Steps After Admission

Graduate Students

Please review/complete all the steps outlined in Part 1, 2, and 3 below to get started with your program. We also encourage you to attend our JSOM orientation a few days before classes begin.

Save the date:
Fall 2012 Graduate JSOM Orientation: An email with the details will bee sent to you.

  • Please read your acceptance letter, know your UT Dallas ID and keep it safe. This is a 10-digit number beginning with 20 located at the bottom of your admission letter. To protect your identity from theft, UT Dallas uses your UT Dallas ID instead of your Social Security number.
  • Set up your Net ID and password to log into UT Dallas email system, applications and campus computers. To set up your Net ID and password, go to Click on Setup a new UT Dallas computer account, and follow the instructions. If you need help? Contact the UT Dallas Help Desk (live web chat available) at Phone: (972) 883-2911 or Email
  • Accept your admission offer. There is no deadline, but you should do this at least one month before classes begin. (When do classes begin? See the Academic Calendar.)
  • Go to the Galaxy home page and log in, using your Net ID and password. Then click on Orion Student Center, located under the Orion Self-Service link.
  • At the bottom of the Student Center page (in the admissions section), click on the Accept or Decline link and confirm your acceptance. If you have been offered admission to more than one application, you will need to follow these steps for each offer. Please note: it may take up to two days for you to gain access to many items listed below.
  • Begin using your UT Dallas email account (it is called Zmail). You must use your UT Dallas email account to communicate with UT Dallas employees, faculty and particularly with academic advisors.
  • Log into Galaxy. Click on Zmail Login. If you need help, contact the UT Dallas Help Desk (live web chat available) or call (972) 883-2911 or Email
  • Go to this page for help with financial aid, on-campus housing, student orientation, parking permits, and more.
  • Submit any missing application documents. To find out if you have missing items, log into Galaxy and click on Orion Student Center. On the right side of the page, look for items under Holds and To Do List. Click on the items to learn more.
  • Before you register in courses for the first time, you must visit an academic advisor. You can visit the advising office at your convenience.
  • You can also schedule an appointment with your advisor (see table below). After communicating with an academic advisor, you can register for courses.

If your last name begins with…

Your advisor is…

A through C Jana Leeper: Email
D through Hs Daniel Goines:Email
Ht through Lia Lynn Hankins: Email
Lib through Pa Michelle Swensen: Email
Pb through S Lori Skillestad: Email
T through X Kelly Botel: Email
Y through Z Anne Barnes: Email
  • Waiver and transfer requests must be submitted your first semester.
  • Each semester the Academic Calendar will outline important dates, deadlines and payment/refund schedules.
  • The course schedule (listing courses available) will typically be posted a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of registration. You can view the course schedule through Galaxy or through CourseBook.
  • Enrollment appointments are posted in Galaxy and will indicate the day and time you can begin registration for Spring and Fall. (Summer semesters have open enrollment – all students can begin registration on the same day as indicated the Academic Calendar.)
  • You must monitor your HOLDS in Galaxy to avoid delays in registration. (Any missing supporting documents on your TO DO LIST will become HOLDS.)
  • As a graduate student you must maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in your degree core and overall.
  • To make sure you are on track, you may request periodic degree audits from your primary advisor. (There may be a delay in audits during the heavy registration months: January, April, August, and December.)
  • If you repeat a course, you must submit a Repeated Course Adjustment form to the Registrar’s office. Please note that only 3 graduate courses may be repeated.
  • At the very beginning of your last semester, you must apply for graduation by the deadline listed on the Academic Calendar.