Project Management Graduate Degree Programs

The UT Dallas Project Management program curriculum is delivered both on-campus and online. The on-campus program is in a two day, Friday and Saturday format. The online program is designed around weekly lessons.

There are two levels of recognition in the program:

  • The Project Management Core is comprised of the first 20 semester credit hours, leading to a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.
  • An MBA degree with an emphasis in project management is earned by completing an additional 33 semester credit hours of business core classes.

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Admission Requirements

Admission to this program is highly selective, and prospective students must plan ahead. A selective process ensures that high standards are maintained in a cohort class. Candidates are evaluated on criteria that includes prior academic and professional accomplishments, serious commitment and leadership skills.

On-Campus or Online

On-Campus or Online

The first phase of the program, the Project Management Core, provides comprehensive education in project and program management, combining technical concepts and critical human skills. Students are encouraged to apply these concepts and skills to their work projects. The Project Management Core is completed in 12 months, and students earn a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

After completing the Project Management Core, students complete an additional 33 semester credit hours, including the international study trip, and earn a Master of Business Administration degree. Those seeking a Master of Business Administration degree waive the Master of Science degree and complete an additional 14 semester credit hours. UT Dallas begins a new on-campus Project Management Core Program annually in September and online in January.

Graduate Certificate in Project Management
Course Semester Credit Hours
OPRE 6271 Project Overview, Strategic and Process Management 2
OPRE 6372 Project Initiation 3
OPRE 6373 Project Planning 3
OPRE 6274 Project Execution Planning 2
OPRE 6275 Project Execution, Control and Closeout 2
OPRE 6376 Advanced Project Management and Simulation 3
MAS 6v01 Special Topics in Project Management 2
OB 6301 Introduction to Organizational Behavior 3

A Master of Business Administration degree is earned by completing 33 semester credit hours shown below.

Project Management Core Courses
Course Semester Credit Hours
OPRE 6271 Project Overview, Strategic and Process Management 2
OPRE 6372 Project Initiation 3
OPRE 6373 Project Planning 3
OPRE 6274 Project Execution Planning 2
OPRE 6275 Project Execution, Control and Closeout 2
OPRE 6376 Advanced Project Management and Simulation 3
MAS 6v01 Special Topics in Project Management 2
OB 6301 Introduction to Organizational Behavior 3
MBA Core Courses
Course Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 6301 Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 6202 Managerial Accounting 2
OPRE 6301 Statistics and Data Analysis 3
MECO 6303 Business Economics 3
MIS 6204 Information Technology for Management 2
OPRE 6302 Operations Management 3
BPS 6310 Strategic Management 3
FIN 6301 Financial Management 3
MKT 6301 Introduction to Marketing Management 3
IMS 6204 Global Business 2
International Study Trip Courses
Course Semester Credit Hours
IMS 6371 Seminar in Strategic Management 3
IMS 6370 Seminar in Operations Management 3
Project Management  International Study Trip 2018 in Shanghai

The international study trip is a student-initiated aspect of the program and takes the place of a capstone project. As with other Executive MBA program study trips, this trip provides project management students an international educational, industrial and cultural experience rolled into one.

During the two-week trip, participants attend university classes with local students and participate in seminars that explore doing business in the host country or region. Part of the trip is devoted to visiting local industry to learn firsthand how business operates in that country. Three free days in the itinerary allow students to experience local culture on their own.

PM International Trip to Brazil, 2017
PM International Trip to Brazil, 2017

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The Project Management MBA program gave me confidence to lead my team and communicate effectively with senior executives. I remember, before the start of the program I was shy and was afraid to take leadership role even when the opportunity came.

The MBA program honed my skills and equipped me with the tools that I use on a daily basis, not only in professional life but also in my personal life.

After completing the program, I truly understand my contribution in the success of the company and I’m all motivated to do my best to provide my company a competitive advantage by providing a well-functioning SAP HCM system in order to attract, develop and retain the top talent.

The knowledge and skills I gained from the Project Management Core Phase have made me an infinitely better Project Manager. No other MBA program offers such depth and breadth in the field of Project Management, and the fact that many of the professors are seasoned project managers themselves assures the real-world relevance of the content.

Receiving the Graduate Certificate in Project Management from this program helped me land a highly sought-after project management position in healthcare, and directly qualified me for a higher pay grade in this position.

The Business Core Phase of the program has allowed me to recently move into strategic program management in healthcare, something which would not have been possible without the general business literacy that comes from a program like this.

Choosing an MBA program is a complex process. I needed a program that was flexible to match my evolving career & the Project Management MBA program at UTD provided that and gave me an array of tools to propel my career forward. The program provided opportunities to explore and develop my full potential & vastly expanded my knowledge and business skills. It allowed me to develop strong project management & strategic thinking abilities, advanced analytical skills and perspectives and new frameworks for building success.

The UTD Project management MBA program also provided me the right managerial tools to identify problems, analyze any given situation and formulate the appropriate strategies to deliver the best customer value & yield the highest stakeholder returns. The participative class discussions, faculty contributions and the practical application of theory that the program advocated, coupled with working in partnership with industry peers was invaluable. Not only did it enhance the learning experience but it provided insight into the broader industry environment, locally and internationally & provided me with strong networks within the business community that I leverage to this day.

Completing the UTD MBA broadened my managerial skill set, expanded my horizons and career opportunities and offered flexibility to specialize in several fields. The professional and personal development that I gained has made me more transportable between industries and has certainly added value to my marketability

I highly recommend the UTD Project Management MBA program to all of those seeking flexibility, practical learning, and exposure to the broader business environment.

With over 6 years of IT Consulting, I learned the fundamentals of Project Management through hands on experience. While I was proficient at my job, I felt that I was still missing some key skills to make me an effective project manager. After becoming certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), I was presented with the opportunity to attend the UTD Project Management MBA program. Upon learning about the program, I felt that that curriculum could offer the exact skills and knowledge that I was looking for to fill in the gaps in my experience. The Project Management program exceeded my expectations! I was able to gain valuable classroom knowledge, in addition to, real-life application. The instructors were highly knowledgeable, and I was able to present them with my current work experiences and gain valuable insight in how to approach my daily activities more effectively.

Overall, after completing the Project Management program, I could confidently say that I was a skilled Project Manager, ready for the next phase of my career. As I have received more responsibilities on projects, management has continued to comment on my knowledge and skill in project management. This is largely due to my studies through the UTD Project Management program.

The benefits of the education and experience I received from the program started with the first class. The format of the instruction, the knowledge of the instructors, and the interaction of the students began a learning process which has significantly changed and improved me. Not only has it developed important project management practices which I use daily, it strengthen important general business skills, and as important, my skills working with people.

The project management skills I developed in UTD’s program immediately started me in a much more rigorous and intelligent management style. It is a style with the methods and skills needed in today’s internationally competitive business environment. The education also grounded me in a strong foundation of project management, of which the principles and practices I effectively use daily with different types of industries and scopes of work.

Specific benefits to my career have been the hiring at my current job and the promotions, which I would not have received if it was not for this program. It has greatly improved my ability in helping our clients, which in turn has made our clients more effective in helping thousands of needy people get shelter, services and skills to improve their life.

The UTD Project Management program has benefited both my professional career and personal life. The program has armed me with the information needed to be successful. The method in which UTD teaches the program, project management and leadership tools come second nature. In regards to my personal life, the UTD program has provided me the ability to see myself as other might see me. This in and of itself has made the UTD program priceless.

I am a proud 2007 graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas. When I started the degree program in January, 2005, I was a project manager. As a result of utilizing what I was learning in the program, I was promoted to management in April, 2006. Today, I manage a team of project managers in HP’s Global Parts Supply Chain organization, with members located throughout North and South America.

Beginning in the summer of 2010, I began working on my PhD in Education with a specialization in Training & Performance Improvement and am currently on target to complete my coursework and dissertation by December of 2013.

Back in 2004, I would have never believed I would travel this journey – and it all began with an email highlighting the wonderful opportunity awaiting me at the University of Texas at Dallas. What a world of opportunity this program can open up for you. This is a special program, with talented professors and a professional support staff. I will always remember this program, along with faculty and staff, with much fondness and will ALWAYS be proud to call myself a UTD alum.

The UTD Project Management MBA offers a rewarding, flexible and diverse program. In the fall of 2007, I started the program as an Industrial Engineer seeking to earn a simple and straightforward MBA. What I experienced was a fabulous multi-dimensional MBA program where I had the opportunity to learn finance, business strategy and program management in-depth.

The program offers a solid year of project management course work. This course works offers credit hours as well as really prepares one for taking the PMBOK exam. Additionally, the first year really sets forth a strong emphasis on team work and group activity which becomes invaluable in any work environment. For me, one of the key benefits about the program is the great value. I believe this program offers a value worth 2x the actual program cost and is less expensive than some other Texas programs.

Today, the degree has allowed me to make a career change that I really enjoy. The education I received at UTD has given me the opportunity to change roles within my company where my job requires more business and project management activities. I spent numerous hours deciphering between different programs and once I learned about the UTD Program Management program I was hooked. Enrolling that August of 2007 has been one of my best decisions.