
    Online Reputational Loss Aversion: Empirical evidence from StackOverflow.com
    Beibei Li
    Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
    Nudging Mobile Customers with Real-Time Social Dynamics
    Haldun Aytug
    Warrington College of Business, University of Florida
    Bidding in Keyword Auctions: Advertisers’ Perspective
    Yong Tan
    Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington
    Optimizing Two-Sided Promotion for Transportation Network Companies: A Structural Model with Conditional Bayesian Learning
    Eric M. Overby
    Scheller College of Business, Georgia Tech
    How Does Online Lending Influence Bankruptcy Filings? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
  • Spring 2017

    Speaker Topic
    Jinyang Zheng
    Michael G. Foster School of Business, University of Washington
    How Mega Is the Mega? Measuring the Spillover Effects of WeChat by Machine Learning and Econometrics
    Jane Xue Tan
    University of Washington
    Why Should I Donate? Examining the Effects of Reputation, Peer Influence, and Popularity on Charitable Giving over Social Media Platforms
    Yun Wang
    University of Arizona
    Deep Learning of Spatiotemporal Patterns for Urban Mobility Prediction using Big Data
    Yicheng Song
    Boston University
    When Diversity Becomes Relevant’ — A Multi-Category Utility Model of Consumer Response to Content Recommendations
    Chengxin Cao
    University of Minnesota
    Impact of Enterprise Systems on Mergers and Acquisitions
    Zhuoxin Allen Li
    Carroll School of Management, Boston College
    Network Externalities in Collaborative Consumption: Theory, Experiment, and Empirical Investigation of Crowd funding
  • Fall 2016

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Prasanna Tambe
    Associate Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences, Stern School of Business, New York University
    Who Pays for Technical Skills? Engineering Brand and High-Tech Wages
    Dr. Anandhi Bharadwaj
    Professor of Information Systems & Operations Management Goizueta Business School, Emory University
    Is it a ‘cloudy’ future? The Impact of Transition to SaaS for Software Vendors
    Kai-Lung Hui
    Professor, Department of Information Systems,Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
    See No Evil, Hear No Evil? Dissecting the Impact of Online Hacker Forums
    Dr. Dengpan Liu
    Iowa State University Associate Professor – College of Business
    Dynamic Advertising Competition in Electronic Retailing with Operational Considerations
    Dr. Catherine Yang
    Associate Professor Graduate School of Management University of California, Davis
    Predicting downloads for Mobile App recommendations
    Dr. Corey Angst
    Associate Professor in IT, Analytics and Operations Management Mendoza College of Business University of Notre Dame
    Just What the Doctor Ordered? Physician Mobility and the Adoption of Electronic Health Records
    Dr. Sudip Bhattacharjee
    University of Connecticut, Associate Professor – School of Business
    The Effect of Information Transparency and Social Values on Smart Grid Balancing
  • Spring 2016

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Animesh Animesh
    McGill University
    Software Patents and Firm Value: A Real Options Perspective on the Role of Innovation Orientation and Environmenta Uncertainty
    Dr. Amrit Tiwana
    Professor Department of Management Information Systems Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
    Modular Outside, Monolithic Inside: How Nearly-Decomposable Architectures Lead Platform Races
    Dr. Jan Stallaert
    University of Connecticut Professor – School of Business
    Information Consistency and Accuracy in Prediction Markets: Evidence from the U.S. Presidential Election Markets
    Dr. Sunil Wattal
    Associate Professor, Management Information Systems Temple University, Fox School of Business
    An Empirical Analysis of Crowdfunding Campaign Referrals
    Dr. Huaxia Rui
    Assistant Professor, Computers & Information Systems University of Rochester
    Is Technology Eating Nurses? Staffing Decisions in Nursing Homes
    Dr. Juan Feng
    Associate Professor Information Systems City University of Hong Kong
    Does Money Talk? -The Impact of Monetary Incentive on UGC Contribution
    Dr. Vidyanand Choudhary
    Associate Professor Information Systems Paul Merage School of Business University of California, Irvine
    IT Investment under Competition: The Role of Implementation Uncertainty
  • Fall 2015

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Zhenhui Jack Jiang
    National University of Singpaore
    Grab Users’ Attention Through Choice-based Advertising: An Eye-tracking Study
    Dr. Kai-Lung Hui
    Hong Kong University
    The Light and Shadow of Cybersecurity Regulation: A Natural Experiment in China
    Dr. Ahmed Abbasi
    University of Virginia
    Don’t Mention It? Analyzing User-generated Content Signals for Early Adverse Drug Event Warnings
    Dr. Guodong (Gordon) Gao
    University of Maryland
    How Digital Word-of-Mouth Affects Consumer Decision Making: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    Dr. Kai-Lung Hui
    Hong Kong University
    An Economic Analysis of Peer-Disclosure in Online Social Communities
    Dr. Narayan Ramasubbu
    University of Pittsburgh
    Examining the Impact of Technical Debt on Firm Performance
    Dr. Lin Hao
    Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
    A Mobile Platform’s In-App Advertising Contract under Agency Pricing for App Sales
  • Spring 2015

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Maytal Saar-Tsechansky
    University of Texas at Austin
    Machine Learning that Matters: The Case of Model Collaboration for Intelligent Active Learning
    Dr. Jennifer Zhan
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Divide the Task and Multiply the Success: The Effect of Resource Distribution and Alignment on Team Performance in Online Crowdsourcing Contests
    Gene Moo Lee
    University of Texas at Austin
    Matching Mobile Applications for Cross Promotion
    Wei Chen
    University of California, San Diego
    Engaging the Wisdom of Crowds: Structural Analysis of Dynamic User Contributions in Online Communities
    Hailiang Chen
    City University of Hong Kong
    IT-Enabled Broadcasting in Social Media: An Empirical Study of Artists’ Activities and Music Sales
    Zhe (James) Zhang
    University of California
    Recommender Systems and Consumer Product Search
    Dokyun Lee
    Wharton School,OPIM
    The Effect of Social Media Marketing Content on Consumer Engagement: Evidence from Facebook
  • Fall 2014

    Speaker Topic
    Sukumaran Nair
    Southern Methodist University
    Enterprise Security: Threat Landscape and Trends
    Jeffrey Hu
    Scheller College of Business
    A Dynamic Structural Model for Heterogenous Mobile Data Consumption and Targeted Promotion
    Dr. Raghu T Santanam
    Arizona State University
    Do App Descriptions Matter? Evidence from Mobile App Product Descriptions
    Dr. Ramnath Chellappa
    Emory University
    Cost Drivers of Versioning
    Shaojie Tang
    Temple University
    Modeling Data Dissemination in Online Social Networks: A Geographical Perspective on Bounding Network Traffic Load
  • Spring 2014

    Speaker Topic
    Shachar Reichman
    MIT Sloan School of Management
    Crowd-Squared: Amplifying the Predictive Power of Large-Scale Crowd-Based Data
    Shaojie Tang
    Temple University
    Towards Secure Mobile Business: RFID-based Anti-Counterfeiting System & Privacy-preserving Data Aggregation
    Atanu Lahiri
    University of Washington
    The DLC Strategy: Go Vertical in a Horizontal Market?
    Mohammad Rahman
    University of Calgary
    An Internet-Enabled Move to the Market
    Zhe Zhang
    University of California
    Daily-deal Business Model: Performance Based Advertising and Price Distortion
    Yi-Chun Ho
    University Of Washington
    Effect of Utility Disconfirmation on Online Rating Behavior: A Dynamic Analysis
    Xiao Ma
    Wisconsin School of Business
    Online Gambling Behavior: The Impacts of Cumulative Outcomes, Recent Outcomes, and Prior
    Jason Chan
    Leonard N. Stern School of Business
    Internet’s Dirty Secret: Assessing The Impact Of Online Intermediaries On HIV Transmission1
    Xitong Li
    MIT Sloan School of Management
    How Does Online Reputation Affect Social Media Endorsements and Product Sales? Evidence from Regression Discontinuity Design
    Hyelim Oh
    McGill University
    Free versus For a Fee: The Impact of Information Pricing Strategy on the Pattern and Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth via Social Media
  • Fall 2013

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Tridib Bandyopadhyay
    Kennesaw State University
    Role of Intelligence Inputs in Defending against Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism
    Dr. Vijay Khatri
    Indiana University
    The Roles of IS and Application Domain Knowledge in Conceptual Schema Problem Solving: A Cognitive Fit Perspective
    Dr. Chris Dellarocas
    Boston University
    Attention Allocation in Information-Rich Environments: The Case of News Aggregators
    Dr. De Liu
    University of Kentucky
    Friendships in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending: Pipes, Prisms, and Relational Herding
    Dr. Sunil Mithas
    University of Maryland
    Information Technology, Customer Satisfaction, and Profit,
    1994–2006: Theory and Evidence
    Dr. Geoffrey Parker
    Tulane University
    Innovation, Openness, and Platform Control
  • Spring 2013

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Alok R. Chaturvedi
    Purdue University
    Sentient World Simulation: A continuously running, continually updated model of the world
    Dr. Huseyin Doluca
    University of Würzburg
    Bank Performance and the Solow Paradox Julius-Maximilians
    Dr. Samuel Ransbotham
    Carroll School of Management
    Electronic Medical Records and Medical Malpractice Claims
    Dr. D. J. Wu
    Scheller College of Business
    Economics of Free Under Perpetual Licensing: Implications for the Software Industry
    Alan R Dennis
    Indiana University
    Sparking Group Creativity with Priming
    Dr. Nigel Melville
    University of Michigan
    Information Systems for Collaborating versus Transacting: Impact on Plant Performance in the Presence of Demand Volatility
  • Fall 2012

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Paramvir Singh
    Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
    Crowdsourcing New Product Ideas under Consumer Learning
    Paul A. Pavlou
    Temple University, Philadelphia
    Strategic Pricing of IT Services in Online Outsourcing Markets
    Rajiv Kohli
    Mason School of Business
    Investing in Information Systems: On the Behavioral and Institutional Search Mechanisms Underpinning Hospitals’ IS Investment Decisions
    Dr. Sulin Ba
    University of Connecticut
    Promotional Marketing or Word-of-Mouth? Evidence from Online Restaurant Reviews
  • Spring 2012

    Speaker Topic
    Arun Rai
    Georgia State University
    (Mis) fit of Vertical Deintegration and I T-enabled Process Integration
    Mohammad Rahman
    University of Calgary, Canada
    Beating Irrationality: Does Delegating to IT Alleviate the Sunk Cost Effect?"
    Zhenguri Ziang
    Iowa State University
    The economics of public beta testing
    Gal Oestreicher Singer
    Tel Aviv University
    The Quest for Content: How User-Generated Links Can Facilitate Online Exploration
    Mehmet Ayvaci
    University of Wisconsin
    The Effect of Budgetary Restrictions on Breast Cancer Diagnostic Decisions
    Lu Yan
    University of Washington
    Healing Power of Social Networking: Empirical Studies on Online Interactions among Patients
    Yingda Lu
    Carnegie Mellon University
    Optimizing Social Relationships: A Dynamic Analysis of Social Network Formation in Online Communities for Diabetes
    David Zepeda
    University of Minnesota
    Health Care Supply Chain Design for Reducing Disparities in the Delivery of Care: Evaluating the Effects of Resource Dependence and IT Leveraging Competence
  • Fall 2011

    Speaker Topic
    Hsinchun Chen
    University of Arizona
    Advanced Informatics for Business Intelligence 2.0
    Terrane August
    University of California at San Diego
    Who Should be Responsible for Software Security? A Comparative Analysis of Liability Policies in Network Environments"
    Chris Forman
    Georgia Institute of Technology
    Information Technology and (Downstream) Vertical Integration: Evidence from Plant-Level Data
    Huseyin Tanriverdi
    University of Texas at Austin
    Flying Greener with Smarter Decisions: The Impact of Operational Analytics on Carbon Footprint of Airlines
    Rema Padman
    Carnegie Mellon University
    A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Medication Reconciliation
  • Spring 2011

    Speaker Topic
    Vallabhajosyula Sambamurthy Has the "Golden Rule" Lost its Aura? Revisiting Multimarket Contact under Asymmetric Pricing in the US Domestic Airline Industry
    Jaime Newel Information Systems Development Risk Factors and Dispersed Teamwork: The Role of Empowering Leadership in Facilitating Team Member Well–being
    Nackiketa Sahoo A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering
    Sameh Al–Natour The Antecedents of Customer Self–Disclosure to Online Virtual Advisors
  • Fall 2010

    Speaker Topic
    Dr. Anjana Susarla The Role of Social Capital in Assuring Market Performance: Evidence from Information Technology Outsourcing Contracts
    Dr. Anuj Kumar Impact of Customer Web Portals on Call Centers: An Empirical Analysis
    Dr. Tunay Tunca An Empirical Analysis of Price, Quality, and Incumbency in Service Procurement Auctions
    Dr. Thomas Weber Monotone Approximation of Decision Problems
    Balaji Padmanabhan From Information to Operations: Service Quality Indicators and Customer Churn
    Giri Kumar Tayi Investigating Retailer (Online and Local) Strategies in Mitigating Consumer Fit Uncertainty
    Sanjeev Dewan Information Technology and Firm Boundaries:Impact on Firm Risk and Return Performance
  • Spring 2010

    Speaker Topic
    Kartik Hosanagar Recommender Systems and their Effects on Consumers: The Fragmentation Debate
    Ross Hightower A Longitudinal Analysis of Information Exchange Effectiveness Within Teams Meeting Face–to–Face and with Instant Messaging Technologies
    Akhmed Umyarov Using External Aggregate Ratings for Improving Individual Recommendations
    Sang Pil Han 1–An Empirical Analysis of User Content Generation and Usage Behavior in Mobile Media
    2-User Content Generation and Usage Behavior in Multimedia Settings: A Dynamic Structural Model of Learning
    Atanu Lahiri Pricing of Wireless Services: Application Pricing Vs.Traffic Pricing