Marketing Research

New Product Development and Management

Dr. Frank Bass, a world-renowned expert on new product development and management, heavily researched the diffusion of new product sales and the spread of new technology for over 30 years. He developed the famous diffusion model that bears his name, the Bass model. He consulted with many companies to forecast the sales of new products. His research focuses on the use of pricing and promotional strategies during new product launches. Other researchers have focused on the effect of first mover advantages.
Faculty: Dr. Ram C. Rao, Dr. B.P.S. Murthi

Competitive Models of Marketing Strategy

Using game theory analysis, Dr. Ram Rao, a leading scholar in this area, has studied the competitive effects of advertising, promotions and pricing on equilibrium profits and firm’s strategies. In recent work, he has considered issues related to supermarket competition, consistent assortment provision, equilibrium price communication, unadvertised specials, advertising royalty in franchising operations and double coupons strategy. Dr. Kumar, Dr. Prasad, Dr. Haruvy and Dr. Bruce also use game theory to address issues related to trade promotions, retail pass through of promotional discounts, category management, strategic sourcing of private label brands, open-source software and internet auctions.
Faculty: Dr. Ram C. Rao, Dr. Nanda Kumar, Dr. Ashutosh Prasad, Dr. Ernan Haruvy, Dr. Norris Bruce, Joonhwi Joo

Sales Promotions

Stochastic brand choice models were developed by Dr. Bass in the early 70’s. Recent choice models estimated on grocery scanner panel data shed light on the effectiveness of different kinds of promotions. Dr. Murthi, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Bruce employ these empirical models to better understand how promotions affect consumer choice behavior. The long-term impact of promotions and competitive promotional strategies are researched by Dr. Rao, Dr. Kumar and Dr. Murthi.
Faculty: Dr. Ram C. Rao, Dr. B.P.S. Murthi, Dr. Nanda Kumar, Dr. Norris Bruce

Retail Channel Management

Dr. Rao has looked at issues such as supermarket competition, consistent provision of assortment, and double couponing in the context of retail strategies. Dr. Kumar is studying optimal category management strategies and sourcing of private labels.
Faculty: Dr. Ram C. Rao, Dr. Nanda Kumar, Ying Xie

Information Economics and Marketing on the Internet

In the area of information economics, Dr. Haruvy and Dr. Prasad have been investigating methods of leveraging network externality effects to accelerate the adoption of software products. Other research includes the design of freeware, the effect of freeware and dynamic pricing and the effect of piracy. Dr. Haruvy, Dr. Rao and Dr. Bruce are studying how auction formats affect final prices in Internet auctions. Dr. Murthi is conducting research on personalization on the Internet.
Faculty: Dr. B.P.S. Murthi, Dr. Ashutosh Prasad, Dr. Ernan Haruvy, Dr. Ram C. Rao, Dr. Norris Bruce

Salesforce Management

The Marketing Area has several faculty members who study sales force management topics and the Area also offers an undergraduate sales concentration and a professional Sales program directed by Professor Howard Dover… Professor Rao and Professor Prasad have developed analytical tools for the design of compensation packages that offer the right mix of salary and incentives to salespeople under such conditions as where their abilities are uncertain, actions cannot be easily monitored, or when sales carries over into future quarters. Professor Prasad has examined the optimal design of training schedules and the use of internal marketing to motivate employees to deliver higher quality service.
Faculty: Dr. Ram C. Rao, Howard Dover, Dr. Ashutosh Prasad