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Why choose the Online Master of Science in Marketing at UT Dallas?

  1. Flexible 12 -course/36 semester-credit-hour degree plan: Do it at your own pace.
  2. Five core courses and over 20 online elective courses to choose from
  3. If your undergraduate degree is from an AACSB school, you may request a GMAT or GRE waiver if your GPA during the last 60 hours is a 3.4 or higher
  4. Special tuition rates apply for residents of Oklahoma*
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MS in Marketing Program Details

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MS in Marketing Online Courses

Core Courses (15 semester credit hours)
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
MKT 6301 Marketing Management Y Y Y
OPRE 6301 Statistics & Data Management Y Y Y
MKT 6309 Marketing Research N Y N
MKT 6310 Consumer Behavior Y Y N
MKT 6339 Capstone Marketing Decision Making (SR) N N Y

Marketing Management Electives

Complete 21 semester credit hours by taking at least 9 semester credit hours from courses with a MKT prefix from the list below. You may take the remaining 9 semester credit hours from the list of non-MKT courses:

Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
MKT 6321 Interactive and Digital Marketing Y Y Y
MKT 6330 Brand Management Y N N
MKT 6332 Advertising & Promotional Strategy N N Y
MKT 6336 Pricing N N Y
MKT 6337 Predictive Analytics Using SAS Y N Y
MKT 6352 Marketing Web Analytics & Insights N Y Y
Other Electives
Course # Course Name Fall Spring Summer
ACCT 6201 Financial Accounting Y Y Y
BPS 6310 Strategic Management Y Y Y
BUAN 6312 Applied Econometrics Y N N
ENTP 6370 Entrepreneurship Y N N
ENTP 6375 Technology and New Product Development N N Y
ENTP 6378 Managing the Emerging Enterprise N Y N
IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing N Y N
IMS 6360 International Strategy N N Y
MECO 6303 Business Economics Y Y Y
OB 6301 Organizational Behavior Y Y Y
OB 6332 Negotiation Y Y N
OPRE 6302 Operations Management Y Y Y
OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling and Analytics Y N N
OPRE 6398 Prescriptive Analytics N Y N

Note: To confirm and view the list for the current semester, go to the UT Dallas CourseBook, select Management for School and Online for Instruction Method and make sure it is a course from our MS in Marketing approved degree plan. CourseBook will show the professor, a course description, the syllabus and information concerning proctored exams.

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MS Marketing Online Degree

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*Waiver for Residents of Oklahoma.

The University of Texas at Dallas allows students who are residents of Oklahoma to pay the Texas in-state tuition cost plus $30 per credit hour. In order to be eligible for the waiver at UT Dallas, you must be an Oklahoma resident working on your first bachelor’s degree or your graduate degree. If you maintain Oklahoma residency, you can use the waiver until you graduate with your first bachelor’s degree or your graduate degree. To be considered for the waiver, contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding proof of your Oklahoma residency.