List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Ganesh Janakiraman

A Stochastic Inventory Model With Fast-Ship Commitments, POM, 2016
with H.W. Chen, D. Gupta, H. Gurnani

Optimal Policy for a Stochastic Scheduling Problem with Applications to Surgical Scheduling, POM, 2016
with H. Guda, M. Dawande, K. Jung

Analysis of Tailored Base-Surge Policies in Dual Sourcing Inventory Systems, Management Science, 2015
with S. Seshadri and A. Sheopuri

Optimal Descending Mechanisms for Constrained Procurement, POM, 2015
with 26. W. Chen, S. Gupta and G. Janakiraman

Integrality in Stochastic Inventory Models, POMS, 2014
with W. Chen, and G. Janakiraman

Fixed-Dimensional Stochastic Dynamic Programs: An Approximation Scheme and Inventory Applications, Operations Research, 2014
with W. Chen, and G. Janakiraman

Robustness of Order-up-to Policies in Lost-Sales Inventory Systems, Operations Research, 2014
with M. Bijvank, W.T. Huh, and W. Kang

New Results on the Newsvendor Model and the Multi-Period Inventory Model with Backordering, Operations Research Letters, 2013
with S. Park, S. Seshadri and Q. Wu

On Optimal Policies for Inventory Systems with Batch Ordering, Operations Research, 2012
with W.T. Huh

Average Cost Single-Stage Inventory Models: An Analysis Using a Vanishing Discount Approach, Operations Research, 2011
with W.T. Huh, and M. Nagarajan

Optimal Policies for Inventory Systems with a Generalized Cost Model, Operations Research, 2011
with W.T. Huh, A. Muharremoglu and A. Sheopuri

Parametric Concavity in Stochastic Dynamic Programs, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2011
with S. Seshadri

On the Optimal Policy Structure in Serial Inventory Systems with Lost Sales, Operations Research, 2010
with W.T. Huh

Capacitated Serial Inventory Systems: Sample Path and Stability Properties under Base-Stock Policies, Operations Research, 2010
with W.T. Huh, and M. Nagarajan

Base-Stock Policies in Capacitated Assembly Systems: Convexity Properties, Naval Research Logistics, 2010
with W. T. Huh

New Policies for the Stochastic Inventory Control Problem with Two Supply Sources, Operations Research, 2010
with A. Sheopuri, and S. Seshadri

Asymptotic Optimality of Order-up-to Policies in Lost Sales Inventory Systems, Management Science, 2009
with W.T. Huh, J. Muckstadt and P. Rusmevichientong

An Adaptive Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Base-Stock Policy in Lost Sales Inventory Systems with Censored Demand, Mathematics of Operations Research, 2009
with W.T. Huh, J. Muckstadt and P. Rusmevichientong

A Decomposition Approach for a Class of Capacitated Serial Systems, Operations Research, 2009
with J. Muckstadt

A 2-Approximation Algorithm for Stochastic Inventory Control Models with Lost Sales, Mathematics of Operations Research, 2008
with R. Levi, and M. Nagarajan

Optimality in Joint Inventory-Pricing Control: an Alternative Approach, Operations Research, 2008
with W.T. Huh

Inventory Management with Auctions and Other Sales Channels: Optimality of (s, S) Policies, Management Science, 2008
with W.T. Huh

A Sample-Path Approach to the Optimality of Echelon Order-Up-To Policies in Serial Inventory Systems, Operations Research Letters, 2008
with W.T. Huh

A Comparison of the Optimal Costs of Two Canonical Inventory Systems, Operations Research, 2007
with S. Seshadri and G. Shanthikumar

Efficient Auction Mechanisms for Supply Chain Procurement, Management Science, 2005
with R. Chen, R. Roundy, R. Zhang

Lost-Sales Problems with Stochastic Lead Times: Convexity Results for Base-Stock Policies, Operations Research, 2004
with R.O. Roundy

Inventory Control in Directed Networks: A Note on Linear Costs, Operations Research, 2004
with J. Muckstadt

Minimizing Flow Time in Cyclic Schedules for Identical Jobs with Acyclic Precedence: The Bottleneck Lowerbound, Operations Research Letters, 2003
with W.T. Huh, P.L. Jackson, and N. Sawhney