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Resources and Tools for Master of Healthcare Leadership and Management Students

Use this website to help you stay on track while getting your master’s degree.

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Applications are now open for the Elite Scholar and Leader Program, which is designed for high-performing graduate healthcare leadership and management students who aspire to be dynamic leaders in healthcare. Applications are due April 15, 2020. Click here for more information and application link.

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Academic Calendar

The UT Dallas Academic Calendar is the list of official dates for the University, including all deadlines. Take note of important dates to avoid late fees or missing the deadline to graduate.

Required Classes

The catalog is the official list of required classes. It reflects current academic policies, procedures, degree offerings, course descriptions and other information pertinent to graduate study. Your catalog typically corresponds to the academic year in which you started classes at UT Dallas.

Previous Catalogs for graduate Healthcare Leadership and Management

Ask Advising if you are not sure what your catalog is, or if you are completing a double-degree program or MBA with a Healthcare Leadership and Management Concentration.

High-performing students are encouraged to apply for the Elite Scholars and Leaders Program. Participation in ESLP will prepare students to be pacesetters on the business side of healthcare, and is designed to recognize student leaders and give them an edge academically and professionally. Students accepted into the program will have additional access to elite professional mentorship and industry connections to best prepare them for leadership careers in healthcare. Find out more here.


To go the extra mile, you can obtain academic certificates in Healthcare IT and/or Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare Quality. These are official academic program with strict deadlines associated with them, so be sure to carefully read all information.

Healthcare Management Association

Join the UT Dallas Healthcare Management Association. One-time dues of $25 give you access to events with industry professionals, job and internship postings, and ways to connect with your classmates. HMA also sends out a weekly email that includes internship and job openings. (If you cannot afford the dues, let us know.)


UT Dallas, JSOM, the Career Management Center, the Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management, and Healthcare Management programs host events constantly. Take advantage of them! Talk to the speakers and ask for their business cards. If you are nervous, take a friend with you. The best jobs go to people who know people.

Getting involved in the healthcare industry dramatically improves your chances for getting hired quickly. Recommendations compiled from alumni, faculty and employers follow.

Professional Organizations

Get a student membership to local chapters of professional organizations. We recommend the following. Also, keep an eye out for UT Dallas-sponsored scholarships.


Shadowing is another way to understand the industry. Ask around to see if you know someone who works in healthcare and would let you follow them around at work for a day. If you do not know anyone, call the HR department of companies and ask if they have opportunities for shadowing.


Internships are not required, but are recommended if you are not currently working in the healthcare industry. See some of the companies where Healthcare Management students have interned.

Business Cards

UT Dallas allows graduate students to order business cards with UTD branding. The cost is low, and the process is simple. Learn more at the JSOM Business Cards page .

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