EMBA Programs Newsletter - January 2015

Happy New Year, EMBA and GLEMBA Alumni!

We are excited about 2015. We have a great start on recruiting for the EMBA and GLEMBA classes of 2017; both curricula are now established; and we are working closely with faculty to ensure that our students receive a challenging education that is applicable to their daily work. We also are looking forward to having our alumni join us this year for the Speaker Series, international trips and the upcoming Dr. Stephen Guisinger Room Dedication. Please keep reading to learn more.

I also want to pause and recognize Dr. David Springate. In November of last year, the university and the Executive MBA programs recognized the founder and academic director for his 25 years of dedication to The University of Texas at Dallas. He began full time in 1989 with the vision to begin an Executive MBA Program, which began in 1992 with 18 students. (He will tell you, the program began with 25, and after the first semester there were only 18 students left.) Under Dr. Springate’s leadership, the Executive MBA Program kick-started the Executive Education Area, which now hosts five MBA programs, four MS programs and 10 professional and certificate programs. He has taught in every cohort and continues to teach International Business Management with the Class of 2015 this spring. It has been an honor working with him these past two and a half years — he has kept me out of trouble with the world of academia on more than one occasion. Thank you, Dr. Springate.

JSOM Professors

(Left to right:) Dr. B.P.S. Murthi, Dr. Springate and Dr. Habte Woldu posed for a celebratory photo.

The 2014 holiday party was great fun — more than 250 alumni and guests joined us at the new venue, Brookhaven Country Club. My hope is that as you make your new year’s resolutions, one of them will be a commitment to join us this year for one of our alumni events. I’m looking forward to seeing you then!

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Pamela Foster Brady

Happy New Year

Best Regards,

Pamela Foster Brady
Director, Executive MBA