mis lab, management information systems lab
Know how to Excel? Do you want to excel in MS Excel and know all Excel functions?

The MIS lab is open to all undergraduate and graduate students in JSOM. The lab assistants are prepared to answer questions related to the usage of Excel in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, International Business, Marketing & Supply Chain Management. Lab assistants can also answer programming questions related to Java, Python, and SQL. MIS lab also offers help to train students on Microsoft Excel 2010/13 Expert Certification by providing tutorials and sample problems aimed to improve their Excel skills.

Due to the recent changes to our University schedule and operations for the remainder of the spring semester, the MIS lab will continue to provide services via WebEx as per the lab hours.
You can connect the WebEx meeting link here:
Password: mislab
You can also join by phone using the below numbers:
+1-855-797-9485 US Toll free
+1-415-655-0002 US Toll
Meeting number: 284 779 884

Lab hours: Monday – Friday : 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Lab Assistants: Ishan Sharma and Shreyas Churi

Microsoft Excel 2010/13 Expert Certification

  • Interested in becoming a Microsoft-certified expert in Excel? The Excel Lab can help by answering your Excel-related questions.
  • You can take the certification exam in the UT Dallas Testing Center. The Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification exam vouchers are available on the Certiport website. Please see the Instructions section for detailed information.

It is time to define your skills and design your future.

Step-By-Step MS Excel 2010/2013 Certification Test Instructions

Interested students may now buy the Excel certification voucher

Following is the step-by-step process to take the Excel certification test:
Step 1: Register/Login on the Certiport website.
Step 2: Purchase the appropriate voucher on the Certiport link. One trial voucher costs $100, and two trial vouchers cost $120.
Step 3: Register to take the test at the UT Dallas Testing Center at least five business days in advance of the date on which you plan to take the test. You may fill in the application form at any time. Please note that the testing center closes on certain days (public holidays, other planned campus event days). The testing center is open on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is closed on Sunday.
Step 4: Arrive at the scheduled time.
Step 5: Log on to Certiport with your registered credentials and input the voucher number.
Step 6: You can now take the test and become an Excel-certified specialist.

Also, please take a note of the following points provided by testing center personnel:

  1. The certification is specifically for MS Excel 2010/2013.
  2. After registering for the test, you will get a code — a voucher number that you will need to input in order to take the test. Write down the voucher number and be sure to bring it with you to the test.
  3. The test can be taken only during testing center hours. Please visit the testing center website for hours.
  4. Upon arrival at the testing center, all candidates must present a valid UTD ID in order to take the test.

Candidates need to make themselves familiar with testing-center policies and rules before taking the test. The policies and rules are posted on the testing center website.

Candidates also need to be aware of the exam policies posted on the Certiport website.

If you have more questions, contact us. We are here to help you with your Excel-related queries.

Click on the question to view the answer.

Please visit Certiport, to register for MOS exam.

Students can now take the certification exam in the UT Dallas Testing Center, located in the basement of the McDermott Library, MC 1.304, during testing center hours.

You can take MS Excel 2010 (Exam 77-882) and 2013 (Exam 77-420) specialist and MS Excel 2010 (Exam 77-888) and 2013 (Exam 77-427 and Exam 77-428) expert certifications.

Students prepare for the exam at their own pace and on their own time. The Jindal School of Management has opened an Excel Lab in room 2.711 on second floor that provides assistants to answer Excel-related questions. Students also can register on MyITLab.com, an initiative by Pearson Education Inc. to teach Excel to its members by providing online training material and mock tests. Moreover, students can buy practice material and practice tests on Certiport.com.

It is not mandatory, but it is suggested students take and pass the exam. Being proficient and holding a certification in Excel enhances career prospects in many fields.

Please visit Certiport, to buy the necessary MS Office Specialist certification voucher.

Regardless of which certification test you take, the voucher for one test costs $96, and vouchers for two, (an initial exam and a re-test) cost $115. For MS Excel 2013 expert certification exams (Part I and II), the candidate will need to buy two such vouchers; buying one re-take voucher will not qualify you to take both the parts of the exam. Please also note that re-take voucher will be sent to you by Certiport within 24 hours of your initial failed exam.

Yes, typically, an MOS voucher is good for one year.

All vouchers must be used prior to their expiration dates, without exception. No refunds are given or extensions granted.

Retake vouchers must be used within 30 days of the initial failed exam. Please note that retake vouchers can be used only to retake the same exam. There is no waiting period for retaking the failed MOS exam, but you must register again. Send the completed registration form to at Dhatrish Rajdev. You may fill the application form at any time.

No, Microsoft does not offer refunds for exams you fail or exam appointments you miss.

You will receive notification of your pass or fail status within a few minutes of completing your exam. In addition, you will receive a printed report that provides your exam score and feedback on your performance on the skill areas measured.

A typical exam takes up to 90 minutes.

Yes, Microsoft certification exams are available in variety of languages. However, candidates who must take the exam in English rather than their native language can request an additional 30 minutes. To request the additional 30 minutes, you need to register by phone rather than online. You must request this additional time when you register for the exam and make this arrangement before appearing at the testing center.

Monday – Friday : 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.