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Davidson Management Honors Program

DMHP students abroad in Sydney, Australia

DMHP students on a study abroad trip in Sydney, Australia

Mission Statement

The Davidson Management Honors Program is committed to graduating well-rounded citizens and community leaders who constantly pursue personal and intellectual growth.

Learning Outcomes

Director’s Message

The Davidson Management Honors Program (DMHP) creates a community of students who enjoy learning deeply, serving meaningfully, developing personally and professionally, and building lasting relationships with others. DMHP provides students an enriched college experience both inside and outside the classroom. Through challenging coursework, community engagement, individual and career development, and opportunities to travel and study abroad, DMHP can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a student’s time in college. DMHP offers students educational, career-building and social experiences that enhance their development throughout their time at The University of Texas at Dallas.

I enjoy working with the faculty, staff and supporters of the Davidson Management Honors Program, and I am inspired by the energy that they put into providing students with unique and enriching experiences. The most rewarding part of my role as the director of the Davidson Management Honors Program is the opportunity to work with students and watch them grow as people and professionals. I always look forward to meeting the new students who join DMHP and seeing all the incredible things that our alumni accomplish.

Matt Polze Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Director, Davidson Management Honors Program
(972)-883-4742 JSOM 4.233
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