List of Published Works

List of published work

The Jindal School of Management is proud of the intellectual contributions of its faculty and its ongoing commitment to research. A list of all published works for the last six years are provided here.

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Accounting Kathleen Milam
Finance / Managerial Economics Beverly Young
Information Systems Aylin Calisir
Operations Management Anna Fox
Marketing Malissa Cloer
Organizations, Strategy and International Management Jennifer Budd

Ernan Haruvy

Does higher transparency lead to more search in Online Auctions?, Production and Operations Management , 2014
with Haruvy, E, P.T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc and Y. Ma

The impact of asset repurchases and issues in an experimental market, Review of Finance , 2014
with Haruvy, E., C. N. Noussair, and O. Powell

The Takeover Game, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2014
with Füllbrunn, S. and E. Haruvy

A psychological re-examination of the Bertrand paradox, Southern Economic Journal, 2014
with Fatas, E., E. Haruvy and A. J. Morales

The Impact of Relative Position, Prices of Sacrifice and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study using Individual Decisions, Social Choice and Welfare, 2014
with Brandts, J. E. Fatas, E. Haruvy, F. Lagos

The Dividend Puzzle: A Laboratory Investigation, Research in Experimental Economics, 2013
with Füllbrunn, S. and E. Haruvy

Human Brands and Mutual Choices: An Investigation of The Marketing Assistant Professor Job Market, J. of the Academy of Marketing Science , 2013
with Wang, Y., C. Zamudio, and E. Haruvy

Bidding on quality in buyer-determined online reverse auctions, J. of Marketing Research , 2013
with Haruvy, E. and S. Jap

Tiers in One-sided Matching Markets: Theory and Experimental Investigation, Management Science , 2013
with Wang, Y. and E. Haruvy

Various Strategies to Handle Cannibalization in a Competitive Duopolistic Market, International Transactions in Operational Research , 2013
with Haruvy, E., D. Miao, and K. E. Stecke

Increasing Revenue by Decreasing Information in Procurement Auctions, Increasing Revenue by Decreasing Information in Procurement Auctions, 2013
with Haruvy, E. and E. Katok

Two-Stage Pricing for Custom-Made Products, European Journal of Operational Research, 2012
with Haruvy, E., T. Li, S. Sethi

Relative Performance Information in Asset Markets: An Experimental Approach, Journal of Economic Psychology, 2012
with Schoenberg, Eric, and Ernan Haruvy

Between-Game Rule Learning in Dissimilar Symmetric Normal-Form Games, Games and Economic Behavior , 2012
with Haruvy, E. and D. Stahl

Challenges and Opportunities in Economics Experiments in Virtual Worlds, Southern Economic Journal , 2011

Remarks on Virtual World and Virtual Reality Experiments, Southern Economic Journal , 2011
with Harrisom, G., Haruvy, E., and E. Rutstrom

Social distance in a virtual world experiment, Games and Economic Behavior , 2011
with M. Fiedler, E. Haruvy and S. Li

Are You Risk Averse over Other People’s Money? , Southern Economic Journal , 2011
with Chakravarty, S., G. Harrison, E. Haruvy, and E. Rutstrom

Group Identity in Markets, International Journal of Industrial Organization , 2011
with Li, S., K. Dogan, E. Haruvy

Adaptive Behavior Leads to Under-diversification, J. of Economic Psychology , 2010
with Ben Zion, U., I. Erev, E. Haruvy and T. Shavit

Search and Choice in Online Consumer Auctions, Marketing Science , 2010
with Haruvy, E. and P. T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc

Two-stage Prize Promotions and the Value of Unresolved Uncertainty, Marketing Letters , 2010
with Erev, I. and E. Haruvy

Who should practice price discrimination using rebates in an asymmetric duopoly, Quantitative Marketing and Economics , 2010
with Dogan, K., E. Haruvy, and R. Rao

Bidder Motives in Cause Related Auctions, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2009
with Haruvy, Ernan E. and Peter T.L. Popkowski Leszczyc

Internet Auctions, Foundations and Trends in Marketing , 2009
with Haruvy, E. and P. T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc

The Lab versus the Virtual Lab and Virtual Field – An Experimental Investigation of Trust Games with Communication, J. of Economic Behavior & Organization , 2009
with Fiedler, M. and E. Haruvy

The impact of online auction duration, Decision Analysis , 2009
with Haruvy, E. and Peter Popkowski Leszczyc

A choice prediction competition, for choices from experience and from description, J. of Behavioral Decision Making , 2009
with Erev, Ido, Eyal Ert, Alvin E. Roth, Ernan Haruvy, Stefan Herzog, Robin Hau, Ralph Hertwig, Terrence Stewart, Robert West, and Christian Lebiere

Testing Theories of Behavior for Extensive-Form Two-Player Two-Stage Games, Experimental Economics , 2009
with Stahl, D. and E. Haruvy

Inter-organizational Relationships and Bidding Behavior in Industrial Online Reverse Auctions, Journal of Marketing Research, 2008
with Jap, S. and E. Haruvy

Competition between Auctions, Marketing Letters , 2008
with Haruvy, E., P. T. L. Popkowski Leszczyc, O. Carare, J. Cox, E. A. Greenleaf, W. Jank, S. Jap, Y.-H. Park, M. H. Rothkopf

Competition with Open Source as a Public Good, J. of Industrial and Management Optimization , 2008
with Haruvy, E., A. Prasad, S. Sethi, and R. Zhang

Level-n Bounded Rationality in Two-person Two-stage Games, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008
with Stahl, D. O. and E. Haruvy

Level-n Bounded Rationality and Dominated Strategies in Normal-Form Games, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2008
with Stahl, D. O. and E. Haruvy

Subgame Perfection in Ultimatum Bargaining Trees, Games and Economic Behavior , 2008
with Stahl, D. and E. Haruvy

Open Source Development with a Commercial Complementary Product or Service, Production and Operations Management, 2008
with Haruvy, E., S. Sethi and J. Zhou

A Comparison of Buyer-Determined and Price-Based Multi-Attribute Mechanisms, Marketing Science, 2007
with Engelbrecht-Wiggans, R. Haruvy, E. and E. Katok

Hierarchical Thinking and Learning in Rank Order Contests, Experimental Economics , 2007
with Carare, O., Haruvy, E., and A. Prasad

Risk Aversion and Under-hedging, Journal of Economics and Business , 2007
with Shavit, T. U. Benzion and Haruvy, E.

The Effect of Variability in Price on Consumer Brand Choice, Review of Marketing Science, 2007
with Murthi, B. P. S., Haruvy, Ernan, and Zhang, He

Traders’ Expectations in Asset Markets: Experimental Evidence, American Economic Review, 2007
with Haruvy, E., Y. Lahav and C. Noussair

The Link Between Incentives and Product Performance in Open Source Development: An Empirical Investigation, Global Business and Economics Review , 2007
with Chakravarty, S., E. Haruvy and F. Wu

The Impact of Prior Choices on Subsequent Valuations, Management Science , 2007
with Ofek, E., M. Yildiz and E. Haruvy

Social Distance and Reciprocity: An Internet Experiment, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization , 2007
with Charness, G., E. Haruvy, and D. Sonsino

Equilibrium Selection and Bounded Rationality in Symmetric Normal-Form Games, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2007
with Haruvy, E. and D. O. Stahl

Equilibrium Selection and the Role of Information in Repeated Matching Markets, Economic Letters , 2007
with Haruvy, E. and U. Unver

Other-regarding preferences: Egalitarian warm glow, empathy, and group size, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization , 2006
with Stahl, D. O. and E. Haruvy

Variable Pricing in Oligopoly Markets, Journal of Business , 2006
with Bass, F., E. Haruvy and A. Prasad

The Dynamics and Unique Characteristics of the Law Clerk Matching: An Experimental Investigation, J. of Economic Dynamics and Control , 2006
with Haruvy, E., A. Roth, and U. Unver

The Effect of Short Selling on Bubbles and Crashes in Experimental Spot Asset Markets, , Journal of Finance , 2006
with Haruvy, E. and C. Noussair

Freeware as a Competitive Deterrent, Information Economics and Policy , 2005
with Haruvy, E. and A. Prasad

Generality, Repetition and the Role of Descriptive Learning Models, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2005
with Erev, I. and E. Haruvy

The inefficiency of splitting the bill, Economic Journal , 2004
with Gneezy, Uri, E. Haruvy, and H. Yafe

Deductive versus Inductive Equilibrium Selection: Experimental Results, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2004
with Haruvy, E. and D. Stahl

Seller Rating, Price, and Default in Online Auctions, J. of Interactive Marketing, 2004
with Bruce, N., E. Haruvy and R. Rao

Software Piracy: Market penetration in the Presence of Network Externalities, Journal of Business , 2004
with Haruvy, E., V. Mahajan, and A. Prasad

Adaptive Portfolio Allocation with Options, Journal of Behavioral Finance, 2004
with Benzion, U., E. Haruvy, and T. Shavit

Harvesting Altruism in Open Source Software Development, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 2003
with Haruvy, E., A. Prasad, and S. Sethi

Deadline in bargaining: Evidence from the reverse ultimatum game, Games and Economic Behavior, 2003
with Gneezy, U., E. Haruvy, and A. Roth

Reinforcement Learning and the Prevention of Data Catastrophes, J. of Managerial Psychology, 2002
with Yehiam, E., E. Haruvy, and I. Erev

Frequent Probabilistic Punishment in Law Enforcement, Economics of Governance, 2002
with Perry, O., I. Erev and E. Haruvy

Altruism, Equity and Reciprocity in a Gift-Exchange Experiment: An Encompassing Approach, Games and Economic Behavior, 2002
with Charness, G. and E. Haruvy

Identification and Testing of Modes in Beliefs, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2002

Aspiration-based and Reciprocity-based Rules in Learning Dynamics for Symmetric Normal-Form Games, Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 2002
with Stahl, D. and E. Haruvy

Optimal freeware quality in the presence of network externalities: An Evolutionary Game Theoretical Approach , Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2001
with Haruvy, E. and A. Prasad

Modeling and Testing for Heterogeneity in Observed Strategic Behavior, Review of Economics & Statistics , 2001
with Haruvy, E., D. Stahl, and P. Wilson

The Medium Prizes Paradox: Evidence from a Simulated Casino, J. of Risk and Uncertainty , 2001
with Haruvy E., I. Erev, and D. Sonsino

Self-serving Biases in a Simulated Labor Relationship, Journal of Managerial Psychology , 2000
with Charness, G. and E. Haruvy

Evidence for Optimistic and Pessimistic Behavior in Normal-Form Games, Economics Letters , 1999
with Haruvy, E., D. Stahl, and P. Wilson

Optimal Product Strategies in the Presence of Network Externalities, Information Economics and Policy , 1998
with Haruvy, E. and A. Prasad