Freshman Checklist

Check it out... Have you:

FacebookLiked us on Facebook

TwitterFollowed us on Twitter

InstagramFollowed us on Instagram

Cruised through our website

Decided on a major

Found us, for real

Visited campus

Attended a class

Toured a residence hall

Decided on a roommate

Heard of a roommate agreement

Bought a T-shirt at the bookstore

Dined on campus

Scoped out campus life

Looked at Jindal student organizations

Looked at all student organizations

Decided you want to lead, not follow

Looked into our honors program

Dreamed about study abroad

Decided on the perfect career

Thought about scholarships

Met Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Ridden DART

Rented a ZipCar

Checked out the Freshman Year Experience

Designed your own guide to UT Dallas

Asked questions

Bought discount tickets

Packed your workout clothes

Painted on your game face

Exercised your green thumb

Gone green

Gone greek

High-fived Temoc

Hugged your parents and told them you'll be fine great

Applied to UT Dallas