List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Gregory Dess

Strategic Management: Creating competitive advantages, 2016
with G. McNamara and AB Eisner

Bankruptcy Laws and Entrepreneurship: The moderating effects of culture and environmental munificence, Indian School of Business Research Paper Series, 2015
with NL Damaraju and JB Barney

Creating value in organizations: The vital role of social capital, Organizational Dynamics, 2014
with S. Sauerwald

The countervailing roles of diffusion, scarcity, and RBV: Insights from naming rights agreements, Strategic Management Review, , 2013
with M. Peng and D. Lei

Strategic management: Current issues and future directions, Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 2013
with M. Peng and D. Lei

Strategy in the Family Business: Recent findings and future challenges, The Landscape of the Family Business, 2013
with GT Lumpkin

Bankruptcy Laws and Entrepreneurial Activity, Academy of Management Proceedings, 2013
with NL Damaraju and JB Barney

Entrepreneurial orientation: Assessing the construct’s validity and addressing some of its implications for research in the areas of family business and organizational learning, 2011

Creating Value in the Modern Organization: The Role of Leverging Technology B.C. Pinkham, J.C. Picken and G.G. Dess Organizational Dynamics 2010, 39(3): 226-239, 2010

In the Spirit of Scholarship Mike Peng and Gregory G. Dess Academy of Management Learning and Education 2010, 2( ): 282-298, 2010

The role of middle management in strategy process: Group affiliation, structural holes and tertius iungens, Journal of Management, 2009
with W. Shi and L. Markoczy

Glass Houses? Market reactions to firms joining the UN global Compact, Journal of Business Ethics, 2009
with JJ Janney

Rather than searching for the silver bullet, use rubber bullets: A view on the research-practice gap. , Journal of Supply Chain Management , 2008
with L. Markozcy

Knowledge management in technology-focused firms in emerging economies: Caveats on capabilities, networks, and real options, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, , 2007
with G. Bruton and JJ Janney

The dynamics of guanxi in Chinese high-tech firms: Implications for knowledge management and decision making, Management International Review, 2006
with PP Fu and AS Tsui

Reconsidering the risk concept for entrepreneurial firms in the knowledge economy, Journal of Business Venturing, 2006
with JJ Janney

The effect of “simplicity” on the strategy-performance relationship: A Note, Journal of Management Studies, 2006
with GT Lumpkin

The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in Stimulating Effective Corporate Entrepreneurship. , Academy of Management Executive, , 2005
with GT Lumpkin

Can real options analysis improve decision-making? Promises and pitfalls, Academy of Management Executive, , 2004
with JJ Janney

E-Business Strategies and Internet Business Models: How the Internet Adds Value, Organizational Dynamics, 2004
with GT Lumpkin

Emerging Issues in Corporate Entrepreneurship, , Journal of Management, 2003
with Ireland, R.D., Floyd, S.W., Janney, J.J., Lane, P.J. & Zahra, S.

E-Commerce Strategies: Achieving sustainable competitive advantage and avoiding pitfalls, Organizational Dynamics, 2002
with GT Lumpkin and SB Droege

Voluntary turnover, social capital and organizational performance, Academy of Management Review, 2001
with J. Shaw

Linking two dimension of entrepreneurial orientation to firm performance: The moderating role of environment, firm age, and industry life cycle, Journal of Business Venturing, 2001
with GT Lumpkin

Enhancing entrepreneurial orientation research: Operationalizing and measuring a key strategic decision making process, Journal of Management, 2000
with DW Lyon and GT Lumpkin

Changing roles: Leadership in the 21st century, Organizational Dynamics, 2000
with JC Picken

Inherent limitations of demographic proxies in top management team heterogeneity research, Journal of Management, 1999
with RL Priem and DE Lyon

Linking corporate entrepreneurship to strategy, structure and process: Suggested research directions, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 1999
with GT Lumpkin and J McGee

Creating competitive (Dis)advantage: Learning from Food Lion’s freefall, Academy of Management Executive, 1999
with JC Picken

Right strategy: Wrong problem, Organizational Dynamics, 1998
with JC Picken

Transformational leadership: Lessons from U.S. experience, Long Range Planning, 1998
with JC Picken and DC Lyon

Subtracting value by adding businesses, Business Horizons: , 1998
with JC Picken and J Janney

Entrepreneurial strategy making and firm performance: Tests of contingency and configuration models, Strategic Management Journal, 1997
with GT Lumpkin and JG Covin

Out of (Strategic) Control, Organizational Dynamics, 1997

Enriching the entrepreneurial construct: “A Reply to Entrepreneurial Orientation or Pioneer Advantage.” , Academy of Management Review, 1996
with GT Lumpkin

Clarifying the entrepreneurial orientation construct and linking it to performance, Academy of Management Review, 1996
with GT Lumpkin

Simplicity as a strategy making process: The effects of stage of organizational development on performance, Academy of Management Journal, 1995
with GT Lumpkin

Consensus research: Theoretical and empirical extensions, Journal of Management Studies, 1995
with RL Priem

The boundaryless corporation: Applying innovative organizational types, Academy of Management Executive, 1995
with A. Gupta, J. Hennart, and C. Hill

Strategic alliances and joint ventures: Making them work, Business Horizons, 1994
with BA Walters and S Peters

Configuration research in strategic management: Key issues and suggestions, Journal of Management, 1993
with S Newport and AMA Rasheed

Assessing Porter's (1980) model in terms of its generalizability, accuracy, and simplicity, Journal of Management Studies, 1993
with A Miller

Divergence between archival and perceptual measures of the environment: Causes and consequences, Academy of Management Review, 1993
with BK Boyd and AMA Rasheed

Conceptualizing and measuring organizational environments: A critique and suggestions, Journal of Management, 1991
with AMA Rasheed

Nurturing strategic coherency, Planning Review, 1991
with S Newport and A. Rasheed

Industry effects and strategic management research, Journal of Management, 1991
with RD Ireland and MA Hitt

Modeling organizational species' interdependence in an ecological community: An input-output approach, Academy of Management Review, 1988

Consensus on strategy formulation and organizational performance: Competitors in a fragmented industry, Strategic Management Journal, 1987

Environment, structure and consensus in strategy formulation: A conceptual integration, Academy of Management Review, 1987
with NK Origer

The application of population ecology models to the study of organizations, Academy of Management Review, 1985
with J. Betton

Dimensions of organizational task environments, Administrative Science Quarterly, 1984
with DW Beard

Porter's (1980) generic strategies as determinants of strategic group membership and organizational performance, Academy of Management Journal, 1984
with PS Davis

Effectively measuring organizational performance in the absence of objective measures: The case of the privately-held firm and conglomerate business unit, Strategic Management Journal, 1984
with RB Robinson

The congruence perspective of organization design: A conceptual model and multivariate research approach, Academy of Management Review, 1984
with WA Randolph

Corporate-level strategy, business-level strategy, and firm performance, Academy of Management Journal, 1981
with DW Beard