List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Academic Area Contact
Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Ozalp Ozer

Supply Chain Contracts that Prevent Information Leakage, N/A, 2016
with Y Chen

Establishing Trust and Trustworthiness for Supply Chain Information Sharing, Information Exchange in Supply Chain Management, A. Ha, C. Tang, eds, Springer, 2016
with Y Zheng

Characterizing the Structure of Optimal Stopping Policies, N/A, 2016
with S Oh

Integrating Dynamic Time-to-Market, Pricing, Production and Sales Channel Decisions, European Jour. of Oper. Research, 2015
with O Uncu

All You Need Is Trust? An Examination of Inter-organizational Supply Chain Projects, Production and Operations Management, 2015
with A Brinkhoff, G Sargut

Markdown or Everyday Low Price? The Role of Behavioral Motives, Management Science, 2015
with Y Zheng

Knowledge You Can Act On: Optimal Policies for Assembly Systems with Expediting and Advance Demand Information, N/A, 2015
with A Angelus

Information Sharing, Advice Provision or Delegation: What Leads to Higher Trust and Trustworthiness, Management Science, 2015
with U Subramanian, Y Wang

Trust, Trustworthiness, and Information Sharing in Supply Chains Bridging China and the U.S., Management Science, 2014
with K. Zheng and Y. Ren

Mechanism Design for Capacity Planning under Dynamic Evolutions of Asymmetric Forecasts, Management Science, 2013
with S. Oh

Competing on Time: Integrated Framework to Optimize Dynamic Time-to-Market and Production Decisions, Production and Operations Management, 2013
with O. Uncu

Stochastic Multi-Item Inventory Systems with Markov-Modulated Demands and Production Quantity Requirements, Probability in the Engineering and Information Sciences, 2012
with A. Atali

Trust in Forecast Information Sharing, Management Science, 2011
with K. Zheng and K. Chen

Supply Chain Sourcing under Asymmetric Information, Production and Operations Management, 2011
with G. Raz

Information Acquisition for Capacity Planning via Pricing and Advance Selling: When to Stop and Act?, Operations Research, 2010
with T. Boyaci

Channel Incentives in Sharing New Product Demand Information and Robust Contracts, Europ. J. Oper. Research, 2010
with H. Liu

Product Replacement Planning Under Stochastic Technological Changes, International Journal of Production Economics, 2009
with H. Liu

Quality Risk in Outsourcing: Non-contractible Product Quality and Asymmetric Quality Cost Information, Naval Research Logistics, 2009
with M. Kaya

Dual Sales Channel Management with Service Competition, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2008
with K. Chen and M. Kaya

Promised Lead Time Contracts under Asymmetric Information, Operations Research, 2008
with H. Lutze

Stock Positioning and Performance Evaluation for Distribution Systems with Service Constraints, IIE Transactions, 2008
with H. Xiong

Order Progress Information: Dynamic Emergency Ordering Policies, Production and Operations Management, 2008
with G. Gaukler and W. Hausman

Bounds, Heuristics and Approximations for Distribution Systems, Operations Research, 2007
with G. Gallego and P. Zipkin

Selling to the “Newsvendor” with a Forecast Update: Analysis of a Dual Purchase Contract, European Jour. of Oper. Research, 2007
with O. Uncu and W. Wei

Unlocking the Value of RFID, Production and Operations Management, 2007
with H. Lee

Strategic Commitments for an Optimal Capacity Decision under Asymmetric Forecast Information, Management Science, 2006
with W. Wei

A New Algorithm and a New Heuristic for Serial Supply Systems, Operations Research Letters, 2005
with G. Gallego

Inventory Control with Limited Capacity and Advance Demand Information, Operations Research, 2004
with W. Wei

Replenishment Strategies for Distribution Systems under Advance Demand Information, Management Science, 2003

Optimal Replenishment Policies for Multi-Echelon Inventory Problems under Advance Demand Information, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2003
with G. Gallego

Integrating Replenishment Decisions with Advance Demand Information, Management Science, 2001
with G. Gallego