Bachelor of Science in Global Business

BS in Global Business degree

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business degree at the Naveen Jindal School of Management is a 120 credit hours degree program that caters to students who seek to focus their business study on the global dimensions. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for succeeding in global business strategy. Upon completion of the BS Global Business degree program, students have developed a strong knowledge of:

  • Cultural, political and regulatory environments
  • International business environments and financial markets
  • Cross-cultural communication and negotiation
  • International human resources management


The Global Business degree is an excellent choice for students looking for a career in management, government institutions, and international agencies. Typically, global business graduates begin their careers in the domestic operations within an organization and later with an overseas assignments.

Bachelor of Science in Global Business A double major is offered in conjunction with the Global Business degree program for students wanting to create a competitive advantage as they enter the job market, particularly in international business.

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The BS in Global Business degree program helps students understand how businesses operate in global markets and how nations, firms and individuals are interdependent with one another. The program enables individuals and organizations to acquire the art of negotiation and communication skills in a global business environment. As firms and jobs in search of cost comparative advantage and entry to new markets, cross borders, GB grads become attractive for international assignments and internships.

Hubert Zydorek

Director, BS Global Business Program