Undergraduate Senior Capstone Project

JSOM student working on her senior capstone project

UG-SCP is a business resolution platform created by the Naveen Jindal School of Management (JSOM) and aims at solving real-life business problems. Companies are invited to share senior/capstone projects for which no in-company resources can be allocated. Each of these projects will be worked on by a team of 3-6 qualified senior undergraduate students in the context of their highly ranked academic programs, under the guidance of a faculty and company advisor. UG-SCP offers well-defined project goals and scope, clear deliverables with milestones and access to all data.

Partnerships between the Jindal School of Management (JSOM) and industry have always been beneficial to both our undergraduate students and companies, particularly, in those in the North Texas area.

JSOM undergraduate students are required to complete a senior capstone project course before graduation. Capstone projects provide opportunities for JSOM students to test their knowledge of what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in an industry setting. The projects take place in an environment in which students can learn how to solve real-world problems that companies face in their daily operations. The projects also enable students and faculty to build stronger relationships with industry professionals.

Typically, students work in small groups during one semester to understand a problem, analyze its requirements, perform a cost analysis and develop a solution to resolve the issue. All companies are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to collaborate with JSOM’s faculty and students, provide projects for classrooms.

Why Companies…?

Are you familiar with having a lot of projects on the shelve that need attention but cannot be allocated to in-company resources? Are you keen on finding an alternative way to get the work done? Would you like to be linked to talented students and future entrepreneurs who can find innovative solutions to your business problems? Look no further, as UG-SCP offers you a platform to share one or more of your senior/capstone projects with JSOM UG-SCP.

Benefits to Companies

  • Reduce or eliminates the use of internal resources
  • Recruit top graduates from a diverse pool of students
  • Increase company visibility in higher education and business community
  • Increase synergy between corporate partners, faculty and researchers who are subject matter experts
  • Access to dedicated faculty and talented students
  • Direct interaction with students and future professionals

How to Engage with UG-SCP?

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Why Students Should Engage in Senior Capstone Projects?

All senior undergraduate students within JSOM are required to do a senior capstone course as part of their academic program and under the guidance of a faculty and company advisor. The course provides students opportunities to work on real-world business problems and develop a suitable solution. Student present the final solution to the company’s senior management at the end of the semester.

Benefits to Students

  • Obtain valuable practical experience and transferable skills
  • Exposure to building new strategies, concepts and solutions
  • Interact with faculty and industry experts
  • Apply academic knowledge in business settings


For general questions about UG-SCP or submitting a project to JSOM, please contact one of our faculty based on your project.

Monica Brussolo, PhD Director
BS in Supply Chain Management Program
Edwin Van Der Vlist Project Manager
UG Senior Capstone Projects