JSOM Web Services

The goal of the JSOM Web Services Team is to provide an exceptional customer experience through effective web design, content development, and content management that build public understanding and support for the university.

Our focus is improving electronic mass communication, making content easy to find and user friendly while strengthening the JSOM at UT Dallas online identity.

Our Services

Web Design and Development

We design and maintain the JSOM website. Based on the university standards, we are able to help with the design of each page on the website, as well as create additional pages as needed and requested.

Content Management

We help manage the content on all of the website’s pages; whether it be page copy, images, videos, or other media.

Search Engine Optimization

We are responsible for all online search engine marketing efforts. Our SEO efforts include keyword research, link analysis, schematic mark-up, SERP analysis, and much more.


We manage the implementation for Salesforce for the various JSOM departments. Salesforce can assist with events management, email marketing campaigns, reports, capturing and tracking prospect data, and much more.


The web services team is responsible fore executing all outgoing program newsletters.

Meet the Team

Vivek Arora

Vivek Arora

Vivek is the Director of Web Services and Social Media. He graduated from UT Dallas with a Masters in Computer Science and is passionate about planning, designing and developing web & mobile applications inclined towards high quality user experience.

vivek.arora@utdallas.edu   |   972-883-5894   |   JSOM 2.420

James Hough

James Hough

James is Web Services Manager. He earned an MFA in Art from UNLV, along with bachelor’s degrees in Art and English from UNT, and he has worked as a graphic designer, art teacher and artist. Not only does he enjoy the creative work he does for UT Dallas, he also loves reading, making art and playing outside with his family.

james.hough@utdallas.edu   |   972-883-5908   |   JSOM 2.419

Vincent Wang

Vincent Wang

Vincent is a Web Software Developer. He received his MS degree in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2013. He has worked as a Senior Air Man for the Taiwanese Air Force, as well as a Full Stack Web Developer and Business Analyst. In his leisure time, he enjoys participating in code challenges and hackathons, and he loves to travel.

vincent.wang@utdallas.edu   |   972-883-2725   |   JSOM 2.419

Brooke Lace

Brooke Lace

Brooke is the CRM Developer, who specializes in helping JSOM implement and navigate Salesforce processes. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UT Dallas. She is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems and explaining them in a way that is simple and straight-forward.

brooke.lace@utdallas.edu   |   972-883-5805   |   JSOM 2.417