Marketing Staffer Earns Campus CARE Award

Malissa Cloer
Malissa Cloer

In the 3½ years that Malissa Cloer has served as administrative assistant in the Marketing Area’s undergraduate office, she has proved to be innovative, responsive to student needs and generally just great to work with. Julie Haworth, director of the Naveen Jindal School of Management undergraduate program in marketing, says Cloer has set up “amazing systems in my office,” which touch everything from organizing coursework in online platforms to having key information about degree requirements ready for students, to setting up an effective — and utilized — recycling center in her office.

Haworth nominated Cloer for the Spring 2014 CARE award, given to The University of Texas at Dallas staff deserving of special recognition by virtue of having “demonstrated superior performance, offered outstanding customer service or performed acts which have enhanced the image of the University.” Cloer was one of six staffers campuswide to earn the honor.

“I treat students the way I would want my own kids to be treated,” says Cloer, who has one child in college and one who is a recent graduate. “I love the students, I love the faculty. I love everyone!”

Haworth notes that Cloer’s contributions, iIn addition to traditional administrative duties, include the American Marketing Association student club: “She provides real stability for this organization, which is needed, given the fact that student leaders are always changing….(and) for several years now, helped facilitate our AMA blood drive booth. She has helped set up the booth and manned it,” Haworth says.

Cloer’s dedication was honored with a promotion, which goes into effect September 1, when she will be the academic support coordinator. She also has helped manage the Marketing Area’s move to the new JSOM building addition, where it will occupy the third floor.