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Management Science PhD Program

Management Science PhD Program

The Naveen Jindal School of Management grants a PhD in Management Science degree, defined as the use of economics, behavioral science, mathematics and statistics to conduct rigorous scientific research. The program encompasses both theory and empirical analysis and is characterized by a high ratio of research faculty to students, which fosters close working relationships.

The Management Science PhD degree program requires students to choose from one of the following areas (concentrations) of study:

The program is characterized by a high ratio of research faculty to students, with core and elective courses providing students a thorough understanding of management principles. Course work incorporates a broad outlook into the study of business theory and practice. A sequence of PhD seminars exposes students to traditional and emerging research issues and students are encouraged early in their graduate work to be involved in faculty research projects with experienced professors. Students quickly identify and develop research ideas and create their own research agenda. They also develop their teaching skills under faculty mentorship.

Faculty interests range from quantitative modeling to empirical studies using tools from operations research, mathematical programming, price theory, game theory, statistics, econometrics, optimal control theory, stochastic processes, machine learning and simulation.

Please download our 18 Characteristics of Doctoral Programs in Management Science.

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Sumit Sarkar, PhD Charles and Nancy Davidson Chair
  • Students are expected to complete the course requirements for each concentration area as indicated in the business PhD program. However, under special circumstances when students present themselves with specialized backgrounds and interests, course requirements may be modified with the approval of the PhD committee.
  • A plan of study is developed for full-time students no later than the end of the first semester. This plan of study is updated each semester, and a copy is placed on file in the Office of the Director of the PhD Program.
  • Comprehensive exams are given at least once each year. The comprehensive examinations committee for each student is recommended by the advisor and confirmed by the director of the PhD Program. The comprehensive examinations include an examination on research methods, core courses and students’ areas of concentration.
  • After successful completion of the comprehensive examinations, a dissertation committee is appointed to evaluate the dissertation proposal of each student and direct and evaluate the dissertation. The dissertation committee is recommended by the student’s supervisor and confirmed by the director of the PhD Program and the dean of Graduate Studies.
  • A research proposal, or prospectus, is carefully prepared and approved by the committee prior to the initiation of thesis research.