MAS 6105 Communications for Management Waiver

Waiver Overview, MAS 6105

All MBA students, with the exception of those in the Full-Time Cohort MBA, will be required either to take MAS 6105 Communications for Management or obtain a waiver by the end of their second semester in the MBA program. No waiver request forms will be accepted for review for non-degree seeking students. This course is an online course.

Successful managers understand that effective communications are a critical component to advancing a career. This course introduces best practices in written, oral and networking communications so students understand how to organize and construct informative and effective business messages, how to structure and deliver effective and persuasive presentations, and how to present themselves successfully.

Waiver Requirements

To waive MAS 6105 Communications for Management, students must demonstrate competency in business communications. Please do your best work as you will only be permitted to apply for the waiver one time. Failure to follow instructions will result in an automatic denial of your waiver request. There are two methods to do so:

Method 1:

Submit three assignments for review

Method 2:

If you have been waived from or passed MAS 6102, as this is a prerequisite for your MS program, please submit the waiver notification or unofficial transcripts showing successful completion of MAS 6102 Professional Development.


If you have passed ACCT 6388 with a B or better, as it is a requirement of your MS ACCT program, please submit a transcript showing successful completion.

Submission Instructions

  1. Gather the materials listed above:either the three assignments, transcript showing successful completion of MAS 6102 or ACCT 6388 (only if it is required for the MS program), or waiver notification of MAS 6102.
  2. Complete the MAS 6105 Waiver Form.
  3. Your materials will be reviewed and processed by the response deadline. Waiver forms and documents will be due no later than one week after the first day of full-term classes. Results of the waiver will be sent back to the student no later than five weeks after the due date. Note that waivers are only reviewed during long semesters – spring and fall. Summer matriculations will have one week after the first day of full-term classes of fall to submit their waiver.
  4. You will be notified of the final decision to your UT Dallas email account.
  5. Students submitting their materials after the deadline will have their materials reviewed during the following long semester’s review period.

Ready to Submit the Waiver Form?

MAS 6105 Waiver Form