Digital Advertising & Marketing Track

In the Master of Science in Marketing Digital Advertising & Marketing track students must complete 15 credit hours of program core classes then 21 credit hours within the digital track covering topics in digital marketing strategy and tactics, search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, mobile marketing, marketing automation, usability, and web analytics. Details of the courses for this track are available at the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog page. Our program prepares students to enter a digital marketing profession by offering a wide range of courses to suit your individual professional needs. Many of the courses include hands-on sessions using software commonly used by industry such as MOZ, Google Adwords, Facebook, Adobe and Google Analytics and Watson Analytics. Our digital courses are often taught by faculty with industry experience working closely with our advisory board.

Digital marketing has experienced growth rates of up to 400% in many of its sub-specialty areas. This is a growing field but one that is not easy to easily summarize given that job titles can vary widely from generic designations such as Internet manager to specialty areas such as search engine marketing (SEM) mobile, social media, web analytics and others. New technology is creating new jobs every year. The job titles listed below are an example of the types of areas available to students; many jobs are to come with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IOT) with multiple touchpoints to current digital professions such as marketing automation or the marketing cloud.For additional details on how our courses map to the skills required by this profession, please visit this blog post on digital marketing.

Job titles based on many of digital’s specialty areas

As a manager, analyst, director or Vice President

Typical responsibilities for a digital marketing professional based on specialty areas

What is the size of the digital marketing job market?

A general search for “digital marketing” jobs in the United States on LinkedIn yields more than 44,000 jobs. On Glassdoor.com, we found more than 26,000 such jobs. Once you get into specific functional areas it varies widely with 2,086 jobs for E-commerce marketing; 25,800 for mobile marketing; the skill “web analytics” returns 12,867 jobs. “Marketing automation” returns 4,240 jobs. Social media marketing returns some 39,000 jobs (however, there is a wide pay scale in social media given some jobs are mainly a customer service role or low-level blog creation) and “UX” yields 14,370 jobs.

Average years of experience and salary average for digital professionals

Job titles and therefore salaries vary widely in the digital marketing realm. According to Glassdoor.com, the average salary with 1 to 3 years of experience is $53,280—but that is only a general average. Qualified MS Marketing graduates should be able to command higher salaries, especially in the tech and financial sectors. “SEO managers” average $68,464; “mobile marketing managers,” $75,728; “web analytics manager,” $110,232 with 3 years of work experience

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