Professional Program in Marketing (PPM)

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The Professional Program in Marketing (PPM) is designed for high-achieving undergraduate marketing students in the Jindal School of Management who are striving to pursue exceptional careers in marketing with top-notch employers. The purpose of the PPM is to prepare these top students by providing supplemental workshops and professional opportunities, and encouraging participation in rigorous courses.

PPM Benefits to Students

  • Access to Networking Opportunities
  • Obtainment of supplemental functional skills and project opportunities
  • Membership to a group of highly motivated and high-performing students
  • Mentorship from PPM staff and experienced industry professionals

Application Timeline

  • Online applications open: August 20th
  • Online applications deadline: October 5th
  • Acceptance notification

Sophomore or Junior standing (a sophomore is a student who has successfully completed at least 30 hours) with at least 6 graded hours at UT Dallas or another four-year college.

At least a 3.4 GPA is required.

This is a one- or two-year undergraduate program designed to create better outcomes for exceptional marketing students pursuing top marketing positions and careers. The program does not require that more than the amount (120 hours) of course credit required to graduate be earned. However, supplemental technical and professional skills workshops will be offered. Students will be encouraged to take two designated rigorous classes, including Advanced Personal Selling, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Projects or Fast-Track courses. More designated courses will be added in the future.

The marketing major who should apply includes that student who is interested, meets the requirements and has time to supplement curriculum with additional technical skills, professional polishing workshops and rigorous classes. PPM cohort classes include Marketing Projects and eventually the Social Sector Marketing and the Marketing Analytics courses. The Advanced Personal Selling course can replace any of these courses.

You apply beginning August 20 here.

Apply Now

Online applications are due by October 5th.
To be admitted, you must meet the following requirements. You must:

  1. Be a marketing major (double majors are fine).
  2. Have and keep at least 3.4 GPA.
  3. Earned at least 6 graded hours at UT Dallas or another four-year college.
  4. Be of Sophomore or Junior standing.

PPM students must:

  1. Maintain a 3.4 cumulative GPA.
  2. Complete at least three supplemental PPM workshops.
  3. Complete designated cohort classes.
  4. Complete at least two internships before graduation. Exceptions can be made for study abroad or other approved reasons.
  5. Participate in the AMA UTD chapter, Advanced Sales competition, undergraduate research project or other approved marketing/sales activity before graduation.

No, this program will not conflict with the DMHP program but rather is designed to enhance the DMHP.