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As Naveen Jindal School of Management students, you are required to apply your skills and knowledge outside the classroom by completing a social engagement graduation requirement. This social engagement requirement will enhance your education by giving your opportunities to apply classroom knowledge in practical settings. Assisting in community endeavors will enhance your understanding of class materials. Your service also will foster your personal and social skill development and strengthen your bonds to the community.

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Jindal OutREACH is here to help you fulfill the undergraduate social engagement requirement.

Partnering with local nonprofits, we focus on connecting Jindal School undergraduate students to opportunities throughout the Dallas community in order to use their skills and time to REACH OUT AND REACH OTHERS.

Our Goals

  1. To provide service and support to the Dallas community
  2. To enrich Jindal School students’ personal and social skill development
  3. To strengthen the bond between UT Dallas and the Dallas community
  4. To produce graduates who are civic-minded and community oriented

Options for Completing the Requirement

Students have two options to complete this social engagement graduation requirement.

BA 4095

Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach Practicum (0 semester credit hours)

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ENTP 4340

Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach (3 semester credit hours)

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We are excited about this opportunity to serve the Dallas community, and we cannot wait to help you get connected. Questions? Contact us at jindaloutreach@utdallas.edu.

Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach Practicum – BA 4095

Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach Practicum (BA 4095) is a community service based experience in which you commit to 100 hours of community service, served with the organization(s) of your choice, over the course of your undergraduate UT Dallas career. Partnering with VOMO.org, a volunteer mobilization group that pairs volunteers with service projects and allows students to easily track their hours, you will use a convenient app to identify and track community service opportunities. This will allow you to easily fulfill your graduation requirement while giving back to the community and having fun. Opportunities can be served on campus as well as in Dallas and surrounding communities. While internship hours cannot be counted for community service credit, other class projects or campus service opportunities may be eligible for credit. This option provides the most flexibility for students.

How It Works

  • The practicum is a 0-credit-hour course.
  • Enrollment is automatic upon completion of 100 hours of approved community service, tracked through the VOMO app.
  • Chose the areas where you want to focus your service.
  • Complete service hours at your own pace. (All hours must be completed by graduation audit.)
  • Outside opportunities not listed in the VOMO app may be submitted for approval.

Join us now in REACHING OUT, REACHING OTHERS. Connect to your community in a fun and meaningful way.

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We love seeing you having a blast and getting involved. Post your community service photos to social media with hashtag #jindaloutreach, and you might be featured on our website.

Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach – ENTP 4340

If you prefer a more traditional classroom experience, successful completion of Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach (ENTP 4340) will fulfill your social engagement graduation requirement. This 3-credit-hour graded course pairs Jindal School students with nonprofit organizations to solve real-world problems. Working in groups, students will be tasked with a specific issue to solve. Students will have a chance to build their teamwork skills as well as engage with both a faculty mentor and a representative from a nonprofit organization. While the total number of hours committed to the projects are similar, the ENTP 4340 experience is concentrated into a single semester, making it an ideal option for those further along in their college career.

How It Works

  • This course does NOT require use of the VOMO app.
  • A student must be a junior or senior to register for this course.
  • For this 3-credit hour graded course, a passing grade fulfills degree requirement and 3 hours of a 120-credit hour degree plan. (Please see your advisor for more information on hose Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach (ENTP 4340) fits into the degree plan of your major.)

Ready to Enroll in ENTP 4340?

Courses fill up fast! If you are interested in taking Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach (ENTP 4340), contact your advisor ASAP to plan how Social Sector Engagement and Community Outreach (ENTP 4340) will best fit into your degree path.

Contact JSOM Advising

Some of the nonprofits we have partnered with include:

  • Hope’s Door
  • North Texas Food Bank
  • United Way
  • YMCA
  • …. And more!

Have you found an opportunity that is not listed in VOMO and not with a pre-approved partner organization?

You may be able to get credit for your community service hours. Please review our opportunities guidelines below, and click HERE to submit your request

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Social Sector Engagement and Community OutREACH Practicum (BA 4095) Service Project Guidelines

  1. All projects MUST be approved in advance and entered into the VOMO system to receive credit for community service hours worked.
  2. All community service hours must be earned through a nonprofit organization – (some exceptions may be made for certain educational and medical opportunities).
  3. All community service hour work must be unpaid.
  4. Internship hours cannot count as community service hours.
  5. Service at faith-based organizations is allowed if the work is service work (that is clothing drives, food pantries, soup kitchen, school supplies drives, and others). We respectfully ask that students refrain from counting faith-sharing alone as community service hours.
  6. All outside projects must be submitted for approval at least 10 business days prior to the date of the project to guarantee a response. Projects submitted within three to nine business days will be considered but will not be guaranteed a response. Projects submitted fewer than three business days prior to the date of the project will not be considered for approval. This timeline allows adequate time for review, approval or denial, and entry to the VOMO system.
  7. All outside projects should include a proof of offer. Proof of offer must include your name, the organization, and the day and time you are signed up to serve. This can be either:
    • A written offer including a project description and point of contact, written on organization letterhead or sent from a valid organization email, OR
    • A screenshot or email showing days and times you are signed up to work Projects lacking a proof of offer may be delayed or denied due to longer verification times.
  8. All outside projects must include a valid point of contact (name, email, and phone) with whom community service hours can be verified.
  9. Service done in conjunction with UT Dallas Registered Student Organizations or Greek Organizations may be counted towards required community service hours provided the opportunity meets all above requirements.

These guidelines are the property of the Jindal School of Management Undergraduate Office and are subject to change from semester to semester. These guidelines are guaranteed only for SPRING 2019.


Introduction to Jindal OutREACH

Introduction to VOMO

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Submit an Outside Opportunity

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Information Sessions

Want to know more about available volunteer opportunities?

Occasionally Approved Partners want to share information about volunteer opportunities through on-campus Info Sessions. Students who attend these info sessions will receive 1 hour of volunteer credit and will have the opportunity to learn more about our community partners and great volunteer opportunities in the DFW community.

Track hours with Approved Partners easily with our new Hour Verification form!

We want tracking your community engagement hours to be as simple as possible. That’s why we’ve added Approved Partners to our site! These organizations have an established partnership with Jindal OutREACH, and therefore hours served with them do not require pre-approval. To track hours served with these organizations (other than events specifically posted in VOMO), just have your supervisor complete and sign the hour verification form (linked below), then scan it and submit it through the link below, or the “Submit Hours/Opportunities” button on the Welcome banner. All forms must be submitted within 30 days of service. Hours will then be reviewed and added directly to your VOMO Volunteer Resume.

Link to Form Submit Hours

Approved Partners

  • UTD Clubs and Organizations *provided the activity meets Jindal OutREACH Service guidelines as posted on the Jindal OutREACH website*
  • Service Learning hours earned in UTD courses *pending professor approval and provided the activity meets Jindal OutREACH Service guidelines as posted on the Jindal OutREACH website*
  • Are you a non-profit in the DFW Community? We would love to partner with you!

    With more than 120,000 combined hours of service to offer in our first year alone, we are confident that you will find a multitude of bright, talented and dedicated volunteer workers among our Jindal School students.

    We would like for you to become one of our partners by becoming an Organizer on our VOMO Hub. As an Organizer, you will be able to post and edit volunteer opportunities directly to our students, with no cost to join. To request to become an Organizer, please fill out this simple form. Our social engagement coordinator will contact you within five business days with more information.

    Organizer Request