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BS BA with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA-IE) prepares students to create new ventures or pursue successful careers in innovation-related roles with larger companies. This concentration provides an in-depth overview of the entrepreneurial process with 12 credit hours of core courses. An extensive list of electives allows students to tailor the concentration to their specific areas of interest. Electives span across degree programs and include courses such as startup launch, innovation and creativity, social entrepreneurship, international marketing, professional selling, digital and internet marketing, or an internship with a startup or larger company. With advance permission, up to two upper-level courses from any JSOM major may be included to help meet the 12 credit hours of electives that are required.

Graduates of the BSBA-IE program typically launch their own companies or pursue innovative positions with established firms.

Key Features

  • Ranked No. 23 in Princeton Review's Top Schools for Entrepreneurship in 2019
  • Exceptional faculty with significant real world professional experience, including as company founders, CEO’s, CTO’s and investment professionals
  • Startup launch courses enable students to validate their business concept and launch their company while receiving mentoring and academic course credit. Students with scalable business concepts can apply for seed funding of up to $5K to support their launch
  • Internships with startups or larger companies; Projects with new ventures and established companies
  • Interaction with entrepreneurs and venture finance professionals
  • Outstanding student programs


This is one example of course sequence for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship concentration. Courses may be taken in any order, as long as prerequisites are met.

Sample Course Progression
Sophomore Junior Senior
ENTP 3301
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
ENTP 3360
Entrepreneurial Finance
ENTP 3320
Startup Launch
ENTP 4311
Entrepreneurial Strategy
ENTP 4330
Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTP 4320
Small Business Management
ENTP 4350
Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENTP 4340
Social Entrepreneurship
ENTP 4360
Innovation and Creativity
ENTP 4v90
ENTP 4v90

For more information about Academic Degree Plans, Course Catalogs and Course Information please visit the UT Dallas JSOM Undergraduate Catalog.

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In addition to the exceptional classroom experience, we offer students multiple opportunities to meet, learn from, and network with leading industry professionals, including entrepreneurs, investment professionals and executives from larger companies. Students are encouraged to compete in the annual UT Dallas Business Idea Competition in the fall and the Quick Pitch Competition in the spring, participate in the Entrepreneurship Club events and Distinguished Speaker Series, work as interns in startup companies through the UT Dallas Venture Development Center (the UT Dallas incubator), and get involved in the community outreach programs of the award-winning UT Dallas Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Enroll today, and “innovate your future”!

Bob Wright, JD, MBA Director, Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Degree Program

Funding for Undergraduate Students (SLF-U)

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate students enrolled in a UT Dallas degree program who have a scalable business concept AND who are enrolled in an undergraduate startup launch course (ENTP 3320 or ENTP 3321). Applications will only be accepted from UTD Undergraduate students enrolled in the ENTP 3320/3321 courses.
  • UTD Undergraduate students meeting the eligibility criterion above, can apply to receive up to $5K of seed funding to help offset the costs of concept validation and launch, including development of prototypes, beta testing, and explanatory videos. If funding is approved, funding will only be provided as actual costs are incurred during the startup launch courses.
  • Preference will be given to scalable business concepts and students without scalable concepts will not receive funding.
  • Applications for SLF-U funding will be submitted to the ENTP 3320/3321 course instructor for the section you are enrolled in. The course instructor will review the applications and make recommendations to the Startup Launch Review Committee for approval (comprised of several innovation and entrepreneurship faculty members).
  • Any funding approvals would be at the sole discretion of the Startup Launch Review Committee based on the availability of funding as approved by the Dean of the Naveen Jindal School of Management each year and the potential of the business concept.
  • Application process guidelines will be provided as part of the startup launch courses, but will include: i) a description of the business concept, ii) a discussion of the projected scalability of the concept and projected revenue ramp, iii) a summary of any concept or customer validation that has already occurred, and iv) a discussion of the specific milestones that are expected to require funding.
  • Reference the ENTP 3320/3321 syllabuses for additional information or contact:
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Computer Science students interested in launching a software-based startup company can elect to pursue the CS Software Launch Track (C-SLT). Students electing to be in the C-SLT need to meet with a CS academic advisor and with a member of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Faculty to discuss their concept and interest. Following these discussions, the student should send an email to their CS academic advisor with a copy to the CS Department Head, the ENTP faulty member they met with, and the I&E Academic Director to express their interest in the C-SLT.

Upon request, students in the track will be granted a waiver to count 6 credit hours of ENTP courses towards their undergraduate computer science degree. An additional 3 credit hours of ENTP courses will need to be taken as a free elective within the CS degree program.

Students in the track will enroll in the following courses

  • ENTP 3301 Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Required (4th, 5th or 6th semester)
  • ENTP 3320 Startup Launch I - Required (6th or 7th semester)
  • ENTP 3321 Startup Launch II – Required (7th or in the 8th semester)
  • CS 4485 Computer Science Project – Required (7th or 8th semester)

The startup launch courses provide faculty mentoring and external mentoring to help students develop and launch their business concepts. Students enrolled in SL I or II (ENTP 3320 or ENTP 3321) that have a scalable business concept can also apply for up to $5K in funding to support their development. UTD does not take ownership for this funding. Instructions on how to apply for C-SLT funding will be provided in the startup launch courses.

In addition to completing ENTP 3301 and ENTP 3320 and 3321, students in the Software Launch Track will also be required to participate in:

The robust startup launch courses and Blackstone LaunchPad initiatives provide an exceptional opportunity for student entrepreneurs to validate their business concepts and launch their businesses. In addition to the funding that can be applied to through the startup launch course sequence, students can also apply for additional funding as they move forward, including funding from Blackstone LaunchPad or the UT Dallas Seed Fund.

The UT Dallas CS Department will cover one year’s worth of rent at the VDC facility or provide space at the Blackstone LaunchPad facility for the startup company/students who successfully complete the CS Software Launch Track.

Students are not required to, but may wish to take other ENTP courses as free electives or consider pursuing a minor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Information on ENTP Minor List of ENTP courses

Any UT Dallas undergraduate student may earn a minor degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, regardless of the degree that student is pursuing. A minor requires 18 hours of coursework as follows:

General business (both courses):

Innovation and Entrepreneurship core (select three courses from the following):

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Electives (select one of the following):

  • Any ENTP core course (above) not taken
  • ENTP 3320/ENTP 3321 Startup Launch I/II
  • ENTP Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENTP Innovation and Creativity
  • ENTP 4V90 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Internship
Monica Raofpur

Monica Raofpur

BS Marketing
Cloud CRM Sales Consultant at Oracle
Placed in top 10 of the 2012-2013 National Collegiate Sale Open

“The entrepreneurship courses I took helped me understand how businesses operate and what it takes to create and deliver a winning business presentation.”

Eric Sutter

Eric Sutter

BSBA With I&E Concentration
Founder and President, EMS Barcode Solutions

“The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration was extremely helpful in providing the background I needed to launch my own business after graduation. Advice from faculty was also terrific. My company launched in 2011 and is doing very well.”

Mindy Tiu

Mindy Tiu

BS in Marketing and BS in Business Administration with I&E Concentration
Commercial Leadership Program, General Electric Company
Team member on the 2012 BIC winning YouPark Team

“The I&E courses have been extremely valuable for me. I’m learning skill sets that will help me whether I work for a large company or decide to start my own business someday.”

Tina Dimitrova

Tina Dimitrova

Honors Student, University of Texas at Dallas

“The UTD Seed Fund Course has given me the opportunity to gain real world experience in the venture capital space. As an undergraduate, there are not many opportunities available that give you this amount of responsibility and potential for impact. It's great for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, finance, or investing.”

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