Nidhi Gotgi's Internship at Ally Financial Inc. - Summer 2019

July 31, 2019


Business Analytics


Ally Financial Inc.

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My Summer Internship Experience at Ally Financial

Ally is a leading financial services company that offers online banking, auto finance, home loan, wealth management/investment, and corporate finance services to customers. The auto finance arm serves 18,000 dealers and more than 4 million customers in the U.S. Comprehensive customer and dealership options are offered at Ally auto finance like personal and business financing and leases, specialty vehicles financing, dealer loans, and wholesale inventory financing. With nearly 100 years of experience in the auto industry, Ally’s dealers come to the playing field with a wealth of knowledge and have a support system backing them to help them provide customers with the best actionable insights. Part of this support system comes from Ally’s robust analytics team.

I had the privilege of interning with the Consumer Asset Management Analytics team at Ally, focusing specifically on Customer Interaction Strategy. This experience was a valuable look into what sorts of data insights drive the strategies of the different lines of business at Ally Auto. The CAM Analytics team supported various customer-facing groups at Ally Auto, and I was able to understand the symbiotic relationship between the front and back ends of the business. It was a great learning experience and I was able to apply the concepts I learned in the MSBA program at UTD directly to the work I did during this internship. My project was related to bill payments and the different channels through which they can be made in the auto industry as well as Ally. I felt challenged and learned a great deal from my coworkers’ experiences in the industry to help navigate this task. This internship taught me about data management, extraction, manipulation, and visualization and I owe it all to having great mentors at the company.

In the 2.5 months that I was at Ally, I was able to build a network of extremely knowledgeable individuals who were open to sharing their professional experiences with me. I was also exposed to other areas of Ally Auto such as Collections, Remarketing, Fraud, and Underwriting through my interactions with the intern class. I am very grateful to have spent the summer building my skill set with such qualified and supportive individuals and can confidently say everyone at Ally exhibits the company’s core values of LEAD: look externally, execute with excellence, act with professionalism, and deliver results.


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