Business Development and Sales Track

In the Master of Science in Marketing Business Development and Sales track, students must complete 15 credit hours of program core classes then 21 credit hours within this track in courses in digital sales strategy, professional selling, building and managing professional sales organizations, and enterprise systems and customer relationship management (CRM). Details of the courses in the degree are available in the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog.

Sales executives and sales teams from top companies in the DFW market and the nation assist in the development and execution of our market-leading sales curriculum. Students are taught and then challenged by industry sales leaders from companies like IBM, Beck Technology, HPE, Liberty Mutual, Texas Capital Bank and the Lennox Corporation.

Professional selling classes emphasize simulated and live sales throughout the program. Most major courses end in competition-style events judged by industry executives and hiring managers. Most students who become sales-certified via the University Sales Center Alliance obtain multiple offers prior to graduation — with higher base and on-target pay packages — and become top performers after graduation.

What does a sales manager do?

Ultimately, a sales manager drives a company’s revenue engine. The manager builds a high-performance sales team and guides that team to hit revenue forecasts and meet customer needs.

A person managing a sales team has to be a people manager, a customer manager and a business manager. He or she has to recruit and motivate a sales team, help increase customer engagement and steer the business successfully. Sales managers do their best when they empower and encourage their own sales teams.

Duties of a sales manager

What does a business development manager do?

A business development manager may go by several job titles: business development executive, specialist or officer. Regardless of what the role is called, this person is in charge of helping a company grow by acquiring new business in the form of new clients and customers. He or she is part salesperson, part marketing analyst and part business analyst. A business development manager is primarily in charge of sales and marketing, but also may be involved in strategic planning, finance and customer service. All these activities are carried out with a singular focus: to gain new business that helps a company grow.

Duties of a business development manager

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