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Operations/Supply Chain Management Seminar Series

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The Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas is privileged to host academic experts presenting their latest research on the most relevant topics facing our discipline today. Operations/Supply Chain Management Seminars are held every Fall and Spring semester. For information about attending, please contact Khushali Shah.

Current Seminars

Spring 2020
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
1/15/2020 Soraya (Nadia) Fatehi (University of Washington)
Crowdsourcing Last-Mile Deliveries
1/24/2020 Lina (Dahye) Song (Harvard University)
The Spillover Effects of Hospital Closures on the Efficiency and Quality of Other Hospitals
1/31/2020 Amrita Kundu (London Business School)
Timely After-Sales Service and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Off-Grid Solar Market in Uganda
2/7/2020 Jiayi Joey Yu (University of California, Berkeley)
Innovative Public Policies to Improve Social Welfare – from an OM/OR Perspective
2/14/2020 Ignacio Rios (Stanford University)
Optimizing Assortments in Two-sided Markets: An Application to Dating
2/28/2020 Bin Hu (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Negotiating G2G Contracts for India’s Pulses Importing

Shouqiang Wang (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Warning Against Recurring Risks: An Information Design Approach

Previous Seminars

Fall 2019
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
08/30/2019 Rob Rooderkerk (Erasmus University)
The Effect of Congruency between Individuals Product Categorizations and Store Assortment Layout on Purchase Intention and Choice Satisfaction
09/13/2019 Tyson Browning (Texas Christian University)
Research Applications of the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) and Publishing in the Journal of Operations Management
09/20/2019 Nur Sunar ( University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill)
Net-Metered Distributed Renewable Energy: A Peril for Utilities?
09/27/2019 David A Goldberg (Cornell University)
Beating the curse of dimensionality in optimal stopping, options pricing, and beyond
10/04/2019 Suresh P Sethi (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Feedback Stackelberg Games for Dynamic Supply Chains with Cost Learning
11/15/2019 Itai Gurvich (Cornell Tech)
On bounded regret in resource allocation problems
12/06/2019 Dennis Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis )
Reducing Discrimination with Reviews in the Sharing Economy: Evidence from Field Experiments on Airbnb
Spring 2019
Date Guest Lecturer Presentation Title
1/18/2019 Levi DeValve (Fuqua School of Business, Duke University) Resource Investment Under Uncertainty in Complex Systems
1/25/2019 Jiankun Sun (Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) Theory and Practice in Supply Chain Management: From Sourcing to Fulfillment
2/8/2019 Guihua Wang (Ross School of Business University of Michigan – Ann Arbor) Driving Precision Health Care through Heterogeneous Outcome Analysis
2/15/2019 Siddharth Prakash Singh (Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University) That’s Not Fair: Tariff Structures for Electricity Markets with Rooftop Solar
2/22/2019 Vishal Ahuja (Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business) An Approximation Approach for Response Adaptive Clinical Trial Design
4/5/2019 Fernando Bernstein (Duke University: The Fuqua School of Business) Competition between Two-Sided Platforms under Demand and Supply Congestion Effects
Fall 2018
Date Guest Lecturer Presentation Title
11/2/2018 Laura Wagner (Universidad Portugesa, Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics) Pricing and Assortment Strategies with Product Exchanges
11/9/2018 Jan A. Van Mieghem (Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) Dual Sourcing and Smoothing under Non-Stationary Demand Time Series: Re-shoring with Speed Factories
10/19/2018 Leon Zhu(Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California) Platform Strategy and Operations in China: A Transaction Cost-based Perspective
09/21/2018 Soo-Haeng (Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University) A Queueing Model and Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles on Highways
09/14/2018 Tinglong Dai ( Johns Hopkins Carey Business School) Incentive Design for Operations- Marketing Multitasking

Spring 2018
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
03/30/2018 Ming Hu (University of Toronto)
Blockbuster or Niche? Competitive Strategy under Network Effects
03/09/2018 Brian Tomlin (Dartmouth College)
Selling Co-products through a Distributor: The Impact on Product Line Design
02/09/2018 Yichuan Ding (University of British Columbia)
KDPI-Dependent Ranking Policies: Shaping the Allocation of Deceased-Donor Kidneys in the New Era
02/02/2018 Lauren Lu (University of North Carolina)
Do Mandatory Overtime Laws Improve Quality? Staffing Decisions and Operational Flexibility of Nursing Homes
01/26/2018 Andrew Fazelle (Duke University)
Strategic Open Routing in Service Networks
01/19/2018 Mohammad Fazel Zarandi (Yale University)
The Number of Undocumented Immigrants in the United States
01/12/2018 Bin Hu (University of North Carolina)
Optimal Procurement Mechanisms for Assembly

Fall 2017
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
12/08/2017 Leela Nageswaran (Carnegie Mellon University)
Queues with redundancy: Is waiting in multiple lines fair?
12/04/2017 Maria Ibanez (Harvard Business School)
Discretionary Task Ordering: Queue Management in Radiological Services
12/01/2017 Chloe Glaeser (University of Pennsylvania)
Optimal Retail Location: Empirical Methodology and Application to Practice Application to Practice
11/16/2017 Barış Ata (University of Chicago)
Dynamic Staffing of Volunteer Gleaning Operations
OrganJet: Overcoming Geographical Disparities in Access to Deceased Donor Kidneys in the United States
Managing the Callback Option under Arrival Rate Uncertainty To Be Announced
10/27/2017 Yun Fong Lim (Singapore Management University)
Matching Supply with Demand for Online Retailing
9/22/2017 Peng Sun (Duke University)
Optimal Monitoring Schedule in Dynamic Contracts
9/15/2017 Haresh Gurnani (Wake Forest University)
Demonstrations and Price Competition in New Product Release

Spring 2017
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
3/31/2017 Gad Allon (University of Pennsylvania)
Managing Service Systems in the Presence of Social Networks
3/24/2017 Rakesh Vohra (University of Pennsylvania)
Network Formation and Systemic Risk
2/17/2017 Sreekumar Bhaskaran (Southern Methodist University)
An Economic Analysis of Customer Co-design
2/6/2017 Tobias Stangl (University of Cologne)
Equivalent Inventory Metrics: A Behavioral Perspective
2/3/2017 Yun Zhou (University of Toronto)
Operational Problems in the Sharing Economy: Pricing and Matching
1/30/2017 Qi (George) Chen (University of Michigan)
Real-Time Dynamic Pricing with Minimal and Flexible Price Adjustment
1/23/2017 Xiaoyang Long (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
A Behavioral Study on Abandonment Decisions in Multi-Stage Projects
1/20/2017 Shima Nassiri (University of Washington)
Bundled Payment vs. Fee-for-Service: Impact of Payment Scheme on Performance
1/13/2017 Nan Liu (Columbia University)
When Waiting to See a Doctor is Less Irritating: Understanding Patient Preferences and Choice Behavior in Appointment Scheduling

Fall 2016
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
12/2/2016 Felipe Caro (UCLA)
Managing Online Content to Build a Follower Base
11/18/2016 Hao Zhang (University of British Columbia)
A Dual Framework for Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes
10/28/2016 Adam Mersereau (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Optimal Merchandise Testing with Limited Inventory
10/21/2016 Xishu Li (Erasmus University)
Competitive Capacity Investment under Uncertainty
10/14/2016 Manu Goyal (University of Utah)
Ethics, Bounded Rationality and Incomplete Outsourcing Contracts
9/30/2016 Bin Hu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Is Reshoring Better than Offshoring? The Effect of Offshore Supply Dependence

Spring 2016
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
4/1/2016 Thomas Archibald (University of Edinburgh)
Modeling Transshipment Decisions in Retail Networks
3/25/2016 Robert Phillips (Columbia University)
Revenue-Maximizing Dynamic Tolls
2/5/2016 Şafak Yücel (Duke University)
Impact of Electricity Pricing Policies on Renewable Energy Investments and Carbon Emissions
1/29/2016 Renyu Zhang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Trade-in Remanufacturing, Strategic Customer Behavior, and Government Subsidies
1/25/2016 Guang Li (University of Southern California)
The d-Level Nested Logit Model: Choice Modeling and Assortment Optimization
1/22/2016 Xin Wang (Carnegie Mellon University)
Green Technology Development and Adoption: Competition, Regulation, and Uncertainty – A Global Game Approach
1/15/2016 Nan Yang (Washington University in St. Louis)
PBM Competition in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Formulary Design and Drug Pricing
1/13/2016 Asa Palley (Duke University)
Eliciting and Aggregating Forecasts When Information is Shared

Fall 2015
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
12/4/2015 Gabriel Weintraub (Columbia University)
A Framework for Dynamic Oligopoly in Concentrated Industries
11/30/2015 Shouqiang Wang (Clemson University)
Inducing Environmental Disclosures: A Dynamic Mechanism Design Approach
11/20/2015 Nicholas Petruzzi (Pennsylvania State University)
Overconfident Competing Newsvendors
10/23/2015 Senthil Veeraraghavan (University of Pennsylvania)
A Model of Rational Retrials in Queues
10/16/2015 John Birge (University of Chicago)
Alternative Pricing Policies and Market Design in Electricity Markets
10/2/2015 Terry Taylor (University of California, Berkeley)
Testing by Competitors in Enforcement of Product Standards
9/4/2015 Alain Bensoussan (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Base Stock List Price Policy in Continuous Time

Spring 2015
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
5/4/2015 Li Chen (Duke University)
Mitigating Supplier Responsibility Risk in Emerging Economies: An Ethical Sourcing Framework
3/27/2015 Xing Hu (University of Oregon)
Trust and Reciprocity in Firms’ Capacity Sharing
2/20/2015 Ying Xu (Carnegie Mellon University)
Combating Child Labor: Incentives and Information Transparency in Global Supply Chains
2/16/2015 Yiangos Papanastasiou (London Business School)
Crowdsourcing Exploration
2/13/2015 Lin Wei Xin (Georgia Institute of Technology)
New Approaches to Inventory Control: Algorithms and Asymptotics
2/6/2015 Ahmet Serdar Simsek (Cornell University)
Who Should Set the Prices? Analysis of Pricing Decentralization in Customized Pricing Systems
2/2/2015 Yao Cui (University of Michigan)
Should Event Organizers Prevent Resale of Tickets?
1/30/2015 Kris Johnson (MIT)
Data-Driven Retail Revenue Management
1/26/2015 Ruth Beer (University of Michigan)
The Signaling and Incentive Effects of Supplier Awards
1/23/2015 Daniela Saban (Columbia University)
Procurement Mechanisms for Differentiated Products
1/16/2015 Maxime Cohen (MIT)
When Data Analytics Meets Promotion Pricing
1/12/2015 George Ball (University of Minnesota)
Plant Inspection Outcomes and Product Recalls: The Role of Inspector Experience

Fall 2014
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
12/5/2014 Volodymyr Babich (Georgetown University)
Franchise Contracting: The Effects of The Entrepreneur’s Timing Option and Debt Financing
11/14/2014 Gustavo Vulcano (New York University)
A Market Discovery Algorithm to Estimate a General Class of Non-Parametric Choice Models
10/24/2014 Kevin Shang (Duke University)
Joint Inventory and Cash Management for Multi-Divisional Supply Chains
10/3/2014 Shengqi Ye / Anyan Qi (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Campaign Earlier or Later? Sponsored Search Advertising when Customers Re-click / Investing in a Shared Supplier in a Competitive Market: Stochastic Capacity Case
9/19/2014 Alex Angelus (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Knowledge You Can Act On: Optimal Policies for Assembly Systems with Expediting and Advance Demand Information
9/5/2014 John Semple (Southern Methodist University)
A Dynamic Model of Shopping and Consumption

Spring 2014
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
3/21/2014 Vishal Gaur (Cornell University)
Systematic Risk in Supply Chain Networks
2/21/2014 Ling Dong (Washington University in St. Louis)
IBM Vision of Advanced Analytics

Fall 2013
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
11/1/2013 Pierre Haren (IBM)
IBM Vision of Advanced Analytics
10/11/2013 Mahesh Nagarajan (The University of British Columbia)
Invariance Results for Games with Dynamic Stability
10/4/2013 Mark Spearman (Factory Physics)
Of Physics and “Factory Physics”
09/13/2013 Laurens Debo (The University of Chicago)
Herding in a Queue
9/6/2013 Sridhar Tayur (Carnegie Mellon University)
Operations Management in Practice: Schumpeter’s Capitalism, State Capitalism and “Rawlsian” Capitalism

Spring 2013
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
4/5/2013 Lauren Lu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Dynamic Bargaining in a Supply Chain with Asymmetric Demand Information
4/1/2013 Dorothee Honhon (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
Learning Consumer Tastes Through Dynamic Assortments: Parametric and Non-Parametric Approaches
3/1/2013 Santiago Gallino (University of Pennsylvania)
Does Inventory Increase Sales? The Billboard and Scarcity Effects in U.S. Automobile Dealerships
2/20/2013 Sang Won Kim (Columbia University)
Measuring the Performance of Large-Scale Combinatorial Auctions: A Structural Estimation Approach
2/15/2013 Santiago Balseiro (Columbia University)
Competition and Yield Optimization in Online Display Advertising Exchanges
2/8/2013 Naveed Chehrazi (Stanford University)
Monotone Approximation of Decision Problems
2/1/2013 Seyed Emadi (Northwestern University)
Empirical Analysis of Callers’ Delay Sensitivity in Call Centers
1/25/2013 Yan Yin (University of Michigan)
Procurement Auctions with Error-Prone RFQs
1/18/2013 Guangwen Kong (University of Southern California)
Revenue Sharing and Information Leakage in a Supply Chain

Fall 2012
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
9/28/2012 Hongmin Li (Arizona State University)
Managing Multiple Differentiated Technology Products: Models of Optimal Pricing and Long-Range Forecasting
9/14/2012 Robert Phillips (Columbia University)
Endogeneity in Price Sensitivity Estimation in Customized Pricing

Spring 2012
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
3/23/2012 Yossi Aviv (Washington University in St. Louis)
Dynamic Pricing of Fashion Products: The Effects of Demand Learning and Strategic Consumer Behavior
2/24/2012 Hao Zhang (University of Southern California)
Dynamic Performance-Based Business Share Allocation in a Supply Chain with Competing Suppliers
2/10/2012 Yinghao Zhang (University of Minnesota)
Buyback versus Revenue Sharing Contracts: Influence of Loss Aversion
1/27/2012 Elena Katok (Penn State)
When Does It Pay to Delay Supplier Qualification? Theory and Experiments
1/20/2012 Jordan Tong (Duke University)
Inventory Management and Supply Chain Finance: Theory and Empirics

Fall 2011
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
12/2/2011 Katariina Kempainnen (Nokia)
Sales & Operations Planning Practices and Research Opportunities
10/14/2011 Retsef Levi (MIT)
Near-Optimal LP-Based Policies for Revenue Management of Reusable Resources
10/7/2011 George Shanthikumar (Purdue)
When Does More Information-Gathering Lead To More Production?
9/30/2011 Guoming Lai (The University of Texas at Austin)
Supply Chain Performance Under Market Valuation: An Operational Approach to Restore Efficiency
9/23/2011 Elena Katok (Penn State)
Designing Contracts for Irrational but Predictable Newsvendors

Spring 2011
DateGuest Lecturer/Presentation Title
3/25/2011 Asoo Vakharia (University of Florida)
Wholesale Pricing in Decentralized Supply Chains: The Case of Uniform vs. Retailer-Specific Pricing; Integrating Environmental Considerations and Consumer Propensity in Channel Design
3/11/2011 Martin Lariviere (Northwestern University)
Would the Social Planner Let Bags Fly Free?
2/14/2011 Ruben Lobel (MIT)
Consumer Choice Model for Forecasting Demand and Designing Incentives for Solar Technology
1/28/2011 Karen Zheng (Stanford)
Trust in Forecast Information Sharing
1/21/2011 Andrew Davis (Penn State)
An Experimental Investigation of Pull Contracts
1/18/2011 Sripad Devalkar (University of Michigan)
Dynamic Risk Management of Commodity Operations: Model and Analysis
1/14/2011 Tingliang Huang (Northwestern University)
Are You Willing to Click? On the Value of Advance Demand Information When Selling to Strategic Customers

Fall 2010
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
11/12/2010 Victor Araman (American University of Beirut)
Optimal Pricing Under Uniform Allocation Policy: A Model for Online Advertising
11/5/2010 Alp Muharremoglu (Columbia University)
Analysis of Single-Stage, Serial and Assemble-to-Order Systems Under Exogenous Lead Times
10/29/2010 Morgan Swink (Texas Christian University)
A Tale of Two Studies: Insights Into Competencies of Top Performing Supply Chains
10/15/2010 Canan Savaskan (SMU)
Optimal Reverse Channel Structure for Consumer Product Returns
9/24/2010 Sridhar Seshadri (The University of Texas at Austin)
Fixed versus Random Proportion Demand Models for Assortment Planning
9/17/2010 Georgia Perakis (MIT)
The “Price” of Retailer Asymmetry and Product Differentiation in a Competitive Supply Chain
9/10/2010 Feryal Erhun (Stanford)
Dynamic Dual Source Capacity Expansion Problem With Backorders

Spring 2010
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
5/22/2010 Aditya Jain (Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India)
Differential Pricing for Information Sharing Under Competition
4/2/2010 Izak Duenyas (University of Michigan)
Sourcing Under Asymmetric Information
2/26/2010 Rene Caldentey (New York University)
Insider Trading With a Random Deadline
1/29/2010 John Hasenbein (The University of Texas at Austin)
Scheduling Semiconductor Wafer Fabs: Queueing, Simulation, and MDP’s
1/22/2010 Nicole DeHoratius (University of Chicago)
Retail Inventory Management when Records Are Inaccurate

Fall 2009
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
11/13/2009 John Birge (University of Chicago)
Estimate Effects in Large-Scale Optimization Models
10/30/2009 Alexandar Angelus (Singapore Management University)
Managing Capacitated Multiechelon Systems With Domain-Optimal Policies
10/23/2009 Rob Zuidwijk (Erasmus University, The Netherlands (UCLA) )
Extended Producer Responsibility Based on Cumulative Energy Demand Instead of Recovery Quota
10/16/2009 Ram Kuppuswamy and Aloke Mishra (Nokia Customer Logistics North America)
Supply Chain of the Future: A Nokia Perspective
10/2/2009 Douglas Morrice (The University of Texas at Austin)
Predicting and Selecting the Best Scenario in a Complex Dynamic Stochastic Process
9/18/2009 Steve Graves (MIT)
Strategic Safety Stocks in Supply Chains: Update on Recent Research
8/21/2010 Sreekumar Bhaskaran (SMU)
Implications of Channel Structure for Leasing or Selling of Durable Goods

Spring 2009
Date Guest Lecturer/Presentation Title
2/25/2009 Ozalp Ozer (Columbia University)
Forecast Information Sharing: The Role of Contracts, Behaviors and Timing
2/20/2009 Dorothee Honhon (The University of Texas at Austin)
Making the Most of Choice: Product Selection Under Heterogeneous Consumer Preferences
2/13/2009 Zhixi Wan (University of Michigan)
Procurement Auctions With Supplier Qualification Screening
2/9/2009 Xin Chen (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Inventory Centralization Games
1/30/2009 Enis Kayis (Stanford)
Delegation vs. Control of Component Procurement Under Asymmetric Cost Information and Price-Only Contracts
1/23/2009 Erkut Sonmez (Carnegie Mellon University)
Model-based Analysis of Liquefied Natural Gas Regasification Technologies
1/16/2009 Michael Metzger (MIT)
Avoiding the Eye of the Storm