Dorian Boncoeur

Dorian Boncoeur
International Management Studies
M.A., Jacobs University Bremen, 2012
Maîtrise, Victor Ségalen University of Bordeaux, 2010
B.A., University of Mauritius, 2009
Research Interest
Sleep & well-being
Counterproductive work behaviors
Workplace diversity
Research Papers
Peer-reviewed articles

Richard, O. C., Avery, D., Luksyte, A., Boncoeur, O. D., & Spitzmüller, C. (2019). Improving organizational newcomers’ creative job performance through creative process engagement: The moderating role of synergy diversity climate. Personnel Psychology, 72(3), 421-444. DOI: 10.1111/peps.12316.

Richard, O.C.*, Boncoeur, O. D.*, Chen, H. & Ford, D. Jr. (In press). Supervisor abuse effects on subordinate turnover intentions and deviant behavior: The role of power distance orientation and perceived HR climate. Journal of Business Ethics. DOI: 0.1007/s10551-018-4019-7.

*Both authors contributed equally to this work

Book chapters

Blake-Beard, S., Halem, J., Archibold, E., Burton, A., & Boncoeur, O. D. (2017) Mentoring relationships of professional Indian women: Extending the borders of our understanding at the intersection of gender and culture. In Stacy Blake-Beard & Audrey Murrell (Eds.) Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Changing People, Processes and Paradigms. New York, NY: Routledge.


Chen, H., Richard, O. C., Boncoeur, O. D., & Ford, D. Jr. Work engagement, emotional exhaustion, and counterproductive work behavior (Revise and resubmit at the Journal of Business Research).

Takeuchi, R., Guo, N., Boncoeur, O. D., Yang, C. To Be Or Not To Be (Sleep Deprived): Classifying Growth Patterns Of Insomnia Over Time (Under review at the Academy of Management Journal).

Skaggs, S., Richard, O. C., Andrevski, G., Boncoeur, O. D. Temporal and Spatial Contingencies of The Managerial Racial and Gender Diversity to Firm Performance Relationship: Evidence from the U.S. Automobile Industry (Under review at ILR Review).

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