Bachelor of Science in Global Business

BS in Global Business degree

The Bachelor of Science in Global Business degree at the Naveen Jindal School of Management is a 120 credit hours degree program that caters to students who seek to focus their business study on the global dimensions. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills required for succeeding in global business strategy. Upon completion of the BS Global Business degree program, students have developed a strong knowledge of:

  • Cultural, political and regulatory environments
  • International business environments and financial markets
  • Cross-cultural communication and negotiation
  • International human resources management


The Global Business degree is an excellent choice for students looking for a career in management, government institutions, and international agencies. Typically, global business graduates begin their careers in the domestic operations within an organization and later with an overseas assignments.

Bachelor of Science in Global Business A double major is offered in conjunction with the Global Business degree program for students wanting to create a competitive advantage as they enter the job market, particularly in international business.

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The BS in Global Business degree program helps students understand how businesses operate in global markets and how nations, firms and individuals are interdependent with one another. The program enables individuals and organizations to acquire the art of negotiation and communication skills in a global business environment. As firms and jobs in search of cost comparative advantage and entry to new markets, cross borders, GB grads become attractive for international assignments and internships.

Hubert Zydorek

Director, BS Global Business Program

Susan Philips, Program Coordinator

MS International Management Studies

& BS Global Business

Sahar Yehia

Sahar Yehia

As an alum of the Undergraduate Global Business Program, my perspective of the world around me has grown exponentially. Because of the knowledge and diversity of the professors and my traveling experiences, I now think on a global scale. This program has exposed me to many opportunities because it is not limited to a specific field, and it has prepared me for an international career.

Maziar Azarian

Maziar Azarian

Enrolling in the Undergraduate Global Business Program at UTD was a no-brainer for me from the beginning. Although at first I did not know what to expect, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I cannot express enough how much I value this program. It has left me as prepared as one can be from graduation for a future which includes many challenges. The Global Business program allowed me to gain true insight into the large variety of industries and professionals that fall under the international business umbrella. In my experience, in addition to all of the great resources that come with the program, the handful of genuine helpful professors are what I found most valuable to my development.

Catlalli Smith

Catlalli Smith

The Undergraduate Global Business Program includes great opportunities to study abroad and network with people from all over the world. It allowed me to experience different cultures, learn a new language, and nurture new friendships while studying in Heidelberg, Germany. As the world becomes more interconnected through globalization, the demand for people with the knowledge and skills taught in this program has only increased. Many of our professors have personal experience working, teaching, and/or studying abroad giving students like myself invaluable knowledge and advice to ensure our success in our future careers.

Fredi Garcia

Fredi Garcia

The Undergraduate Global Business degree has provided an opportunity for me to widen my horizons. It has truly prepared me for a successful career in business. The professors go above and beyond in helping students succeed. The study abroad programs provide an all-new perspective to life for us to explore. All of these have helped me develop my interpersonal, intellectual, and communication skills. I also feel I have grown professionally and personally owing mainly to my overall experience as a Global Business major.

Global Business Track

The Global Business Program strongly recommends that students pursue either a track or a double major in one of the following business programs:

Finance Track

  • FIN 3330 Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 3350 Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
  • FIN 3340 Regulation of Business and Financial Markets
  • FIN 3305 Real Estate Principles

IT Track

Marketing Track

Supply Chain Management Track: develop strategic planning

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track

  • ENTP 3301 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • And choose any 3 courses from the following:

  • ENTP 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • or FIN 3360 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • ENTP 4311 Entrepreneurial Strategy and Business Models
  • ENTP 4320 Small Business Management
  • ENTP 4350 Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • ENTP 4340 Social Entrepreneurship

International Political Economy Track