MAS 6105 Communications for Management – MBA Program Prerequisite

MAS 6105 Overview

Successful managers understand that effective communications are a critical component to advancing a career. This course introduces best practices in written, oral and networking communications so students understand how to organize and construct informative and effective business messages, how to structure and deliver effective and persuasive presentations, and how to present themselves successfully.

In their first semester, all MBA students, with the exception of those in the Full-Time Cohort MBA, must either obtain a waiver by the posted deadline or pass the MAS 6105 Communications for Management. The exact waiver deadline will be posted in eLearning, but is no later than two weeks into the fall and spring semesters. Students admitted in summer, must either obtain a waiver or pass the course by the following fall deadlines. No waiver request forms will be accepted for review for non-degree seeking students.


If a student does not pass the waiver or misses the waiver deadline, they will be required to take the course during their first semester. The course is offered online during the second 8 weeks of the fall and spring semesters. Students may opt to take the course without submitting a waiver to improve their communications related abilities. Keep in mind, degree credit is not earned for program prerequisites.


To request a waiver for MAS 6105 students must demonstrate competency in business communications. Please do your best work as you will only be permitted to apply for the waiver one time. Failure to submit the required deliverables by the posted deadline or follow the instructions will result in an automatic denial of the waiver request.

Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the waiver deadline and requirements. Waiver requests are to be submitted through the student’s eLearning account. The required documents must be uploaded into eLearning by the posted deadline to request a waiver of this MBA program prerequisite.

Waiver Process

Ready to begin the waiver process?

The waiver form will be available via eLearning for the fall 2020 semester by June 1, 2020. If after June 1st you do not see the MAS 6105 waiver in your eLearning account, you may contact for questions.

If you have accepted admission into the Professional MBA or the double MS/MBA and do not see the MAS 6105 waiver course in your eLearning account, please email Students will be notified of the waiver decision within 5 weeks following the submission deadline.