EMBA Programs Newsletter - June 2015

Welcome to Summer, EMBA and GLEMBA Alumni!

This has been a very busy spring. At the beginning of April, Connie Imhof and I traveled with the EMBA Class of 2015 to Athens and Istanbul to compare Greece and Turkey — one a former regional powerhouse with a current declining economy; the other, one of the strongest emerging economies. Three days later, we took the first-year EMBA students to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to determine if it has a sustainable future. In May, Dr. Springate and I traveled with the new GLEMBA Class of 2016 for the first international retreat to SKEMA Business School in Lille, France. Dr. Springate and I just returned from Malaysia and Singapore with the GLEMBA 2016 cohort.

I love the international study tours for many reasons: Learning about multinational companies helps us to continue to shape our curriculum for both programs, understanding cultural differences helps us break our mental models, eating new flavors awaken our taste buds, and watching cohort students form lifelong bonds is always fun.

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