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BS in Healthcare Management

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The BS in Healthcare Management requires 120 semester credit hours to complete the program. For the latest information about Academic Degree Plans, Course Catalogs and Course Information please visit the BS in Healthcare Management page of the UT Dallas Undergraduate Catalog.

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Core Curriculum Requirements*

42 semester credit hours

Major Requirements*

65 semester credit hours

Elective Requirements*

13 semester credit hours

Time to Completion

4 years full time

*These details apply to the 2019 catalog. Catalogs from previous years are available online at the main UT Dallas Catalog page. Please contact JSOM Advising if you have questions.

*See catalog for course requirements.

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Did you know?

Many students that are pursuing a career as a physician or clinical caregiver realize there are tremendous opportunities in administrative side of healthcare. A degree in Healthcare Management is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the business side of healthcare.

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