Study Abroad Programs

The JSOM Study Abroad Office enriches students’ educational experience by leading, facilitating, and organizing programs that give direct exposure to business in global context. Students are presented with opportunities to enhance their global awareness by visiting various international countries, international businesses and government entities through work and study abroad opportunities.

JSOM has conducted more than 35 faculty led international study trips in 16 countries for the past 15 years. These trips help students develop awareness and realize the importance and benefits of a global perspective by participating in cultural activities, seminars delivered by international corporations and visiting universities. JSOM is committed to providing leadership, collaborating with international organizations, exchanging ideas and establishing a network for mutual learning.

Study Abroad Program

Exchange Programs

Study Abroad Program

Faculty Led Programs

Study Abroad Program

International Internships

The JSOM Study Abroad Office is committed to promoting and facilitating study abroad programs to all JSOM students. The office is responsible for informing students about the upcoming scheduled study abroad trips, international exchange and study abroad programs, including but not limited to internship and customized programs.

The appropriate staff and faculty members will also communicate with students about important deadlines related to study abroad programs and application for scholarship. While the basic objective of the program is to help students being exposed to international cultures and understanding of various international business environments, students will also be able to enrich their international language skills and professional careers by visiting various renowned universities, international institutions, business corporations and governments agencies.

Please visit the UT Dallas Education Abroad for more information.

Marilyn Kaplan, PhD Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Application (two parts):

1) Apply Online through UT Dallas Education Abroad
2) Apply Online through JSOM

  • Exchange
  • International Internship
  • JGE (Jindal Global Experience) Course
  • Third Party Programs
  • Special UTD Programs: PPA Program in Marburg, DMHP trip to Prague and Budapest


Yes – they need to either have one semester-long exchange program, one international internship, or two JGE courses.

Yes! International internships are encouraged!

  • The ideal time to study abroad is Sophomore/Junior year. NO student (Undergraduate or Graduate) can participate in an exchange program or Third Party Program during their last two semesters at UTD.
  • Students can participate in JGE Courses and International Internships during their last two semesters, but it is not recommended.

  • Exchange – All students must have 3.0 minimum GPA.
  • International Internship, Third Party – Students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • JGE Courses – Undergraduate students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA. There is not a minimum GPA requirement for graduate students.

  • JGE Courses – There are no minimum UTD credit hours to participate in a JGE Course.
  • Exchange, Third Party, International Internship:
    • Undergrad students must have a minimum 30 UTD credit hours
    • Graduate students must have a minimum 9 UTD credit hours
    • Freshman/Sophomore transfer students must have a minimum 30 UTD credit hours
    • Junior/Senior transfer students must have a minimum 15 UTD credit hours

Look for an email from and the Education Abroad office. Once you complete the online application, you must also turn in a JSOM Approval Form and a copy of your degree plan to the JSOM Study Abroad Team (11.105C) before your application is complete.

Just like any other student, fast-track students cannot study abroad their last two semesters of their undergraduate careers. If students are going to fast track, they should consider doing an international internship or JGE Course.

  • In this case, the student should consider doing two separate JGE courses.
  • If they have time, they could also consider doing an international internship.

  • Yes! JSOM students have two ways to apply for study abroad scholarships at UTD: The International Education Fund Scholarship (IEFS) and the JSOM Travel Scholarship. However, in order to be eligible for the JSOM Travel Scholarship, the student must first have applied for the IEFS.
    • JSOM Travel Scholarship – $200 a week for Exchange/Third Party/International Internships; $500 for a JGE

  • McDermott & Terry Scholarships fully fund international internships.
  • National Merit Scholars get $6,000 grant for international travel.
  • Students receiving a Pell Grant are eligible for $5000 Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship.
  • The Davidson Management Honors Program has funding available for their students.

  • As long as the student still meeting the GPA requirements and enrolled in the required amount of hours, his/her scholarships such as AES will still apply.

March 15 Summer JGE, Summer Internship, Fall JGE, Fall Exchange
April 15 Summer Semester IEFS & JSOM Scholarship
July 15 Fall Semester IEFS & JSOM Scholarship
August 15 Spring Exchange
October 15 Spring JGE
November 15 Spring Semester IEFS & JSOM Scholarship

Email the JSOM Study Abroad Team at or come by our office at JSOM 11.105C.

In an exchange program, a UT Dallas student, paying UT Dallas fall or spring tuition, switches spots with a student at a foreign university. Exchange programs give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a culture different from their own and earn business course credit at the same time. For more information on the exchange programs that UT Dallas has to offer, please visit Education Abroad.

UT Dallas exchange programs are subject to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) guidelines.


Fall: February 15
Spring: July 15

Application (two parts):

1) Apply Online through UT Dallas Education Abroad
2) Apply Online through JSOM

An exchange program is an option for a semester-long study abroad experience either in the fall or the spring semester. The semester exchange program is a great option because it gives students a chance to have an immersive experience in another culture. Also, students are technically still UTD students; that is, they pay tuition to UTD, take courses which will transfer back for UTD credit, and their scholarships still count that semester, even though they’re attending school at another institution.

Before students leave for a semester exchange, they are required to fill out a Course Pre-Approval Form and have it signed by their Associate Dean. Students should be aware that the further they are into their degree plan, there will be fewer options available to choose from at that university. Students should also be aware that pre-approval does not guarantee enrollment.

We recommend that students begin thinking about your exchange program a year in advance, and actually apply for a program six months in advance. See our application deadlines for more detailed information.

  • Most foreign business schools do not offer a wide variety of sections for each course, and most likely, only one section of every course will be offered in English.
  • Flexibility is key. The earlier you are in your career at UTD, the more options you will have in your degree plan. And the more options you have in your degree plan, the more options you will have when selecting courses.
  • If you are on the Academic Excellence Scholarship, you need to enroll in the full 15 hours to continue receiving this scholarship.

It depends. If you plan ahead and participate in an exchange program early in your career, you should have no trouble graduating on time. However, because every student comes in with different credits and has a unique degree plan, you should schedule an appointment with the JSOM Study Abroad Team to walk through your degree plan.

  • ECON 2301 & 2302
  • MKT 3300
  • OBHR 3310
  • IMS 3310
  • Accounting and upper-level Finance electives are difficult to find at foreign institutions

It depends. UTD has a good number of exchange agreements with business schools around the world, and these universities reserve a certain number of spots specifically for JSOM students. UTD also has some general exchange agreements, which are open to students from all disciplines across UT Dallas. While JSOM students are welcome to apply for a UTD exchange programs at a non-business school, they should be aware that these programs are competitive because UTD students from all disciplines are applying for spots. Also, available business courses are not guaranteed at these universities. For a detailed list of which schools are available to JSOM students and which are available to all UTD students, please contact the JSOM Study Abroad Team at

No. Summer Programs are NOT exchange programs. Instead, students should treat this as a third-party program, even if they are studying at one of our partner institutions. They should still be able to receive academic credit if they take courses from an accredited institution.

No. While knowing the native language of the country you will be visiting would be useful, it is not necessary. Our exchange partner institutions offer courses in English, and most offer free language courses for their exchange students as well.

Most institutions base 75% of the student’s final grade on the final exam.

It depends on which institution you choose! Some offer on-campus options and others do not.

  • When a student participates in an exchange program at a foreign institution, he/she is still classified as a UTD student. The student will still pay UTD tuition and are eligible for UTD scholarships.
  • Students receiving a Pell Grant are eligible for $5000 Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship.
  • Other costs might include airfare, visa fees, and general living expenses.

Since internships are required for all JSOM students, why not take your internship abroad? International internships are a great way to get hands-on experience in the field you are interested in while immersing yourself in a international culture. For more information, please contact

Application (two parts):

1) Apply Online through UT Dallas Education Abroad
2) Apply Online through JSOM

This option is particularly attractive to global business students who need to complete a study abroad requirement and an internship. There are a number of ways that our students secure international internships. Students who have dual-citizenship in another country often go to that country for the summer and work for a relative or friend. We also have university-wide internship opportunities every summer to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Dublin, Ireland. Other students who are currently working for a multinational company ask that company if they would accept any interns in their offices overseas. Finally, there are a number of third party programs who specialize in placing interns around the world, such as For a more detailed list of these third party placement companies, contact the JSOM Study Abroad Team at

YES! For international internships, students must not only apply through the company, but they also must fill out an application through the Education Abroad website AND they must report the internship through the UTD Career Center.

There is a requirement that the student goes through the Education Abroad Office if their internship is international. An advisor or department should not enroll a student directly in an internship course if it is an international internship. Instead, students should be directed to the Education Abroad office. Then, the students should complete, and get signatures on, their internship form in order to be enrolled in the internship.

If a student does not specify that it is an international internship, they would not get the benefits and safety net of going with the University’s support – enrollment in International SOS, health insurance, repatriation & evacuation insurance, emergency assistance, etc. For all of those reasons, University policy states that all students who are doing an education abroad program, including international internships, should report these programs as international by reporting it to the Education Abroad office.

It depends. The student should do their due diligence and decide if there is an expectation of language proficiency before they accept the internship.

It depends. International Internships are largely unpaid if the intern does not have citizenship in that country. However, there are some third party placement organizations, such as AIESEC, that place students in paid positions.

These trips with embedded international experiences will help students develop awareness and realize the importance and benefits of a global perspective by participating in cultural activities, seminars delivered by international corporations and universities, and complementary campus activities.

Application (two parts):

1) Apply Online through UT Dallas Education Abroad
2) Apply Online through JSOM

Please stay tuned for the spring 2018 JGE Courses.

Summer 2017
India: Faculty Leader – Hubert Zydorek

Spring 2017
Australia: Faculty Leader – Dr. Shawn Alborz and Dr. Habte Woldu
Vietnam/Cambodia: Faculty Leader – Hubert Zydorek

Spring 2016
Japan: Faculty Leader – Dr. Shawn Alborz
Ethiopia: Faculty Leader – Dr. Habte Woldu

Fall 2015:
Chile: Faculty Leader – Dr. Marilyn Kaplan

Spring 2015:
Cuba: Faculty Leader – Tom Henderson
Japan: Faculty Leader – Dr. Seunghyun Lee
Germany: Faculty Leaders – Dr. Marilyn Kaplan and Dr. Shawn Alborz

Fall 2014:
UK: Faculty Leader – Dr. Marilyn Kaplan

Spring 2014:
Japan: Faculty Leader – Dr. Shawn Alborz
Poland/Slovakia: Faculty Leader – Dr.Habte Woldu
China/South Korea: Faculty Leader – Dr. Seunghyun Lee

Fall 2012: Peru
Summer 2012: China/South Korea
Spring 2012: Turkey
Summer 2011: China/South Korea, Poland/Germany
Fall 2012: India
Summer 2010: Uruguay, China/South Korea

Jindal Global Experience

This is a JSOM course just like any other course here at JSOM. Students enroll and receive 3 hours of credit for the class. They meet 8 times during the semester, and during the middle of the semester, the entire class goes on a week-long, international class trip together, where they meet with Fortune 500 companies, some local firms, engage in service learning opportunities, and learn about business in the global environment. The locations of these trips change.

No. Once the student has been accepted and enrolled in this course, he/she is not eligible for a refund. If for some reason, that student cannot participate in the course, he/she will still be required to pay the full program fee.

Yes. Alumni and spouses are allowed to participate in the trip portion of these JGE courses, but they must pay all fees and complete all waivers and pre-departure activities required for the JGE participation. They cannot accompany the class to any of the various meetings or company visits.

Yes. Most courses have a maximum capacity of 30 students and a minimum requirement of 15 students.

  • The program fee includes accommodation, some meals, entrance to all museums and exhibits, ground transportation, and tour guide services.
  • The program fee does not include airfare, tuition for the course, visa fees, or Education Abroad fees.

The full program fee will be added as a course fee onto your Bursar’s account.


There are two scholarships through UT Dallas that students may apply for.

1) Education Abroad IEF Scholarship
Spring Semester: November 15
Summer Semester: April 15
Fall Semester: July 15

2) JSOM Study Abroad Scholarship – Students are automatically considered for the JSOM Study Abroad Scholarship when applying for any Study Abroad Program through the online application.

Other Study Programs

International Summer Programs

All UT Dallas students have an opportunity to pursue and create their own study abroad experience. We are committed to supporting you throughout this process. For a list of reputable third-party programs, please email

Application (two parts):

1) Apply Online through UT Dallas Education Abroad
2) Apply Online through JSOM

Third Party Programs

If, for some reason, a student is unable to participate in a semester exchange program, an international internship, or a JGE course, they could choose to study abroad through a third party program. This could mean studying abroad at a university that is not currently a partner university or it could also mean going through a third party program. These programs are not directly affiliated with UTD, but there are options for semester and summer travel. For a detailed list of potential third party programs, you can contact the JSOM Study Abroad Team at

This depends on the specific third party program, if they are accredited, etc.

It depends. The student should do their due diligence and decide if there is an expectation of language proficiency before they apply to a third party program.