Approval Process

How do I obtain approval for my research project?

  1. Identify research topic and create a short outline
  2. Identify JSOM faculty member who will serve as your research advisor
    • Once you find a faculty advisor to mentor you, ask them to e-mail you confirmation of support.
  3. After you have confirmed your research advisor, complete online form and upload:
    • Research Abstract
    • Research Outline
    • Email from Faculty Advisor confirming support
  4. Research committee will review proposal and either approve or provide feedback for improvement.
    • If proposal is approved, you may proceed in completing your research.
    • If proposal is not approved, work with faculty to improve your proposal based on recommendations and resubmit for consideration.
  5. Once research project is 90% completed, send it to your faculty advisor. They will endorse the research paper if the work was completed satisfactorily and ask them to e-mail you confirmation. The student will submit the email confirmation and research paper to the research committee for scholarship consideration.


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