JSOM Research Scholarships

What types of scholarships are available?

  1. JSOM Research Scholarship
  2. JSOM Research Travel Scholarship


  • Fall – November 15
  • Spring – April 15

Minimum Criteria for Eligibility:

  • Minimum cumulative GPA: 3.0 Undergraduate; 3.4 Graduate
  • Must be a JSOM student (PhD students are not eligible)
  • These scholarships do not carry a tuition waiver.

JSOM Research Scholarship:

  • One-time award up to $1,000 for graduate students / One-time award up to $500 for undergraduate students
  • Fall and Spring
  • Students will receive research project approval by faculty member. Visit Approval Process page for more information.
  • Research committee will approve project or provide feedback for improvement.
  • After research project is 90% completed, the student will submit research in an online form for scholarship consideration and upload:
    • Research Abstract
    • Research Outline
    • Research Paper (in its 90% completion stage)
    • PowerPoint (optional)
    • Email from Faculty Advisor indicating the work is 90% complete and is being completed satisfactorily
    • This research is expected to meet the standards of approved journals.

Research Scholarship Evaluation Criteria:

Research scholarship applications are reviewed by a faculty committee and awards are based on the criteria listed below.
  • Authors – Individual or Group
  • Type of Paper – Literature Review Paper or Research Hypothesis Paper
  • Completeness – Sections Included:
    • Introduction
    • Abstract
    • Research Hypothesis/Literature Review
    • Objectives & Methods
    • Results
    • Conclusion
    • Future Research
    • References
  • Citations – APA or MLA
  • Grammar/Style – Sentence Structure/Formatting
  • Turnitin Score (Minimum Acceptable Score: 80% – Less than 20% similarity)

JSOM Research Travel Scholarship:

  • Up to $1,000 Award for Domestic Travel and Conference Registration/Up to $1,500 for International Travel and Conference Registration
  • Fall and Spring
  • JSOM students are eligible to apply if they have produced a class paper that has been accepted for presentation at an approved conference. All authors must be listed on the submitted group paper. Students who have been a recipient of the JSOM research scholarship can also apply for this scholarship if their paper has been accepted for a conference presentation.
  • Once your paper has been accepted to a conference, the student will submit research in an online form for travel scholarship consideration and upload:
    • Completed Individual or Group Research Paper
    • PowerPoint that will be used to present research at conference
    • Email from Faculty Advisor indicating the work was completed satisfactorily
    • Travel Documentation (plane ticket and conference registration proof)

Travel Scholarship Evaluation Criteria:

  • Research Paper has been evaluated/approved by JSOM Student Research Committee
  • Research Paper has been accepted at a conference
  • If awarded, recipient will submit proof of receipts after conference presentation for reimbursement


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