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Marketing Management Track

The Marketing Management track does not have any core courses. Students must complete the Master of Science in Marketing’s 15 credit hours of core courses and then complete twenty-one semester credit hours from any other MS in Marketing tracks and can include many non-marketing courses and areas such as Information Technology, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior or Finance. However, at least nine semester credit hours from the twenty-one semester credit hours must be from courses with the MKT prefix. Details of the courses for this track are available at the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog page. Our program prepares students to enter a marketing management profession by offering a wide range of courses to suit your individual professional needs. Students can take a wide range of courses from programming and analytics to consulting, negotiation and dispute resolution. This is the suggested track to take if you are pursuing the MS in Marketing completely online.

What does a marketing manager do?

The Marketing manager consists of a generalist type of role. In large companies, the role has been supplanted by specialists, such as those in digital, marketing analytics, customer insights, mobile marketing, etc. In some firms, the role is combined with sales management

But small and medium firms still use marketing managers, particularly if the company doesn’t have the budget to hire any specialists. In some companies, marketing managers may oversee the specialists

Typical marketing management Job titles

Typical responsibilities for a generalist marketing professional

Marketing management job growth:

While not a fast-growing career field compared to some of the specialty tracks such as digital or analytics, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects marketing management to grow as fast as the average of all other occupations in the United States.

What is the size of the marketing manager job market?

Because it encompasses many roles, it is significantly larger than highly specialized areas such as Customer Insights. A search provided nearly 90,000 marketing manager job listings in the United States. Searches on and LinkedIn returned more listings—more than 130,000—but many of those were for digital, SEO, and analytics jobs. Those specialties are covered in the Digital Marketing & Analytics track description.

Average years of experience and salary average of marketing managers

With 1 to 3 years of experience, a young marketing manager can expect to earn in the range of $50,000 a year. As always, seniority provides greater compensation. With 3 to 5 years of experience, that salary jumps to $80,673. When a marketing professional has over ten years’ of experience that can translate into salaries in the range of $150,000 or more, particularly on the East and West Coasts and with larger companies.

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