List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Academic Area Contact
Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Lily Banh
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Amanda Besch
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Courtney Lozano

* The co-authors are not listed in the same priority sequence as they are listed in the journals.

Ganesh Janakiraman

A Stochastic Inventory Model With Fast-Ship Commitments, POM, 2016
Co-Authors: H.W. Chen, D. Gupta, H. Gurnani

Optimal Policy for a Stochastic Scheduling Problem with Applications to Surgical Scheduling, POM, 2016
Co-Authors: H. Guda, M. Dawande, K. Jung

Analysis of Tailored Base-Surge Policies in Dual Sourcing Inventory Systems, Management Science, 2015
Co-Authors: S. Seshadri and A. Sheopuri

Optimal Descending Mechanisms for Constrained Procurement, POM, 2015
Co-Authors: 26. W. Chen, S. Gupta and G. Janakiraman

Fixed-Dimensional Stochastic Dynamic Programs: An Approximation Scheme and Inventory Applications, Operations Research, 2014
Co-Authors: W. Chen, and G. Janakiraman

Integrality in Stochastic Inventory Models, POMS, 2014
Co-Authors: W. Chen, and G. Janakiraman

Robustness of Order-up-to Policies in Lost-Sales Inventory Systems, Operations Research, 2014
Co-Authors: M. Bijvank, W.T. Huh, and W. Kang

New Results on the Newsvendor Model and the Multi-Period Inventory Model with Backordering, Operations Research Letters, 2013
Co-Authors: S. Park, S. Seshadri and Q. Wu

On Optimal Policies for Inventory Systems with Batch Ordering, Operations Research, 2012
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh

Average Cost Single-Stage Inventory Models: An Analysis Using a Vanishing Discount Approach, Operations Research, 2011
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, and M. Nagarajan

Optimal Policies for Inventory Systems with a Generalized Cost Model, Operations Research, 2011
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, A. Muharremoglu and A. Sheopuri

Parametric Concavity in Stochastic Dynamic Programs, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2011
Co-Authors: S. Seshadri

Base-Stock Policies in Capacitated Assembly Systems: Convexity Properties, Naval Research Logistics, 2010
Co-Authors: W. T. Huh

Capacitated Serial Inventory Systems: Sample Path and Stability Properties under Base-Stock Policies, Operations Research, 2010
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, and M. Nagarajan

New Policies for the Stochastic Inventory Control Problem with Two Supply Sources, Operations Research, 2010
Co-Authors: A. Sheopuri, and S. Seshadri

On the Optimal Policy Structure in Serial Inventory Systems with Lost Sales, Operations Research, 2010
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh

A Decomposition Approach for a Class of Capacitated Serial Systems, Operations Research, 2009
Co-Authors: J. Muckstadt

An Adaptive Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Base-Stock Policy in Lost Sales Inventory Systems with Censored Demand, Mathematics of Operations Research, 2009
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, J. Muckstadt and P. Rusmevichientong

Asymptotic Optimality of Order-up-to Policies in Lost Sales Inventory Systems, Management Science, 2009
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, J. Muckstadt and P. Rusmevichientong

A 2-Approximation Algorithm for Stochastic Inventory Control Models with Lost Sales, Mathematics of Operations Research, 2008
Co-Authors: R. Levi, and M. Nagarajan

A Sample-Path Approach to the Optimality of Echelon Order-Up-To Policies in Serial Inventory Systems, Operations Research Letters, 2008
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh

Inventory Management with Auctions and Other Sales Channels: Optimality of (s, S) Policies, Management Science, 2008
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh

Optimality in Joint Inventory-Pricing Control: an Alternative Approach, Operations Research, 2008
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh

A Comparison of the Optimal Costs of Two Canonical Inventory Systems, Operations Research, 2007
Co-Authors: S. Seshadri and G. Shanthikumar

Efficient Auction Mechanisms for Supply Chain Procurement, Management Science, 2005
Co-Authors: R. Chen, R. Roundy, R. Zhang

Inventory Control in Directed Networks: A Note on Linear Costs, Operations Research, 2004
Co-Authors: J. Muckstadt

Lost-Sales Problems with Stochastic Lead Times: Convexity Results for Base-Stock Policies, Operations Research, 2004
Co-Authors: R.O. Roundy

Minimizing Flow Time in Cyclic Schedules for Identical Jobs with Acyclic Precedence: The Bottleneck Lowerbound, Operations Research Letters, 2003
Co-Authors: W.T. Huh, P.L. Jackson, and N. Sawhney