List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Lily Banh
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Amanda Besch
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Courtney Lozano

* The co-authors are not listed in the same priority sequence as they are listed in the journals.

Jun Xia

Do Firms Learn More from Small or Big Successes and Failures? A Test of the Outcome-Based Feedback Learning Perspective, Journal of Management, 2019
Co-Authors: Gong, Y., Zhang, Y. and Xia, J

Periphery, Overlap, and Subunit Exit in Multiunit Firms: A Subunit Power Perspective, Journal of Management, 2019
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Yu, J. and Lin, Y

Subsidiary Networks and Foreign Subsidiary Performance: A Coopetition Perspective, Management and Organization Review, 2019
Co-Authors: Liu, Y., Jiao, J., and Xia, J

Alliance formation in the midst of market and network: Insights from resource dependence and network perspectives, Journal of Management, 2018
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Wang, Y., Lin, Y., Yang, H., and Li, S

Do ongoing networks block out new friends? Reconciling the embeddedness constraint dilemma on new alliance partner addition, Strategic Management Journal, 2018
Co-Authors: Jiang, H., Xia, J., Cannella, B., and Xiao, T

Institutional compatibility and the internationalization of Chinese SOEs: The moderating role of home subnational institutions, Journal of World Business, 2018
Co-Authors: Li, J., Xia, J., Shapiro, D.M., and Lin, Z

Network information and cross-border M&A Activities, Global Strategic Journal, 2018
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Ma, X., Tong, T., and Li, W

On the duality of political and economic stakeholder influence on firm innovation performance: Theory and evidence from Chinese firms, Strategic Management Journal, 2018
Co-Authors: Li, J., Xia, J., and Zajac, E

Resource dependence and network relations: A test of venture capital investment termination in China, Journal of Management Studies, 2018
Co-Authors: Zheng, Y. and Xia, J

Choose to fight or choose to flee? Resolving a dilemma of executive ship jumping in declining firms, Strategic Management Journal, 2017
Co-Authors: Jiang, H., Cannella, B. Xia, J. and Semadeni, M.B

Cross-border acquisitions by state-owned investors: How do legitimacy concerns affect the completion and duration of their acquisitions? , Strategic Management Journal, 2017
Co-Authors: Li, J., Xia, J., and Lin, Z

State-owned enterprises face challenges in foreign acquisitions, Columbia FDI Perspectives, 2017
Co-Authors: Li, J., and Xia, J

DYI: How internationalization shifts the locus of indigenous innovation for Chinese firms, Journal of World Business, 2016
Co-Authors: Jiang, M. S., Branzei, O., and Xia, J

Resolving a dilemma of signaling bankrupt-firm emergence: A dynamic integrative view, Strategic Management Journal, 2016
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Dawley, D., Ma, R., Jiang, H., and Boal, K

How do high-technology firms create value in international M&A? Integration, autonomy and cross-border contingencies, Journal of World Business, 2015
Co-Authors: Zhu, H. Xia, J. and Makino, S.

Outward foreign direct investment by emerging market firms: A resource dependence logic, Strategic Management Journal, 2014
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Ma, X., Lu, J., and Yiu, D

Practice standardization in cross-border activities of multinational corporations: A resource dependence perspective, Management International Review, 2014
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Jiang, M.S., Li, S., and Aulakh, P.S

The divestiture of acquired subunits: A resource dependence approach, Strategic Management Journal, 2013
Co-Authors: Xia, J., and Li, S

Control modes and outcomes of transformed state-owned enterprises in China: An empirical test, Management and Organization Review, 2012
Co-Authors: Li, S., Xia, J., Long, C., and Tan, J

Mutual dependence, partner substitutability, and repeated partnership: The survival of cross-border alliances, Strategic Management Journal, 2011
Co-Authors: Xia, J

Resource dependence and cross-border constraint-absorption: A study of market entry strategies, Management International Review, 2010
Co-Authors: Xia, J

The transformation of collectively owned enterprises and its outcomes in China, 2001-05, World Development, 2009
Co-Authors: Xia, J. Li, S., and Long, C

When experience meets environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. firms in eleven transition economies, Strategic Management Journal, 2009
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Boal, K., and Delios, A

Managing startup risk and performance in a transitional environment: An exploratory study of Chinese domestic and overseas-based venture capital firm, Journal of Small Business Management, 2008
Co-Authors: Tan, J., Zhang, W., and Xia, J

Mimetic entry and bandwagon effect: The rise and decline of international equity joint venture in China, Strategic Management Journal, 2008
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Tan, J., and Tan, D

Stakeholder pressures and the global diffusion of the ISO 14001 initiative: A resource dependence perspective, International Journal of Sustainable Society, 2008
Co-Authors: Xia, J., Wang, J., Wang, Y., and Xing, Y

The roles and performance of state firms and non-state firms in China’s economic transition, World Development, 2008
Co-Authors: Li, S., and Xia, J

Joint analysis of multiple categorical dependent variables in organizational research, Organizational Research Methods, 2007
Co-Authors: Westfall, P., Hoffman, J.J., and Xia, J

When iron fist, visible hand, and invisible hand meet: Firm-level effects of varying institutional environments in China, Journal of Business Research, 2007
Co-Authors: Tan, J., Li, S., and Xia, J