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PhD Student Testimonials

Our PhD programs attract students from academically rich and diverse backgrounds. Here is an opportunity to find out what students and alums have to say about their higher education at JSOM, their unique experience and how our school has prepared them for the next stage of their careers.

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PhD Alumnus Perspective

Jess Cornaggia ‘09

Assistant Professor of Finance
McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

The PhD program prepared me for a successful career in academia. I had ample resources to conduct high quality research and, most importantly, I had helpful mentors who really invested in me and taught me the nuances of the profession.

PhD Student Perspective

Koren Jo

Management Science-Accounting

The Accounting faculty are genuinely invested in their students. Though the course work is rigorous, their open door policy leads to an interactive environment that also results in strong research development. The comradery amongst the students is very strong, and these are the type of relationships you want to keep for years to come.

PhD Alumnus Perspective

Steve Sauerwald ‘14

Assistant Professor of Management
College of Business, University of Illinois at Chicago

In addition to providing outstanding doctoral training, the faculty helped me to identify high impact research areas and provided incredible mentorship to bring those projects to fruition. I also benefited from a great cohort of supportive and bright PhD students who made the journey even more rewarding.

PhD Alumnus Perspective

Zhengrui Jiang ‘05

Thome Professorship in Business
Associate Professor of Information Systems
College of Business, Iowa State University

The faculty at the Jindal School of Management is world-renowned for their high research productivity. What is less known is that the training PhD students receive here is also top-notch. Despite their busy schedules, PhD student mentoring is always a priority for the professors. I feel very fortunate that I finished my PhD in Management Science at the Jindal School of Management.

PhD Alumnus Perspective

Qi Annabelle Feng ‘06

Professor in Operations Management
Krannert School of Management, Purdue University
John and Donna Krenicki Chair

During my time in the PhD program, I had the opportunity to interact with and learn from many extremely brilliant and well-respected professors. After graduating from the program, I realized that the benefit I obtained from was not just about writing several high-quality papers with them. They made me understand it is important to go deep and be broad, and they showed me a true scholar is a life-long learner who is always modest and curious.

PhD Alumnus Perspective

Hasan Cavusoglu ‘03

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia

Beyond their remarkable intellect, the faculty members at the Jindal School of Management impressed me with their passion for excellence in research, dedication to superb doctoral education and endless patience toward PhD students during my time in the program. They are truly a source of inspiration. I consider myself privileged to be trained by incredible professors who showed us how to achieve rigor and relevance in research.

PhD Alumnus Perspective

Subodha Kumar ‘01

Carol and G. David Van Houten, Jr. ’71 Professorship
Associate Professor
Mays Business School, Texas A&M University

The PhD program at the Jindal School of Management prepared me for a successful career in academia. During my doctoral studies, I was fortunate to interact with brilliant professors from different disciplines. They helped me understand how to conduct high-impact research, and mentored me on how to effectively teach. I feel very privileged to have earned my PhD at the Jindal School of Management.