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MS in Marketing

Our Master of Science in Marketing program has several student ambassadors chartered to provide help and information via email for new or prospective students on various topics, including the Dallas environment, housing, living expenses, academic and social life.

To contact one of these ambassadors, please click on the “email” button below an ambassador’s profile.

Meet Our Ambassadors



Tyler, Texas – Class of 2019, Spring

“I’m a child of immigrants. My father is from the United Kingdom, and my mother is from India. With a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Sciences from UT-Austin, I developed a passion for the health and social sciences field and wanted to find a way I could impact the community besides practicing medicine. I am pursuing my Master’s in Marketing at UT-Dallas with a concentration in Advertising and Branding. Through UTD, I have been able to get an internship at the UT-Southwestern Medical Center, in its marketing and public affairs department. This internship supplements my learning and helps me gain insight on the healthcare marketing industry. I’m ready to answer any questions you might have about our program.”

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Gretchen Kircher


San Antonio, Texas – Class of 2019, Fall
Hobbies: Traveling, photography

“I’m working on my MS in Marketing degree, focused on the Digital Marketing track. I’m also working for international forklift company until I finish school. Like a true Millennial, I find the Internet and social media fascinating. I see them as a source of new marketing opportunities for businesses everywhere. I hope to eventually become social media strategist, ideally working for a non-profit organization. I chose this university for my Master’s in Marketing due to the track options, prestige, and flexible class schedule, and because UTD is also one of the few universities that offers a track focused specifically on digital marketing. I’m here to help you with questions about your school decision or anything else relating to studying at UT-Dallas.”

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Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Class of 2019, Spring
Hobbies: Traveling and movies

“Hi. I have three years of experience working in Taiwan as a digital marketing specialist. Understanding the important role that digital marketing plays in today’s world, I decided to get my graduate degree at UT-Dallas. Most of courses are from the Digital Marketing track. Besides the classes, the program here sends a weekly newsletter that provides useful information including marketing-related resources and internship opportunities. I would be happy to answer any questions about the MS Marketing program and all related issues.”

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Katherine Schulte


Texas – Class of 2019, Spring
Hobbies: Board games, hiking, baking

“I am working on my MS in Marketing degree with a focus on the Digital Advertising and Marketing track. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in finance and going into the workforce, I decided to continue my education so that I could combined my strategic thinking skills with my analytical skills. I chose UTD because of its exceptional reputation and the opportunities the school provides to its students. The MS Marketing program gives students the flexibility to take the courses that are most relevant to their interests. I’m here to help you with answers to your questions about studies at UTD.”

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Siyu - China


Sichuan, China – Class of 2018
Hobbies: Cooking, Video Games, Badminton

“I am currently pursuing the double major of MS in Marketing and Business Analytics here at UTD. I like solving business problems with quantitative methods, so I am pursuing a career in analytics. I came here during the fall of 2016, and had a great experience studying at JSOM. UTD offered various online and on campus resources, networking opportunities, and great courses lectured by experienced instructors, which helped me a lot and brought significant improvements in my foundational knowledge, software skills, and hands-on experiences. I’m glad to share my story here send me questions about the program, courses, or about living here.”

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