BS BA with Sales Concentration

The Sales Concentration at the UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management offers academic specialization in this exciting field from a nationally recognized university.

Pro sales can be defined as trust-based business practices that focus on effectively developing, managing, and executing a mutually beneficial exchange between parties. Sales professionals are instrumental to the diffusion of innovation and stimulating the economy, therefore, they are measured by their ability to generate revenue and customers for their respected firms.

Our BSBA in Sales degree emphasizes simulated and live sales throughout the program with most major courses ending in competition-style events judged by industry executives and hiring managers. Most students who become sales certified via the University Sales Center Alliance experience multiple offers prior to graduation, higher base and on-target pay packages, and become top performers in their respective jobs after graduation. Read Story

Howard Dover, PhD Clinical Professor, Marketing
Pro Sales Concentration Core Courses: (12 semester credit hours)
Course No Description
MKT 3330 Introduction to Professional Sales
MKT 4331 Digital Prospecting
OBHR 3311 Principles of Management
OBHR 4352 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
Pro Sales Concentration Electives: (12 semester credit hours)
Course No Description
BCOM 4310 Strategic Business Communications
FIN 3305 or REAL 3305 Real Estate Principles
FIN 3330 Personal Financial Planning
HMGT 3301 Introduction to Healthcare Management
MKT 3320 Product and Brand Management
MKT 4332 Advanced Personal Selling
MKT 4333 Retailing and Distribution
OBHR 4310 Business Ethics
MKT 4V90 Marketing Internship*

*A three credit hour internship may be used for ONE Sales elective. All internships must be approved by the program