List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Academic Area Contact
Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Lily Banh
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Amanda Besch
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Courtney Lozano

* The co-authors are not listed in the same priority sequence as they are listed in the journals.

Syam Menon

Bargaining Over Data: When does Making the Buyer More Informed Help?, Information Systems Research, 2020
Co-Authors: Jyotishka Ray, Vijay Mookerjee

Competing Tasks, Solver Behavior, and Solution Quality: A Study of Crowdsourcing Contests, MIS Quarterly, 2020
Co-Authors: Jiahui Mo, Sumit Sarkar

Preserving Privacy when Sharing Distributed Transactional Data, Information Systems Research, 2020
Co-Authors: Abhijeet Ghoshal, Jing Hao, Sumit Sarkar

Know When to Run: Making Recommendations in Crowdsourcing Contests, MIS Quarterly, 2018
Co-Authors: Jiahui Mo, Sumit Sarkar

The Design of Feature-Limited Demonstration Software: Choosing the Right Features to Include, Production and Operations Management, 2017
Co-Authors: J. Ray, J. Samuel, V. Mookerjee

Privacy and Big Data: Scalable Approaches to Sanitize Large Transactional Databases for Sharing, MIS Quarterly, 2016
Co-Authors: S. Sarkar

Recommendations Using Information from Multiple Association Rules: A Probabilistic Approach, Information Systems Research, 2015
Co-Authors: A. Ghoshal, S. Sarkar

Analyzing Sharing in Peer-to-Peer Networks under Various Congestion Measures, Information Systems Research, 2011
Co-Authors: M. Johar and V. Mookerjee

A Sequential Approach for Optimal Broadcast Scheduling in Packet Radio Networks, IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2009

Optimal Broadcast Scheduling in Packet Radio Networks via Branch and Price, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2008
Co-Authors: R. Gupta

Minimizing Information Loss and Preserving Privacy, Management Science, 2007
Co-Authors: S. Sarkar

Multi-period Cellular Network Design via Price Influenced Simulated Annealing (PISA), IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics- Part B, 2006
Co-Authors: A. Amiri

Scheduling Web Banner Advertisements with Multiple Display Frequencies, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics- Part A,, 2006
Co-Authors: A. Amiri

Allocating Fragments in Distributed Databases, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2005

Designing Partially Survivable Cellular Telecommunications Networks, Information Technology and Management, 2005
Co-Authors: A. Amiri

Maximizing Accuracy of Shared Databases when Concealing Sensitive Patterns, Informations Systems Research, 2005
Co-Authors: S. Sarkar and S. Mukherjee

Assigning Cells to Switches in Cellular Networks by Incorporating a Pricing Mechanism into Simulated Annealing, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics- Part B, 2004
Co-Authors: R. Gupta

Eff ective Reformulations for Task Allocation in Distributed Systems with a Large Number of Communicating Tasks, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2004

Scheduling Banner Advertisements on the Web, INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2004
Co-Authors: A. Amiri

Efficient Scheduling of Internet Banner Advertisements, ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 2003
Co-Authors: A. Amiri

Order Allocation for Stock Cutting in the Paper Industry, Operations Research, 2002
Co-Authors: L. Schrage

Digging Deeper: Getting to the bottom of data mining: New modes to pursue old objectives, ORMS Today, 1999
Co-Authors: R. Sharda